If you've known me well, you would know by now- 'that this girl has a penchant for mixing Prints!' Prints have become such an integral part of my everyday look, that without one: something feels missing.

Print mixing ain't rocket science,  just a few simple rules and anyone can nail it. So look no further and keep reading for some print mixing 101 basics :

checks coatigan- c/o Shein (similar , loving this one )
bow sweater- H&M . ( similar )
heels- Aldo Shoes ( from Call It Spring )

The first rule to remember is proportion:  always make sure the print size is proportionate to your   body size. For skinnier-on-the-bottom-type bodies, a bigger print on the bottom and smaller on the top would give the illusion of wholeness on the lower half, thereby giving a more balanced look.  On the contrary for curvier women a smaller print on the bottom and bolder on the top would work favorably. Also if you are heavy-chested steering away from larger prints, especially horizontal stripes, is highly advised.  So remember, if you wish to draw attention to any part of your body, wear bolder and eye-catching prints.

The second one is quantity: don't go overboard with the number of prints in one outfit. Stick to two, maximum three prints, otherwise you'll end up looking sloppy. Always treat leopard and other animal prints as neutral: pairing this print with other fun prints would be idealistic. 

The third one is scale: if you are a newbie to this print-mixing trend, choose a single print and use different sizes of the same print. For instance if you choose checks as in my case- the coatigan flaunts a smaller version as opposed to the skirt, which boasts a much larger check pattern. This way the focus stays on that one print but different sizes make the look more interesting. 

The fourth one is monochromatic: simple rule of thumb- 'if it gets overwhelming.... go monochromatic.'  Choose one color and play around with different patterns, prints and textures to create you own personal look. For example:- STRIPES- choose different sizes, go vertical, go horizontal, and diagonal too, you'll be amazed how dramatic these lines look when paired strategically. 

Last but not the least is have fun:  print mixing can get intimidating and risky, but once you get the hang of it, it will surpass all your expectations. Listen to your sartorial instincts- if you feel confident of your mixed-prints outfit- wear it, if anything feels off- correct it. One you get it right, you will develop a whole new perspective towards your clothes. They will never feel boring and never will you have to stand in front of your closet, gazing and saying to yourself- 'I have nothing to wear !' So have fun and be smart. 

These are for my print-mixing rules, do you have any ??

Congratulations to Emily of Waltz Me to Heaven, she is the featured blogger of the week. 

Now it's turn to show your favorite looks from this/last week.

Have a great day loves....
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