With so many holiday parties to attend:  in addition to the question of  'what to wear', 'what kind of  makeup to apply ?' is always a concern. No matter what outfit you choose, I believe a smoky-eye-nude-lip look works well with any get-up.  This smoky eye look here today may appear too loud and too much effort to some, but trust me: this look is really customizable. Based on your liking, go for either the multiple eye-shadows look or choose just two, the end effect in either case would be comparable.

The products used in recreating this look are as follows.

One smart makeup hack, in order to get that defined, precise cat eyeliner: is to stick a piece of tape angled from your lower lash line to your brow line. Not only does this facilitate a good cat-eye look, but that extra eye-shadow powder gets trapped on the strip, leaving less mess to clean up.

Starting with the blackest black shadow from the Maybelline Nudes Palette, pack this onto your lid, all the way through the crease line. Applying the darkest of shadows as the base gives that desirable depth to any look. Might be a little outrageous for some makeup lovers, but this one's totally optional.

Now load your flat brush with shade Beat Down from the Urban Decay Vice4 shadow palette  and apply it all over the lid.  A rich shade of purple, this shadow can be used on it's own for that light smoky look.

Now pack some UnderHand shade from the same Urban Decay Palette , onto a round brush and cover the purple shadow with this one. By doing so you get a rich plum shade. Again this is optional, you may skip this step and move onto the next.

Now using a little of the metallic bone shadow ( adjacent to the black used earlier), apply it to the corner of your eyes and use the same to soften the shadow edges along your crease line.

For that extra dramatic look, apply some more black shadow along the outer corner of your eyes. Blend well.

Now carefully peel off the tape.

Now using a mix of the UnderHand shadow from the Urban Decay Vice4 palette and the black shadow from the Nude palette, line the lower lash line. You may keep this line fine, but for that extra smokiness go for a slightly wider rim.

Now use your favorite eyeliner and kohl for lining your upper and lower lash line. In my case I used  Loreal liquid eyeliner and this Bareminerals round the clock kohl liner.

Finish off with a couple coats of your go-to mascara, this being my personal favorite.

Give the finishing touches with your lipstick/lipgloss, add on your accessories and voila !!! - A new and easy metallic smoky eye for a new you!!!

Hope you like this easy smoky eye look. Pardon me for the broken-out face look, all this traveling has taken a toll on my skin. Rest is all good !!!

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Disclosure- This post was sponsored by +ultabeauty in collaboration with People Style Watch. #StyleHunters4Ulta

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