Season after season, leather has been on the forefront of fashion like never before, both on the runway and real way. Talking about leather in real way, so today Clariza from Bowties and Caviar and I have teamed together to show you how this luxe material can be worn any day, everyday.
Clariza and I met at a local bloggers event.Total strangers who meet for the first time, we smiled but never spoke. But after a couple blogger meetups and few instagramming sessions , we connected as two fashion-minded people and the's collaboration.
Clariza's edgy slash chic slash eclectic style shows well through on her blog. She has the most amazing and daring accessory collection . She can don feminine fur and lace one day and the next day, she is completely transformed into that edgy chic look with  leather suspenders and metallics. To see more of how Clariza nails all this, head over to her blog Bowties and Caviar.

Clariza's leather styling tips:  

1. Leather doesn't always have to be boyish.  Styling a tough leather item with girly pieces can soften the look at the same time add a little edge to your outfit.  Try throwing a leather biker jacket over a pretty dress and roll up the sleeves instead of wearing a blazer or cardigan over it or wearing bold leather shoes with cuffed pants and a feminine top!  

2.  Afraid to take the dive into full on leather? Leather accessories can go a long way! Pairing leather bracelets with a plain white top and jeans can add a little bit of edginess to your look.  

3.  A good quality leather jacket can be an investment, but its one that will last you for years.  If real leather is out of your budget or you prefer vegan-friendly items, there are many great faux leather alternatives out there today.  When choosing a faux leather jacket, try to find one that has a matte-textured finish rather than a super smooth and or shiny surface.  The matte-textured vegan leathers are a great dupe for the real thing! Check out this ASOS jacket

4.If you do decide to take the plunge and purchase an investment leather, be sure that the fit is perfect and the cut is timeless so you can carry the style on from year to year without it looking dated.  Fit is important.  A lot of people make the mistake of trying on a jacket and then buying a size up for more movement.  Make sure that the shoulders and sleeve lengths are perfect for your frame.  Unlike faux leather, genuine leather is a natural material, therefore it will stretch and mold to you over time with enough wear.  (Just make sure its not too-too snug)

Saumya's leather styling tips: 

1. As mentioned by Clariza, leather doesn't always have to be boyish. I agree with her on this. Pairing leather pieces with softer, more feminine pieces can mellow down the boldness. If not a full leather piece, look for clothing with leather  accents, like the jacket I am wearing today. 

2. Faux leather is a great economical option, but spend time examining the quality, before buying. Faux leather can be tricky and if not bought carefully, you might end up with a piece, with coating flaking off the lining. I am telling you this from my past experience.

3. Felling bold?? A one-piece leather dress in a vibrant color is a smart pick, but leather on leather is a big no-no. It is fashion gone overboard and is certainly not a sweat-proof option. 


dress- via Piperlime ( buy same  ), with a side slit optionanother sale option
jacket- I heart Ronson via JCPan option with quilted sleeves
bag- Ostwald Helgason for Aldoa CK option
sandals- BCBGa designer option

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