I am pretty sure that the minute your eyes met the title of today's post, you were thinking of nicely stacked bundles and bundles of dollar bills......RIGHT ? Don't worry this is a benjamin free post. Neither is this any lottery/cash giveaway post nor anything like The Suze Orman show where I will sit on a hot seat and use all my financial advising abilities to answer your financial queries. 
But today I am channeling my inner Martha Stewart and bringing in your feed the variety of  ways that help me stay and feel like a million bucks,  without actually spending any buck. 
My readers keep asking me about my secret formula for looking so poised, energetic and fresh everyday despite the work stress and all the other things in tow. There is no denial that it does get stressful and there is no way to eliminate it,  but there are everyday ways to minimize it.  Honestly this involves no rocket science, just a few yeses and nos,  that I try adhering to in my everyday life which by far help me make my life more simplified. So bare with my chattiness on the blog today, who knows......you might end up discovering something new to focus on, if you continue reading this? 

1) getting your  workout done the first thing in the morning- I understand waking up early and hitting the gym or piloting  a workout session could be bit of a challenge, but at the end of the day you will thank yourself for doing this. There might be lazy mornings where you would want to snooze and postpone the workout for a later time during the day, but trust me, I have been there.....the workout never happens. So think no further, get your exercise gear on and feel the resulting abundant energy. The higher the energy level, greater the efficiency level will be and more will the number of tasks accomplished be. 
For me yoga and mediation has worked wonders and I try to squeeze in 40 min sessions, at least 4 times a week.  On days I am not doing yoga, I seek out to you tube for full body / cardio workout . Have to admit they are addictive and I am no exclusion. 

2) hydration - Probably redundant,  but yes, your body needs about 3 liters  ( approximately 13 cups) of liquids to replenish all  the body fluid you loose during the course of the day. Sleeplessness, headache, dry skin and mouth, constipation, light headedness, to name a few are some  milder symptoms of dehydration. One creeps in and your efficiency is doomed for the day. I am an ardent believer of this and I prefer water the most over any kind of fluids. Soda and any kind of aerated  drinks are never welcome in my house. One added bonus- water keeps your skin acne free ( resulting from a cleansed inside ) and glowing and it is free ! So keep this trouble at bay by keeping hydrated all day.  

3) pampering yourself - A happy and healthy you means a happy and healthy family. Everyone's needs time off from work and everyday mundane stuff. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. No one likes to be around the  unmotivated, disinterested Jack. You don't really have to spend a fortune to make things interesting. Begin with an at home skin detoxification and if that sounds too much, then slather a paste of one part honey and one part plain cold yogurt on  to your face, leave for 15 minutes and wash. This will cool down your skin and relax you too and it is all natural and there is no extra effort on your part. 
A good pedi-mani can also help in distressing and who doesn't like to smile at and flaunt a good pedi-mani ?? No time for a salon visit, don't worry ! Soaking your feet in lukewarm water with some sea salt and a few drops of vitamin E infused oils,  will give you an at home-salon-like pedicure feel. This is sure to give you an instant rejuvenation. 

4) date nights out- Treating yourself to an occasional dinner/drinks/ with friends or even your spouse/partner is no crime. Call in a baby-sitter or ask friends and family for help, dress to impress yourself and enjoy the night away.....without any guilt. A change of the sort will help you reboot and  breathe a new life and energy in you. At least I never miss a chance of going out and having fun,...... the adult way

5) a bra-fitting done professionally- Last but not the least on my yes list is this. Might sound a bit obnoxious, but getting your bra fitting done periodically and professionally will help you perceive your body in a whole new way. Statistics prove that 85 percent of women are wearing the wrong bra size. If you haven't really thought about this, now is the time. Most of the lingerie stores and boutiques provide this service for free. You are under no obligation to buy something, but having to know your right size always helps. I have to confess that until last few weeks I was wearing the wrong size in-terms of both the band and the cup . But now I am wearing the right size, and happy are the girls and so am I. My SA at Victoria's Secret is amazing and always makes sure that I step out of the store all happy and convinced.  The perfect size implies no digging, no pulling, no spill outs and  no shoulder marks. When the girls are hoisted high and are in place, you are bound to  rediscover your tiny defined waist, that had been hiding all this while behind saggy boobs ( pardon my usage of words ). This will surely boost your confidence overall,  and also help in alleviating some of your body image issues.   Since you now have a defined waist, you will enjoy wearing items  from your closet, that you once dreaded. The button downs that once gaped will no longer need safety pins to hold the gaping together. You will be taken aback at how a number can bring a miraculous change in your self-confidence. TRUST ME !

1) cell phones/tablets at night - Initially when I started blogging, I got used to sleeping  with my cell phone by my side table. Soon this became a habit.  I would wake up in the middle of the night to check my emails and other blog related stuff, which resulted in sleeplessness and morning grumpiness. I would struggle all day to stay focused and little things would agitate me.  
It has been proven scientifically that exposure to any kind of backlit display right before bed, alerts your brain, keeps you up and makes you susceptible to sleeping disorders in the long run.  
So now I make constant effort not to sleep with my cell phone around. As for the daily alarm, I have adapted to the old-school alarm clock and I am happy.After a good night's sleep, waking up in the morning for my exercise session is no pain  which in turn makes my day less stressful and more fruitful. 

2) starving- Only for religious reasons I would, otherwise I can't function when I am hungry. A hungry woman is an angry woman, indeed  ! When you skip meals or go without eating for long,  the sugar level in your system goes down and the minute you eat any thing ( even something light and healthy ) your system absorbs it, converts it into sugars and gets restored in your system. If this continues for a prolonged period, you result in putting on body weight. When your are heavier, you are lazier and low on  productivity. Honestly speaking, I don't approve of the juice, smoothie and soup way of body cleansing. Don't want to sound too opinionated, as I have never tried it for myself, but the whole idea of living on liquids for days and weeks scares me. Food will be food and nothing can replace it. So eat right, in smaller portions, at frequent intervals and enjoy the tremendous amount of energy in your system.  

So there goes my formula for a healthy living. The healthier you are, the higher will be your motivation levels and greater will be your efficiency quotient. Nothing too fancy-shmancy, just lil here and there tweaks in my daily life and that's it !

Feel free to share your secret formula for minimizing stress and maximizing everyday  productivity.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.
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