Time and time over, statement necklaces have made an appearance everywhere, all around the world. Some of the earliest statement jewelry making, especially necklaces, dates back to 80,000 years ago. Back then jewelry was more of a status symbol and mostly the riches owned and adorned themselves. Since then, this trend has evolved and now 80,000 years after, it has become a wardrobe staple in almost every diva's fashion world.
I am no exception to this essentially alluring  trend. Thumbs up from me, to this trend.
Wearing the right accessory is so essential to completing one's look. It can either make or break any outfit's appearance. Even a simple outfit, be it a jeans and a tee combo, could be taken up a notch by adding a statement necklace.
As a fashion maven  per se, I am constantly on the lookout for adding perfect necklace pieces to my ever growing necklace collection. So, today for all you other fashion lovers and statement necklace virgins, I have a few hands on tips to wear this neck candy.
The rule of thumb to wearing any neck piece,  is to echo the neckline of my shirt/top. Based on the neckline, choose the necklace to wear.
So when you are wearing :

1) a V-neck --- Go for pieces that match the shape V of your tops neckline, to make this simple go for longer necklaces ( falling below the neck length  . Layering pieces, that echo the neck's draping work well too..

few pieces for you to consider

2) scoop neck- long length necklaces go best with this neckline. Mirrored and chain necklaces are always complementing.

Avoid pendant styles and styles that are too close to you neck.

A few picks for you

3) strapless ----- Since you want the strapless dress/ shirt and your bare shoulder to be the focus, choose short length necklaces.
Chokers are ideal for this. 

Selections for you

4) boat neck----- this neckline tends to broaden your shoulder's appearance, so you might want to look for necklaces that elongate your neck. Choose pieces that have more vertical lines and can be layered with other similar pieces. Pendant styles work best here. 

Pieces you could buy 

Hope this piece of information is helpful. Do feel free to leave any comments and or any suggestions. Remember, I am always open to answering your questions and providing styling advice. 

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