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Eighth wonder of the world- these high-waist pleated at the waist and hem aka BOXY pants. Wondering why?- cuz they fit me well without any alteration! 

I am the girl who has the hardest time finding trousers that flatter both my flat butt and skinny legs- that is one reason why I don't own a basic pair of black pants. Yeah, you heard it right. Guilty is charged and I solemnly confess that " I am a fashion blogger and my wardrobe lacks one of the closet staples- black pants." The struggle for me is real and hence I mostly choose to wear skirts and dresses versus pants that are way harder to find. 

But I am super excited this fall, not only cuz I get to bust out all my jackets, but also for the myriad pant varieties the designers bestowed us with this past fashion week. From wide legs, to high waists, to pleated bermuda pants, there were options abound and I have rounded up my top four from all the choices. 

1) High Waisted- actually speaking, high waist never goes out of style. It is either high-waist jeans, high-waist skirts or high-waisted pants for that matter. There is one clothing item that has the high-waist silhouette each season. Depending on the body type you should choose the pleats at the waist style wisely. If you have a little tummy, avoid the pleated ones and go for the flat front ones and vice-versa. Play around with different options and you'll be impressed how forgiving and flattering this trend is. 

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EXPRESS blazer ( shop same ) // ZARA pants ( shop same ) // ANN TAYLOR blouse ( shop same ) // STEVE MADDEN vala pumps ( shop same


In light of the new Instagram change announced last week, I wanted to dedicate today's post to debunk some of the myths that have been holding you back and clarification to which might help you embrace the change better. There are so many unanswered questions and algorithm dilemmas that people including me, are constantly seeking information to steer the game called Instagram in the right direction. I am not an Instagram expert, but this past summer when I quit my job to pursue blogging as my new full-time career, I had no choice but to get my hands dirty. 

In case you missed the most recent memo from Instagram- " they'll be removing LIKES in US starting this week." Your followers or no other person for that matter will be able to see your likes, only you shall be able to see it. It will be quite a bit of a psychological jolt, trust me there are people out there for whom the number of likes is everything, they suffer from something that my VA likes to call "number of likes compulsive disorder", but I am happy this is happening. Which means going forward the brands will use your reach and impressions versus likes as the new parameters to gauge the possibility of a partnership with you. In a way this is good as the mental pressure of attaining a certain no. of likes just for the visual sake would be alleviated, not completely eliminated though. The pressure would now be on being more consistent, more engaging and creating killer content. I would like to revisit this once the change has been implemented and tested for some time. I am pretty curious to see how effective it will be at revolutionizing the way your account is perceived with LIKES. 

Changing gears back to MYTHS, let's talk about some of those that have been holding you back from growing. 

Myth #1: Instagram shadowbanned my account. 

Shadowbanning is one of Instagram's practice of banning accounts that they deem unsuitable. Every time my likes count tanked I would blame it on Instagram shadowbanning my account.  But the truth is that there is no such thing as shadowban. It is just a rumor that became a myth which is now busted. Your account will not be shadowbanned for using multiple hashtags or for any other minor infraction. Your exposure depends entirely on your content quality and marketing skills. You post compelling content, you get GOLD. So it is you who has the remote control when it comes to reach and exposure. 

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H&M black mesh dress // DIANE VON FURSTENBURG printed dress worn as slip // CHARLES AND KEITH heels // KATE SPADE feather earrings 


Believe it or not: french girls are the best-dressed damsels in the world of fashion. Menswear-inpired chic pant suits, long duster coats, elegant hats, printed neck scarves, all are a gift to us from the french nation. While their fashion and sartorial aspirations are a mystery, good news : it is entirely obtainable !!!

I am decoding a few fashion rules you all can adopt today to nail that " Parisian Chic " look !!!!

1) Menswear-Inspired: no one does menswear-inspired better than the Parisians. An oxford jumpsuit or a well fitted pant suit, they will always have us in awe with their looks. Clean lines, slim fit, slender legs, there is something that is always beholding. So next time you are in the market for something more french, allow your sartorial boundaries to broaden and look for a structured pant suit or a one piece jumpsuit.  Zara does amazing and affordable pant-suits and jumpsuits but if you are interested in my pant suit, shop it HERE

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NY&Co. blazer ( shop same ) // NY&Co. pants ( shop same ) // STEVE MADDEN vala pumps ( shop same ) // INDIAN necklace ( shop similar


Truth be told, everything on this Earth has an expiry date- Humans included.... feel free to call out if I am wrong? From the items in your fridge to home cleaning products, to medicines, to makeup, and everything in between has an expiry date. Although, not every item will have the expiry date explicitly labeled, it is your responsibility  to figure that out. For instance makeup- makeup products don't have expiry dates specified on their labels, but in reality they do expire. They are chemicals and chemical concoctions after all. 

Today's post is dedicated to the makeup products we use pretty much every other day, if not everyday. Liquid makeup tend to have a shorter shelf life than powder, reason being the vulnerability to bacteria. Bacteria breeds and thrives in moist environments, and hence liquid products need to be tossed out before your powder ones. Since makeup does not come with an expiry date spelled out loud,  one has to solely rely upon the look, feel, smell and texture of the product to determine the toss-out time. 

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I am a girl who loves and lives for bright, cheery colors. No matter what the season, you will always find me rocking bright hues. Rare are those days when you will find me in black or darker colors. No offense to ladies who live frond in dark colors, but it's just me- a girl who loves her bright, getting-brighter-everyday wardrobe.

Trust me folks, wearing multiple colors together is not as hard as some of you might think. I know wearing black is effortless but once you get used to that punch of color, you will love it. Just an open mind and your confidence is required. So, how can you add that daily dose of color to your fall wardrobe without feeling overwhelmed?

1) Colored accessories - if going bold at the first attempt is not your forte, then take baby steps. Try adding color through accessories. A colorful accessory like a beret or a bright handbag, a colored scarf or even a sweep of bright eye-shadow will do the trick. You will have just that hint of color to make your everyday boring black pop.

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C/O UNIVERSAL STANDARD SKIRT ( buy same )  // c/o UNIVERSAL STANDARD TURTLENECK  ( buy same ) // c/o EVOLVE FOOTWEAR snakeskin booties ( buy same )  // H&M PRINGLE scarf 


I always talk about shoes, cuz I have so many but I always forget about bags, which I have in abundance too. Over the years I've become more bag-conscious and my new life mantra is "Quality over Quantity." I buy three or four bags in a year and each one is very thoughtfully picked out. I do my research, window shop to get a feel of the bag, peruse the retailer's website carrying that bag, ask my friends and then I finally buy it from the retailer offering the best price and customer service. I know I make it sound like a lot of work for buying a freakin bag, but when you are spending hundreds and thousands of dollars, you better be smart about your investment... right?? 

Well, today it is about bags but not essentially about the high-ended ones. It is more about the bags that are trending the fashion scene. Everyone is carrying those and you might want to add a couple to your arsenal to keep all FOMO at bay. 

#1. Slouchy bags 
If you've seen this bag everywhere, then you gotta have it cuz slouchy bags are in vogue. Don't have the budget for it, then this might be a good option. Slouchy bags might look a bit frumpy but the best way to carry them and make it look less frumpy is under your arms. My bag today is a trendy iteration of a slouchy bag. It is specious and when I say spacious- I mean it could  fit in a big stole, my full size wallet, my phone, my makeup case, my keys, a banana ( I always carry a fruit in my bag) and a couple other beauty paraphernalia. 

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c/o HAPPY X NATURE blouse ( shop same ) // ZARA houndstooth shorts ( shop same ) // VINCE CAMUTO pumps 


These pictures were meant to go live this past week, more like a traditional outfit inspiration post for Diwali. But things happen, situations go berserk and everything just slips out of control. Last week was nothing short of craziness- between all the Diwali preparations and a few influencer events, I was left overwhelmed and over exhausted. There was so much going on already and I was being too ambitious, so much that at one point I couldn't keep pace with time and or things.

Anyways, this entire Diwali shindigs left me with a sprained back. I might have pulled a muscle or two. My back has been killing me and I have been struggling to do little things around the house. If this doesn't get any better in the next couple of days, I might have to seek medical help. I just hope there is no serious issue underlying this pain. 

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Disclosure: this post has been sponsored by IHG Hotels and Resorts. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Located in the heart of Times Square NY, I found my perfect midweek getaway at the InterContinental Times Square. Granted, when you first walk into the resplendent lobby, it will take you a minute to take it all in. The mosaic floor work, the ornate walls, the fountain view behind the reception and the opulence of everything around transports you right into Asian  royalty. The minute I walked in, I was welcomed by the hostess who was dressed to impress. I knew right away that we were going to get along well. 

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intercontinental times square, travel, food lifestyle, food & lifestyle , travel, NY travel. hotel recommendation in NY, myriad musings, Saumya Shiohare