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DO'S and DON'TS of wearing red lipstick

Red is the color of love and passion. It definitely brings out the fierce yet romantic in you. As much as we all love this color, when talking about red lipsticks in particular, pulling it off can be a challenge for some. I confess of being a dummie myself in this department, but over the years and with constant  practice, I have figured out the rights and wrongs of wearing red on the lips. I would like it share the same with you all today. 
Pick out the right shade for you

The foremost step in finding the right shade for you, lies in determining your skin tone and undertones.  The best way to do this is under natural light or at the departmental store makeup counters. The beauty expert can assist you in choosing your right shade based on your skin tone. For fairer skin tones true reds like this one, works the best. One without any orange undertone are the most flattering on fairer skins . For medium to olive skin color, reds with orange and pink tones, like this one, is the smartest pick. Now talking about darker skin color, lipsticks that are deep, warm and have wine and blue undertones, like this one, go a long way in adding the depth and dimension. So don't hesitate, stop by a makeup counter and let the beauty expert work the magic of red for you. 

Say yes to the lip liner

 Lip liners are considered outdated in modern times, but when it comes to red lipsticks, a lip liner that matches your lipstick shade, is your best friend. The motive behind using a lip liner is to give dimension and shape to your lips and also to keep your lipstick from bleeding. A shade like red definitely calls for that extra definition. 

Choose your outfit colors accordingly 

When picking out your outfit, the decision should be made around your lips. You would definitely want your lips to be the focal point of your look and hence the outfit should be chosen accordingly. Choose complimentary colors like blue, grays, pastels, black and white. These colors will not only elevate your look but make you look polished without looking trashy. Subtle prints and one of the bolder leopard prints' work well with this shade too. Steer away from shades of pink, which clashes with red. Pink would will only steal the spotlight of your red painted lips.  

Don't let  the color run to your teeth. 

A color as bright as red is distinct and noticeable at any distance. So it is important to prevent your lipstick from smudging and migrating to your teeth. One way to ensure your lipstick doesn't bleed is to use the dab-and-go technique. After you've applied the lipstick, out a double-folded tissue between your lips and dab. This will get rid of any extra lipstick and will avoid any flaking. Another way is to dust some translucent powder onto your lips, which will seal the lipstick in place.

Show off healthy and pearly white teeth

It is always a bummer to see those yellow-stained teeth behind those sensational red lips. I personally get bummed by a sight like this and so I make sure to keep my teeth in good shape. Using these or may be this can temporarily remove the yellow stains. So make sure you head out with your teeth flashy and pretty.

Keep the rest of your makeup minimal

The rule of thumb when wearing red lips, is to keep the rest of your look subtle and minimal. You definitely don't want two facial focal points. So when red is in, stick to brown or gold eye shadows. Keep the eye liner understated and not too dramatic. Contradictory to the point of not wearing pink with red as above, pink but not rosy blushes are the safest color picks. 

Hope you found this article helpful. Needless to say, drop a line in case you need any further help. 

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