As a blogger who works on a limited budget, I have chalked out a shopping strategy for myself, that not only ensures sticking to my budget, but also helps in building up a wardrobe that is in sync with the rapidly changing trends.  
When I started off as a blogger two years ago, I was vulnerable and easily got pulled into the whirlpool of certain trendy items that were notoriously popular amongst top influential bloggers. I would buy it, wear it may be once or twice  and then find myself stranded in a sea of items that were outdated. But having a strategy now prevents me from falling prey to this clout shopping behavior. Whenever a trend picks up, I first scour through my closet to see how well I am fairing in that trend department. If I find something, which most of the times I do, I try and improvise that piece to make it appear more dated. If I have no luck finding nothing, then comes the step where I assess the wearability and body-suitability quotient. If the numbers fair well, I'll then do my further homework on the options, price and coupon availability. Once I am convinced of something pertaining to that trend,  I will buy it. 
Now you might think- " this beeatch has so much time to R&D her shopping" ! Well if that  saves me some Benjamins,  I don't mind traversing that path.....lol !

Anyways, now coming back to giving you an example of my above mentioned strategy- Wide leg trousers were a hot trend this summer and I was not far from liking this trend. There were a gazillion options out in the stores, but something kept prompting me not to buy those. So I raided my own closet and after a brief rummaging through, I found these. It was a thorough ah ha moment, indeed! 
These pants were a gift from my sister and I had totally forgotten about them, ever since I wore them last, a year ago. Reuniting with them was less rip-roaring than the feeling of saving some bucks and still being on trend. These being in a neutral shade make them more versatile and an easy transitioning piece. Not only can I wear these now, but a pullover like this would be equally appealing in cooler temps. So a big round of applause for these wide-leg beauties.....!
So what do you think of them ???? 


lace top- via Piperlime ( on major sale ), a peplum stylesimilar

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