How many times does it  happen that you have to go somewhere, you have your outfit picked out, your make up selected, but----you are clueless about your hair do ??????? Well to me it happens all the time. With the unruly, frizzy hair type I have, I always get jittery when it comes to doing my hair. Normally I would reach out for my blow dry if I have time but my philosophy is- unless you are pushing up the daisies, refrain from using heat on the hair. So if I am at home with no fancy plans, I would avoid using any heat on my hair. So then, my last resort is to either knot up or do a side ponytail (which i love, it is so dainty ). Recently I have developed a thing for the fish tail braid, see me flaunt it before here and here. It is very easy to do and even if it comes out messy- you are still a winner.
        It had never occurred to me before until last week  my best friend  (from the Middle East) recommended I do a hair tutorial on my blog. So I thought there would be no better time than now to do one on the blog. So that's how I conceived the idea for the FISHTAIL BRAID TUTORIAL. I really apologize for  the no make up look, it was completely intentional. Since I refer to my blog as " an everyday fashion and lifestyle blog", you all deserve to see how I look EVERYDAY sans any touch ups.

So without further adieu let us get started. For me the style works on the 2nd day of shampooing, when my hair is a little greasy and less frizzy. But today my mane is freshly shampooed, hence the unruliness.

1) First use an elastic rubber band to tie your hair to the side. (I side my ponytail to the left shoulder ) . Divide the hair into 2 equal sections.

Now take some hair strands ( about 1/2 an inch thick ) from one section and gripping firmly pull it across to the other section .

Then take the same thickness hair bunch from the other section and pull it to the opposite section.

Keep alternating and combing hair in between to smooth out the flyaways. Make sure to hold the hair firm to get a tighter braid.

Once you reach the ends, about 2-3 inches shy, use a black or desired color elastic band to hold the braid together . Now use a pair of scissors to snap off the top elastic band.

Use whatever hair accessories, in this case an ivory bobby pin, to add more interest to your braid. Once done spray with some hair spray to tame the top , I skipped this step. Now enjoy showing off  !!!!!

Hope the pictures are clear and illustrative of the steps. Let me know if you need any help or other details.
I owe this to my best friend Tanima for suggesting this to me. Thanks sweets...I love you and miss you always.

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