Closet confessions...........mmmmm, let me think...- honestly if my closet could speak for itself, it would go on unceasingly. As a fashion blogger, it is expected of me to have a flawlessly organized and equipped closet that has all the essentials that any one would need to get awed. But this is not the case, I have a few essentials missing and a few unwanted items in excess. 
So allow me to make a confession on behalf of my ever expanding closet.

Firstly - I don't have the basics that hold the closet together. I don't own basic tank tops, a multi-way bra, nude/skin color tights and body shapers to name a few. Reason for not owning these- I feel constrained in tank tops and body shapers. I understand that for any outfit to fall smooth, you need to have an overall body shaper, but truthfully, I dread the sight and thought of these tight, body hugging, man-made materials. I would rather not wear such clothes that need so much shape faking.

Secondly - I don't own a single pair of black trousers or a LBD ( little black dress ). These 2 are considered to be the wardrobe builders, but unfortunately I don't own either of the two. I have previously and publicly announced of my flat butt, and this always comes in my way of finding a butt and hip hugging trouser. All these years, every time I have stepped into a store with the purpose of buying trousers, I have always found myself back to square one. Same with the LBD, I haven't been able to figure out the right silhouette for me. A promise made to myself - once I get back to US, I will set sail on the hunt for the LBD..

Thirdly - RED is the only primary color that seems to be missing from my closet, blue being the prevalent one.. I have always been apprehensive about the color red on me, and have had a hard time finding the right shade of red. The only red thing in my closet is a red leather jacket. I think I need to start warming up to this warm shade. 

Fourthly -  My penchant for silk  has landed me with a closet full of feminine silk shirts, tops, swing jackets and also a bunch of silky scarfs. Dressing up silk in summer can be a bit of a challenge with the heat index involved, but I can now handle challenges well. Rolling up the sleeves of a button down or wearing swing jackets belted as shirts can work the trick pretty much for everyone. Atleast it does for me..!!!

Lastly-  I own about 25 pairs of denim in various colors and styles, but only 5-6 of the whole bunch fit me like gloves. My flat back being the problem area renders the rest insignificant. It is time I get rid of the undesirable ones and make room for new ones that work for me.

These are for my closet confessions. Do you have any? Would love to hear from you all..
Changing gears, following are the pics of one of my outfits I wore to dinner with my daughter ( disinterested in the photo shoot ), sisters and brother in law.

Outfit details:-

jacket- Bar III via Macys
silk blouse- J Crew
jeans- Diesel 
wedges- via
bag- Fendi

Hope you like my family dinner outfit !!!
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