The day is finally here: I am hosting my first sunglasses shopping soiree and I would love for you all to be there to support me and to shop of course. There will be discounts, giveaways, food, fashionistas and lots of sunglasses. Do stop by to witness some fab sunglasses. 

Saying that "I am addicted to prints", would be a repetition and complete understatement too. I've always had a soft spot for mixing-prints and over years this passion has gotten intense- so "when I do it, I do it a hundred percent!!" How I do it?-you could read the post that I did on 'mixing prints like a pro' here .

The topic for discussion today is how "I got this look ( bag excluded ) for under a $100???

pinstripe blazer- Gap ( a neutral color option )
bracelet turned choker- Banana Republic 

  • Sometimes shopping in a different size section pays off- I picked out this skirt from the BR petite section. Nobody would have known that this skirt was supposed to be longer, hadn't I told you. This skirt fits like a midi skirt, and I am happy about it. It was last season's, on sale  and the only piece in the store. I could have left it to hang out on the sale rack, thinking was meant for a smaller body-frame, but come on- how could one ever go wrong with a classic black and white skirt and my closet certainly needed something classic? 
  • Always scour through your goodwill bag once last time before giving it away- this pinstripe  blazer had already made it's way to the goodwill bag, after being listed on my Poshmark for a while. Right before hubby was going to drop it off at goodwill, I decided to rummage through the bag one last time, and guess what- this blazer once rejected was accepted this time.  Thanks to my own goodwill shopping.

Now a final $$ rundown : 

skirt- on sale for $35, with extra 30%                      = $25
blazer- old and remember paying half price             = $55
shoes - gift from Amiclubwear                                  = $00
choker- final clearance                                              = $07
GRAND TOTAL                                                                $87

Thanks for stopping by loves and see you all at +Specs New York Montgomery Mall. Don't forget to bring your wallets!!!!
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