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A pair of good-fitting jeans is the Holy Grail of all denim clothing: the better the fit, the more use it will have in your closet. Every woman needs a pair of go-to jeans in her closet: one that hugs your curves and fits to a T, without any bulging whatsoever. 

Finding a pair of jeans can be exasperating and agreeably frustrating, but once you've found THE pair, dressing-up will be so much simplified, especially on the days when your are time-crunched and depressed cuz you suddenly fall in the 'my closet has nothing to wear' category. 

I have rounded up a few tips that will act as your guide when in the market for a pair of jeans:

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TALBOTS jacket // ZARA jeans ( buy same )  // H&M neon tank // VINCE CAMUTO heels 


Fall is just around the corner and I can't wait to bust out all my cozy jackets. It has been a long summer with India trip followed with some traveling for blog and it was pretty hot and humid everywhere I traveled to. While I had been waiting for fall and cooler temps to arrive since April, I'm glad its finally here. The wait is still not over yet, as DC has been experiencing some major weather turbulence and it has been a hot, sweltering few days. Hopefully there is some relief next week.

That being said, I present to you my first fall look, just in case you needed some sartorial inspiration for your first day of fall. A simple leather skirt in ivory paired with a bright yellow top, layered under a cotton boxy jacket and amplified with those skinny booties and beret- a fall look I would wear in a heartbeat.  What do you think of this fall outfit, would you wear it in heartbeat too? 

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H&M skirt ( shop same ) // ZARA blouse ( shop similar ) // H&M jacket ( shop similar ) // H&M beret ( shop same ) // ZARA  booties ( shop similar


Outsiders might think of DC as a city of stodgy politics with historical museums and all touristy things, but there is so much more beyond the aforementioned. While DC boasts of it's cultural diversity, the food scene here is next level. The variety of International cuisine that can be found here in DC and it's suburbs is staggering. One will never run out of options even after breakfast, lunch and dinner has been savored out.

As part of an awesome PR team I work with, I've had the pleasure to try out quite a handful of local restaurants. It was really hard to narrow down to my top favorites for brunch in particular, cuz each one was an experience in it's own respect. 


Located on the third floor of the newly opened La Esquina de Clarendon, a three-level concept which houses TTT Mexican Diner & Buena Vida Clarendon, Buena Vida social club debuted a weekend brunch buffet past August. Not exactly in DC but for all practical purposes in DC, Buena Vida was an experience.  Traditionally an all-you-can-eat Mexican  buffet where in addition to all the gazpachos, salads, build-your-own taco bar, guests can also enjoy freshly baked pastries and scrumptious desserts, this place should definitely be on your list. Think of rooftop brunch with a panoramic view and colorful decor- both of which make awesome photo opps. 

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Kolkata the City of Joy and home to my alma mater brings me so much euphoria and nostalgia every time I am there. Formerly known as Calcutta, Kolkata was a British colony for a very long time and you'll witness a lot of Victorian vibe across the city. I was in Kolkata for three years pursuing my bachelor's degree and I have such fond memories from those days. During this recent trip to India I managed to squeeze in a brief trip to Kolkata. It was a little over 36 hours and I did so much sightseeing that I hadn't even done in the three years of my college life. It was an amazing chic-a-blocked thirty six hours and I loved the hustle and the rain too. Yes, it rained pretty much the entire time and my team and I had the hardest time taking photos but we managed.

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"Werk it Momma, you got the swag"- it was such an exciting second when I had the passersby hollering and complimenting me on my outfit. To get noticed and have strangers acknowledge your presence is so exhilarating. It makes all your efforts worth. But this swag doesn't come easy and cheap. We need to stay abreast of pretty much everything- be it looks, skin, body, time management and everything in between. All this juggling can take a toll on your overall health. It becomes mundane and can leave you drained both mentally and physically. I am sharing some of the hacks that help me keep myself grounded, feeling energized and focused to keeping the cool mommy swag going. 

1) Meditate- nothing gets your pumped up stress levels down better than meditation. Concentrating on your breath, it's rhythm or following a rhythmic inhaling-exhaling pattern of breathing can shift focus from the monotony. It could be harder to concentrate at first, but with prolonged practice it will surely get easier. 

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J CREW dress ( shop same, shop mini version ) // MADDEN GIRL heels ( shop same ) // CHLOE sunglasses ( shop same


DUTY FREE shopping - a ritual that every traveler diligently follows. No matter how hard you resist, the flashy red logo is sure to lure you in to spend even the last change of the local currency. I am always tempted by the bright stores, neatly laid product on the shelves and the red tags with promotional discounts is always the cherry on top. 

While the idea of shopping duty free always gives me an adrenaline rush and why not- who doesn't like to save while shopping? I am the person who always likes to pre-plan my duty free shopping but a recent incident changed my entire perception of duty free and the money-saving notion I had for all these years. Fast forward to last week- I picked up a bottle of Lagavulin 16 years at Abu Dhabi airport for 110 USD. I felt like one happy thoughtful wife picking out a reunion gift for husband. Little did I know that this reunion gift would lead me to a " bury my head in the sand " moment. Should you ask me why?? - so the bottle I bought for 110 USD at Duty Free Abu Dhabi retails for 70 USD all tax included in US......bam!! Hubs has been buying the same bottle of Lagavulin 16 years for 70 USD for years and I had no idea. I guess it's time to keep a tab of where and how he spends his!

Well, that is just my story but this kind of led me to delve into the truth of Duty Free shopping, all the underlying facts and misconceptions that we I thought of otherwise all these years. 


Today's post is dedicated to my Indian audience that seldom complains of lack of more Indian outfits and style inspiration here on my blog. Truth be told, I don't have as many Indian outfits here in US as it really has no use for me. Whatever many I have, I just get to wear them on festivals or at least I try to wear them for Indian get togethers. But during this trip to India, I was determined to shoot more Indian looks and today's post is the upside of all my efforts. 

My sister picked up this dhoti jumpsuit that came with the jacket for me at an exhibition a couple weeks ago. I was thrilled cuz it is so wearable both here in US and in India. Considering most of you sail on the same " how to style an Indian outfit different ways" boat, I decided to put together a few different outfits to give you some perspective on the different looks you could create using the same piece as the base for each look. 

It is officially the festive season in India and with so many events and party invitations already lined up, this post couldn't have happened at any better time. So this festive season, I would like you to revisit your closet, look at all the options you have and approach each piece in a way so to get the most bang for your hard earned buck. And if you are still stuck in a rut, cue my outfits below for some fresh perspective towards what you already own in your closet. 

Look 1- wear it as is 

This is how the set came. I like the little embellished jacket without which the jumpsuit would have been boring otherwise. I chose to keep this look low-key with the jooties and a pair of silver jhumkas. You could wear heavier earrings if you like but a necklace wouldn't be a good fit as it will clash with the jacket. 


There is always a dress in your closet that you ' simply love '. You know that the dress is your sartorial ally and will never fail you, be it good body days or bad. This dress happens to be that sartorial buddy of mine. It was an impulse purchase, but I don't regret my impulsiveness in this case. The dress fits me like a glove, the color is a dream, it is a great length, the tiers hide all the muffin top and bottom and the deep back adds to it's sexiness. Wish I had more pictures to show you how classy the back of this dress was. All in all it is that dress that I think I will wear everywhere and every season. 

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SHOPBOP dress ( similar here ) // SCHUTZ heels ( shop same)  // CHLOE sunglasses