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I am not going to lie, but it felt like music to my ears, when I discovered that @modcloth was opening it's third brick-and-mortar store in DC.  I might have at least a couple hundred times in my lifetime wished for one in my neighborhood and when I found out about this exciting with and 'E' news, I had to say YES to the grand opening invite. 

A little about MODCLOTH 

In case you did not know, MODCLOTH is an American online retailer of india vintage-inspired clothing, that was bought over my Walmart a little over a year ago. When I say vintage I don't mean old or second hand, fashion that is inspired from the era dating 1020's-1940's but is made with a modern interpretation, is what I am referring to and ModCloth definitely speaks the language of vintage-inspired. 

Until now there were only two FitShops- one in Austin and the second one in San Francisco, but DC just got luckier past weekend, with ModCloth opening it's third one in The Shaw neighborhood. The colorful wall murals, the furniture, the clothes, the ambience- everything screamed vintage-y and happy about the store. 

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fusion fare at the HILTON JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN

Location courtesy- HILTON JAIPUR 

Located in the heart of Jaipur, I found my perfect getaway at the Hilton Jaipur. Granted, when you first walk into the resplendent lobby, it will take you a minute to take it all in. The big central chandelier, the ornate seating, the little indigenous stores, and the opulence of everything around, transports you right into Indian royalty. The minute I walked in, I was welcomed by the hostess, who put a streak of tilak ( an old Indian tradition of welcoming your guests with a dot of red powder on their forehead)- a very sweet gesture indeed ! Made me feel at welcomed and at home.....!

My check-in was a breeze and I was escorted by the staff to my room. A deluxe suite with a queen-size bed and a private patio of it's own - couldn't have asked for anything better. For an avid reader, the patio would have been an ideal little hideout, but the kind of social media maniac I am- I was looking at the patio from the gram-perspective....uhhhh! 

The main attraction for me was the pool. Located on the first floor, with huge canopies on the side- who wouldn't want to take a dip in the pool that not only gave you a good panoramic view of the city but also allowed you access to the pool-side restaurant CHAANDI !!! It's a whole different story how there was a wedding going on and the wedding party guests had taken over the pool, allowing me the least bit of place to shoot....story to follow......!!

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SATYA PAUL sari // ZARA jacket // SAM EDELMAN heels 


" The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" 

Taking my first step into the world of TRAVEL BLOGGING. 

It took me a few years to give shape to this plan aka my dream, which never moved forward from the conception stage, but I'm glad and pumped to present to you my very first travel post. I have a couple travel posts here and there, but they were more spontaneous versus a well-chalked out one like this one. I will not deny that it was a lot harder than I had imagined. Much harder than fashion and beauty and needed a lot more planning, exchanging emails, living by deadlines and working in unfavorable weather conditions. 

Thanks to my family and friends in India for arming me and watching over Riri while I traveled. Thanks to my photographer Sumit Sharma for all the hardwork and guidance. Without the help of everyone mentioned above, my dream wouldn't have taken shape- my dream of traveling to JAIPUR. 

A little about Jaipur 

Rightly called as the PINK CITY, Jaipur is the capital and largest city of the North Indian state of Rajasthan. It was founded on November 18th 1727 by Jai Singh, the ruler of Amer, after whom the city is named. Owing to it's dominant pink architectural color scheme, Jaipur gets the name of PINK CITY. Jaipur is a popular tourist destination and people from all over the world travel miles to witness the magnificence and royal hospitality of this place. 

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I was in Jaipur for just about 24 hours, too short to explore this beautiful city, but those 24 hours were truly a well-spent 24 hour day. I was able to tour some major attractions, including the Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal and Patrika Gate ( all pictured in order ).


While the sartorial-evolvement may be a never ending process, I've realized that I am channeling more utilitarian dresser vibes lately. I am all about fashion and function. I shop for pieces that categorize as essentials but come through as fashion must-haves sartorially. For instance the blue crop top that you see under that blazer is actually my Under Armour sports bra that I picked up during my recent shopping trip to the Clarksburg Premium Outlets. 

I won't lie that I put together this outfit in a jiffy: call it acting under the influence of the high-impact hues trend or the utilitarianism vibes aka my natural sartorial instincts, I have to admit that "I am loving it!". If this doesn't stand to the test of utilitarianism, then you gotta check out my recent post HERE. 

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ZARA skirt // ZARA blazer // ZARA bag // ZARA heels // UNDER ARMOUR sports bra