Now that the secret about my upcoming holiday travelling is out, I thought it would be the right time to share all those travel goodies one would find in my handbag.

When it comes to travelling- I am very meticulous about what goes in which bag. If you notice in the picture below I have my all the essentials well-organized in individual transparent bags. One bag is for my makeup and the other for snacking and sanitation. It might be irrelevant for you to carry all that, but I have my own reasons for bringing them on-board. So let's get started-

The first one is my  travel lifeline kit: 

1) There is my passport/travel manager which has my passport, a printed copy of my itinerary, a pen and final destinations's local currency. There are cities/ countries that are still not equipped for credit card usage everywhere,  so it is always advisable to carry some for any emergencies. 

2) Then there is my card and keys wallet which holds all my credit and debit cards, my health insurance card and a secondary photo ID.  Prior to travelling notify your credit card company of your travel dates and countries you are travelling to -  just to avoid any fraudulent calls when using the card overseas. 

3) Last in this kit is the phone and a portable charger. Make sure your portable charger has enough backup and your phone is set to airplane mode once you settle in on the plane. This will save the cell's battery and also ensure no cellular data is being used. Some folks like to bring their iPad/laptop on board, but I like mine stowed away in  my carry-on bag. I like to relax and enjoy all on-board entertainment. 

The next is my fuel-up-feel-good  kit: 

1) If you have dietary restrictions like me, you have to have a snack or two for that on board in-between-meals grazing. Since I have gluten and lactose intolerance, this KIND Gluten Free granola bar comes in real handy. Nuts especially almonds are a great energy-rich snack, but I prefer cereal bars over nuts. 

2) On longer flights, specially when you are in the middle seat and you are abstaining from drinking too much water to avoid those frequent bathroom runs so to not bother the aisle seat traveler, you are bound to have a dry mouth and a smelly one too. Tic Tac mint freshens your breath instantly and also substitutes for a temporary thirst reliever. 

3) Now what do I say about the hand sanitizer and the wet wipes??? You all are aware of the goodness of these products, regardless of which I would like to bring to notice some other in-flight uses of wet wipes:-
  • use them for face/body wiping 
  • they are a good hair tamer 
  • they work well as a lint remover
  • they are a good shoe-shine AND 
  • can be used for a streak-free iPad, iPhone , laptop screen cleaning.  

Last but not the least is my be-you-tee  kit:

1) This kit contains a comb that has been pre-sprayed with some water based hair spray. Now you would ask me why????- well when you dampen  a pre-sprayed hair comb, the water activates the hair spray formula and when you comb through your hair the results are synonymous with that of a real-time hair spray use. So stow away the hair spray in the check-in, be carefree: taming your baby hair in air has never been any easier. 

2) Then there is the snag-free hair elastic in a bright color- this will instantly make any hair do look interesting. 

3) No one likes those chapped lips, and your lips are bound to get drier on board. I always carry this EOS tangerine lip balm- not only does it work as a chapped-lip-healer, but if you scoop out some on your fingers, you could use them to cover any dry facial-skin patches. 

4) One thing you'll always find in my travel beauty kit is a leave in conditioner spray and this one is a must-have. Macadamia Professional Weightless Moisture Leave-in-Conditioner  conditions, smooths, detangles and gives a subtle shine to your travel hair style. It's aerosol spray and weightless formula make it all the more travel-friendly. So leave all your travel-hair-woes at home, with this one in your bag you are all-set. This one is is an 8oz ( 100 ml ) size- just what your are allowed to take on board. 

5) One thing one wants ( don't know of you but I do )  to avoid on long flights is washing their face in that contaminated bathroom sinks. I'd rather use wet wipes and spray my face with this, for that fresh feeling. Spray some MAC prep+prime fix+ over the lip balm covered facial patch and it will seal in the moisture, avoiding further skin drying. 

6) I've always been a sucker for good perfumes and this perfume rollerball has always been my go-to. I always have one in my bag and would recommend it to anyone who wants to offset that obnoxious after-flight-smell. 

7) An eye liner in a smudge-proof formulation is another must-have in this kit. This works as an instant eye-opener and face-brightener too.  

8) Last in this kit is my favorite lip-gloss in an almost clear shade: a sweep on your lips right before landing and you have the cutest glow on your face. Having one in a sheer shade can double up as a hair-tamer: just squeeze out some between the tip of your fingers and glide on over those annoying baby hair and voila!!!

This last one might be irrelevant as most of the Elite airlines provide you with one- but a little pouch with a pair of socks, a blindfold, a pair of ear-plugs and a disposable toothbrush-toothpaste kit is always a bonus. I like to bring mine from my previous trips .....just in case the next flight misses to provide one!!

What are your travel essentials??? What is that one thing you can't travel without??? Would love to hear about them.

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.
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