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Before we get to the outfit business, I would like to extend my apologies for the indoor pics. With outside temps plummeting in negative numbers, it's sane to be inside rather than to be freezing to death outside......"Gosh when will this end ????? "  I am so over winters !!!

Inadvertently every single clothing item in today's look is from Gap family including Banana Republic. I hadn't planned on doing and I realized this only after the shoot was over. That's brand loyalty....I confess being an ardent customer of the GAP family. A major chunk of my monthly shopping budget goes to Gap, Banana Republic, Old Navy and Piperlime. It's not that this would make them super rich but buoy, they know how to keep you whipped up with their everyday amazing deals and discounts !

Okay now enough of the brand hallmarking. Let's talk business. Had it not been to my blogging instincts, I would have never dared to layer two outerwears. Over the past year as a blogger, I have learnt to think outside the box and to take fashion risks. I am impressed at how effortlessly the two jackets - the BR vest and the BR trench coat, layer up well without bulking up. Moreover the stretch belt aids in keeping the vest and the waist nipped in. 
The striped skirt and the polka dot top together couldn't be more basic, but when topped with two neutral but fun coats and finished with a DIY hat and some neutral heels, it adds the wow factor and that instant glam- just what I was looking for !

polka dot top- Gap ( shirt option )
stripes skirt- Gap  (silk optionanother pretty number )
vest- Banana Republic ( beltedsimilar )
trench coat- Banana Republic 
belt- express  
bag- via Marshalls

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