Friday, May 22, 2015


I was so beyond ecstatic when one of my readers requested me to do a series on office wear. Honestly, every minute put into the blog feels worth, when your readers show involvement by way of their inquisitiveness, requests and comments. It just makes all efforts count. 
So my first office-appropriate look of the three post series, is a look for casual Friday. Most offices allow business-casuals on Fridays, meaning those traditional suits can take a chill-pill and hang out for the weekend.  Now let me elaborate business-casuals : when they say business-casuals, they expect you to wear casuals and still maintain that professional dignity and adhere to the work-wear ethics. So wear dresses, casual skirts, skinny jeans, but by all means: refrain from showing too much skin. 
So I were to dress up for casual Fridays, I would wear a pair of jeans in a neutral color, white as in today's case. As long as the fitting is right and there is no muffin-top, it is okay to wear skinny jeans to work. I paired mine with a simple pink blouse, which is form-fitting with a simple neckline. The blazer helps in bringing that element of professionalism. A good-fitted blazer in a darker shade is a must in every work wardrobe. Mind you, good fitted basics is the key to dressing up right for a professional environment. So always invest in the basics. Personally,  I believe in a minimalist jewelry approach for work, as they tend to get distracting and also come in the way of moving around for work. Unless you are in the fashion industry, I would suggest keeping the jewelry limited to a simple neck chain, a bracelet, a watch or even a printed scarf. My shoes might not be the right pick for all professional settings,  but as long as they are closed toes, you should be good. The choice of bag is also up to you: as I needed a punch of color, I chose one in bright yellow.  

So have fun, don't shy from experimenting, but always keep in mind the environment you work in and you will never go wrong. 

jacket- H&M ( similar )
top-Banana Republic outlet ( similar)
coated jeans- Zara  ( similar)
scarf- Ann Taylor ( similar)
pumps- ShoeDazzle ( similar

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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

PUT A RING ON IT - brought to you by ANJOLEE

" Diamonds are a girl's best friend----- LEO ROBIN
.........and when the diamond is custom made to your choosing, you are the luckiest damsel amongst your friends!

So when Anjolee reached out to me for this dazzling collaboration, I couldn't say no. 
ANJOLEE is an e-commerce jewelry store; operating out of San Diego County in California.  However, they do have a division of their company that sells to retailers across America, so if you wish to physically see Anjolee's designs, it is possible to see them at those retail stores. I chose this beautiful engagement halo ring with citrine set in the center. Anjolee has humbly offered a 10% discount code for all my readers, simply use code " ARA10 " at checkout

Anjolee offers premium quality, certified diamond jewelry, that are all made to order. They use an environmentally friendly manufacturing and recycling process, which ensures minimum waste. Once you have selected  your design, metal, make, diamond weight and the gems to go in your setting, from the design's galore they have to offer, an Anjolee representative reviews your order and sends it across to the manufacturing unit, which is located in San Diego California. The three day manufacturing process,  encompasses the following  five steps

1) WAX MODEL - each individual jewelry design on the website has it's own rubber mold, which is injecting with hot liquid wax. This mold is then allowed to cool on a rubber tree, which holds other cooled off pieces. 

2) CASTING - the casting department then pours liquid investment over this wax tree, thereafter which it is allowed to harden. This tree is then put in a special kind of oven, where the wax evaporates, leaving behind the hardened investment. At the same time, pure gold and metal alloys are mixed to create the desired metal type and color. Once the gold solidifies inside the cylinder, the casting team breaks the investment open and recovers the tree. The wax tree is completely made of gold. The tree is sent to the cutting team where all the links are then carefully cut off.

3) ASSEMBLYAfter the metal links have been sorted, they are transferred to the assembly department. The assembly team is responsible for connecting the links together. After the piece has been assembled, it is measured to confirm that it is the correct length and the number of stones is correct based on the order. 

4) POLISHINGThe polishing department takes each jewelry item and performs cleaning, final touch-ups and polishing. 

5) STONE SETTINGAfter polishing, diamond jewelry is transferred to the diamond setting department. The diamonds have already been pre-sorted for the order. The stone-setter carefully sets each diamond to ensure security and make sures the links are not compromised. The piece is transferred back to the polishing department for the final finishing. 

Anjolee offers free shipping on most orders over $500, and has 30 Day full refund return policy: if your not convinced, you could send back the jewelry in it's original condition.. But after seeing my final product, any return would be highly unlikely. 

The ring that I chose can be worn as is, or stacked with other pieces.......

You must look out for the FAQ's in case you needed more info. 

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Disclosure- The ring was gifted to me by Anjolee for review purposes only. All opinions are my own. 

Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Happy Tuesday Lovelies !

" When in doubt wear mirrored sunglasses " ! 

These new pair of glares from my recent outlet-trip is proving to my best outlet purchases ever. Truth be told, I am not an avid outlet shopper, but whenever I happen to be at an outlet mall, I shop for mostly accessories.  
At first, I was a bit skeptical about the pink reflecting through the yellow, but looking at the pics below, I think I made the right decision. The color-mix adds the element of drama to my otherwise simple, monochromatic outfit, without screaming for too much attention. It also makes up for the no-makeup and minimal it matches my bag too......A BONUS! Overall an easy look, stylish enough for hanging out with my girlfriends. 

vest- Old Navy ( similar )
pumps- Zara ( similar)

Congratulations to Chanelle of The Kim Chronicles, she is the featured blogger of the week.  


Now it's  your turn to show what you got!

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