Ten days into October and I am already out of my monthly budget. Ten items and $$$ spent.... really ????
I am coveting these, which are now 40% off till Monday. Will have to work out the numbers and return a few from the following in order to make these babies mine.....unless otherwise, if someone wants to give me an early Thanksgiving/ Christmas gift....HUH too much pressure !!
Anyways, for now have a look at what I have already bought. 


Worthington dress- I had been yearning to buy a pink dress that could transition well into the fall. My hunt        seems to over, I say this coz I haven't received it yet. I am impatiently looking forward to wearing it with the black jacket ( 1) , which should be in the mail soon. 

Juicy Couture Potter's Pot top- With leather being seen everywhere on the runway, it's the new black. I am not the kind who would wear  a flower painted white leather top, but this one, I am willing to give a shot. 

Worthington top- Another feminine silk blouse .......... is all I need to call it a day....LOL !!!

Hive Honey black letterman jacket -  A varsity leather jacket, ahem ahem !!! I hope it looks as adorable in real as it looks in the picture. 

Merona pants- I have never been able to find a trouser to fit right on my less curvy .......ok, a flat ass. I was all apprehensive of  this one too, but  my inhibitions disappeared, the minute I tried them. They fit me like a glove, as if they were tailored keeping in mind the less curvy ladies. 

GUESS sandals - Okay , now what do I say of them ?????  They are trendy, sexy and comfy. What more can you ask for  ????

Wide high heel shoes- Found guilty of owning another pair of leopard pumps. The Banana Republic one's, that I already own have worn out a bit and are not the most comfortably desirable shoes. Moreover I could not pass on these , especially when they were marked down to $10 in the store.

Xhilaration Juniors Jeweled Tee - A girl can never have enough of this basic tee. 

Tile Print Grace Skirt by Walter - I haven't bought any pencil skirts in a while, mainly because I own quite a handful of them which don't really find much use in my non-professional wardrobe. But this one  appears casual enough to be worn on any regular day. 

Crepe Printed Zara Top by Walter at Gilt- Another silk top.....okay I can explain this. I bought this one to go with the above skirt. A lil matchy-matchy but still on-trend with the print-mixing going on.  

Don't forget to leave a message at the bottom of the page to let me know what you think of my October buys. Feel free to suggest what to keep and what to let go. 

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