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One of the many perks of being a blogger is to have access to and get invited to try out and review local restaurants. As much as I love eating, food photography has been fascinating me lately. There is something, I would call it an adrenaline rush, about food photography,  that when 'Cuba Libre DC ' invited me to try out their restaurant week menu, I had to leap at this chance of showcasing my photography skills....ahem ahem!  Not that I am trying to blow my own trumpet, but who doesn't like fancy food pictures??

Anyways, DC Winter Restaurant Week kicked off past Monday and continues through Sunday Jan 20th. The idea behind restaurant week is to bring more business and exposure to the restaurants. A bunch of local restaurants in partnership with Zagat, come together for a pre-determined week to offer a 3 course, pre-fixe lunch and dinner menu to their guests. The price is usually the same across all participating restaurants-cool right!!!  Consider this as your golden chance to try out the restaurant/s you had been hearing about from everyone at work or from a friend. I am personally a huge fan of restaurant week and have had a chance to sample some amazing restaurants for a lot less than what I would otherwise pay for a three-course meal.

Some of the participating restaurants this year are Ambar DC, Ambar Clarendon, Bibiana, Bindaas, Buena Vida, Cuba Libre, Dyllan's raw bar grill, Rasika, Sababa, The Bombay club and The oval room. We chose to try out Cuba Libre.

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I am a girl who loves and lives for bright, cheery colors. No matter what the season, you will always find me clad in bright hues. Rare are those days when you will find me in black or gloomy colors. No offense to ladies who live for dark colors, but it's just me- a girl who loves her bright wardrobe.

Trust me folks, wearing multiple colors together is not as hard as some of you might think. I know wearing black is effortless but once you get used to that punch of color, you will love it. Just an open mind and your confidence is required. So, how can you add that daily dose of color to your winter wardrobe without feeling overwhelmed ? Keep reading.....

1) Colored accessories - if going bold at the first attempt is not your forte, then take baby steps. Try adding color through accessories. A pair of colorful earrings or a bright handbag, a colored scarf or even a sweep of bright eye-shadow will do the trick. You will have just that hint of color to make your everyday boring black pop.

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DVF dress ( buy same ) // FENDI bag ( buy same ) // KATE SPADE earrings ( buy same ) // SHOES OF PREY heels c/o 


" GOOGLE MUST BE A WOMAN ", whoever said that was cent percent correct, cuz Google knows everything and women know everything........RIGHT??

After the Google Pixel 2, I welcomed Google PixelBook into my household. Thanks to the Google team for thinking about me over Christmas and being so generous. I have been using my new PixelBook for almost a month now and I must say that I WE love it. Not only is it affordable with a price point ranging between $700-$1000, it is user-friendly and the following features in light of my work, make it all the more loved.

1) Impeccable Picture Quality- Google does it again. The Google Pixel phone was a revolution in smartphone photography. It delivered sharp, brilliant photos and high-resolution images each time. and so does this Chromebook. Until now I would occasionally use my Google Pixel 2 for blog photography, but no more: I now have my new Google PixelBook. The camera feature is simple to use and the editing tools deliver images as good as any paid photo-editor. The picture below was edited on my PixelBook- need I say more??? Only if it had dual lens, I would have sold my DSLR.

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Baby it's cold outside, but the sales are hot inside...... bad one right??

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BANANA REPUBLIC teddy coat // TORY BURCH skirt // MISSONI scarf // VINCE CAMUTO pumps ( buy same

The holidays are officially over, decorations have been taken down and carefully stowed away for next season and the festivity-spirits have died down, there is something still to look forward to : WINTER SALE. While most of the retailers are offering deep discounts on their current inventory to make room for their new inventory, there are a five things that you should absolutely, certainly consider buying during the post-Christmas sale. 

1) WINTER COATS - the shelf life of heavy winter jackets and coats is just a couple months, post which i.e now In January the retailers want to get rid of them, coz as soon as warm spring weather kicks in, their demand diminishes to nada. So now is the time to go buy that Moncler jacket or the Apparis teddy coat you had been sale-stalking all Nov-Dec.


For all those who know me- "I feel blessed" and for those who don't know me-" Hi, I am Saumya Shiohare, a thirty something wife, mom, blogger and a property manager!" I have been married for 12 years, been a mom for 8 years, been a blogger for 5 years and this year marks my 3rd year as a property manager. I work 7 days a week, 26 hours a day ( if that is considered legit ). My days are crazy, I am always hustling to get things in order, but I love how my days are, after all " We don't grow when things are easy, we grown when we face challenges"......right?

Well, I am not here to talk about the everyday struggles I face as a mom/blogger, you could read about those HERE, I am here to share ten random things about me that you all did not know.

1) I was the head girl of my school in 10th grade and I took my responsibilities pretty serious.
2) I was an academically bright student and wanted to add the IIT'an feather to my cap. I even dropped a year after high school to retake the IIT-JEE. But I guess, physics never liked me...

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MANGO sweater ( buy same on sale ) // ZARA jeans ( similar for $25)  // H&M coat // MANGO western boots ( buy similar )


As glamorous as it may appear to you, being an influencer AKA a blogger comes with its own set of unthinkable difficulties. Sometimes I wish someone had told me about these hardships ahead of time, not that I would have changed my career-path, but I would have prepared my self better- simple!  In no way do I intend to be a crybaby cuz I wilfully chose this career, yes being a blogger is a legit career now, and I love being challenged and pushed to my limits everyday. Not everyday is same though: there are highs and lows, smiles and tears, pain and frustration and did I mention the late nights, anxiety and all that hustling that it takes to run the show?? 

The list of difficulties can be ceaseless, but the following five topped the list in my books.

#1 One woman show- little did I know of the different roles you have to play when you are a blogger/entrepreneur. You are the boss, the photographer, the editor, the stylist, the MUA, the hairdresser, the writer, the auditor, the assistant, the accountant and the paralegal to name a few roles.  You are basically the CEO of all hats. Unless you are a celebrity with a whole entourage or have a queen-size budget to recruit people for the different positions, you are on your own. Seeking help from friends and family is advisable, but not always possible and practical. I was lucky to have my husband financially support the blog and it's operations initially, but now I take care of things on my own. I was also lucky to have found my photographer who gives me an exciting Friends' and Family discount. He does take my pictures, but I do the editing, which is doable and at least checks out one role off the long list of roles to play. 

pop and suki bag, red H&M dress, red and blue, fur vest , bomber jacket, street style, hardest things f being an influncer, blogger, entrepreneur, fashion, style, myriad musings, saumya shiohare

H&M dress ( buy same ) // BANANA REPUBLIC teddy coat ( buy same ) // ALDO heels ( buy same ) // POP & SUKI takeout bag ( buy same )


Hello Lovelies, wishing you all a VERY HAPPY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR!
May 2019 bring you good health, happiness, peace, wisdom, tranquility and all that you wish for.

2018 was a good year. Two India trips, husband's fortieth, Riri getting her black belt, a new job confirmation and so much happened past year. On the blog front I worked with some amazing brands like Target, Always, ModCloth, Baltimore tourism, Hilton Jaipur India, Clarksburg premium outlets and Potomac mills to name a few. I feel blessed for the past and believe that this year is going to be even bigger and better. I strongly believe that whatever happens, happens for good and God has a purpose behind it happening. Things that are meant to happen, will happen. I will live life as it comes cuz HE is up there, taking care of me and my family.

Having said that, I had always wished for a dreamy, whimsical, woodside photoshoot in a long ball gown, which BTW never happened till date. Blame it on the fact that engagement/wedding photoshoots were not prevalent back home when I got married. It is entirely different now and wedding photoshoots are an essential part of the Indian wedding shindigs. So what if one did not happen for me twelve years ago, it is never too late to have one. This is my moment, GOD decided today as the right time and it is finally happening. Not with hubs, but a solo shoot was on the cards for 2019. I am living in the moment and will everyday. I was dwelling on a lot of fears and mental blocks in 2018 but no more. Life is short....

Today's much-coveted photoshoot is just a baby-step towards the long list of things I would like to accomplish and circumstances I would like to change in 2019. I will strive to work towards what I had been pushing for long coz 2019 is going to be the year of LIVING and here's to a NEW YEAR NEW BEGINNING - cheers!

new year new dressm dreamy photoshoot, engagement photoshoot, blogger, monique lhuiliier tena gown, purple maxi dress, cocktail theme party, saumya shiohare, myriad musings

MONIQUE LHUILLIER gown // SAM EDELMAN heels ( similar ) // ANTHROPOLOGIE hair clips 


.....and that's a wrap with my final holiday look. If you remember I promised you five different festive looks and I have to admit that today's look is my favorite. Check out the other outfits HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE

Today's look is more glamorous and dazzling. The dress with the subtle sparkle and the high slit makes for quite a sassy yet welcoming change from what I would usually wear to a holiday party. Thanks to RTR ( rent the runway ) for helping me think out of the box. Talking about which, I love RTR- it is so convenient and affordable. For just $160 a month I get unlimited rental service, and I can rent as often as I can. They deliver at your doorstep and when done you can drop off the rental pieces at your neighboring RTR or a UPS close-by. They have all kind of clothing options, ranging from everyday classics, to trendy pieces, to accessories and all sort of evening formal gowns. I am hooked for you RTR!

Anyways, coming back o the outfit, I would wear this look with the fur coat to a fancy cocktail party and sans the fur coat to just about any party. How are you planning to wear your sparkly dresses and fur coats this holiday? 

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BA&SH NIXON dress // UNREAL FUR jacket // ALDO SHOES heels // POP & SUKI take out bag