STYLE SWAP TUESDAYS - brought to you by MagnifiCuffs - MYRIAD MUSINGS







STYLE SWAP TUESDAYS - brought to you by MagnifiCuffs

As much as I enjoy posting things here, occasionally I might end up in a feeling of deep remorse, specially when I know and realize the damage I have caused to something I own. For instance I was super excited when I did this post, but soon after I was remorse-struck about having jabbed tiny holes into my pretty pashmina with the brooch I used to hold the waterfall drape. It took me a while to make peace with this guilty feeling and thereafter I continued wearing the scarf trifolded, so as to hide the holes. So there was  no more of fancy drapings. Wearing a scarf felt boring and occasionally unnecessary too.  But as aptly said-  " there is light at the end of every tunnel ", I found mine the moment I received these cuffs. These totally felt like my closet savior. 
MagnifiCuffs is a VA based LLC owned by a husband-wife duo Ryan and Marcia. 
MagnifiCuffs are adorned fabric strips with strong magnets that allow each set to be used interchangeably with pants, shirts, blazers and dresses, without damaging the material.  
As seen on Fox 5 news, MagnifiCuffs are the perfect solution to keeping your rolled sleeves up and cuffed pants in place. 

Whilst MagnifiCuffs are meant to be used with your pants and shirts, I went a step further and used them creatively to hold my scarf's drape. Never had I thought I would be wearing my scarf in one of my favorite drapes, without further damaging it. But thanks to Marcia who generously send me a couple of these, thereby making the above possible. Not only do these come in a variety of colors
( which BTW can be customized ) but also in a bunch of fun themes and they make the perfect girly-girl gift (hint- Valentines is just around the corner ). 
I picked out one from the Animal print collection ( pictured above, post coming soon ) and the other from the Nature collection.  I love both and have a brief picture of other ways in which I can see myself wearing them. Posts coming soon

Marcia has offered to give away one of these dainty must-haves to one of my fashionable readers. Keep reading to find out how you could win one of these. 

dress- J Crew 
coat- via Macy's 
scarf- via Nordstrom Rack 
cuffs- c/o MagnifiCuffs 
wedges- Madewell 


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