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Every social gathering is incomplete without a drink or two. It is the fail-proof way to break the ice. For a wife, whose husband likes to entertain and have guests home pretty frequently, it is a must to have the bar stocked all the time. Having said that, I had only shared cocktail recipes on the blog before, but today I am bringing to your feed the essentials of a happening Bar Cart / Home Bar. 

1) FIND THE RIGHT BAR CART- the key to finding a good bar cart is the knowledge of the space and decor aesthetics. A metal bar cart like this would be ideal for a more contemporary set up, but if your aesthetics is more traditional a glass curio or a a glass hutch would be befitting. The color scheme for my living room is more gold, blue, and touch of wood, hence this gold side table turned bar cart worked for my space. Remember to bring the measurements of the space, where you would like to place the bar cart, to your next furniture shopping trip. 

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Blogging has been a life-changing chapter of my life. I have met so many ladies who have empowered  me in one way or the other. While most experiences have been inspiring, remember there is always a downside of everything. You rise you fall, you love you hate, there is always something that leaves a lasting memory. I am not here to talk about any of my past downsides, but about an amazing relationship that this blogging world has given to me. I have never met her in person, never spoken to her ( except the occasional direct insta videos she sends to me ), never had any interaction of any sort, but it still feels like I've known her time immemorial. Meet my millennial partner : JULIE LIAMS, the voice behind an awesome LA based blog: OVER FIFTY IN HOLLYWOOD .

Thanks Catherine Grace O Connell for stirring this sensitive topic and an age old myth that we call generation gap. Her movement called Bridging the Gap is aimed at showing how women are a united force. That we share values, goals and perspectives, no matter what our age. Today on October 17th, first time ever in Social Media, 100 Millennial and 100 Midlife influencers are partnering together to voice our love and blur the age and cultural boundary coz #WeAreStrongerTogether .


First let's all celebrate how gracious and humble God has been to bless us with relatively larger busts. Women who don't have it are trying hard and using all available means to enhance their girlies. No offense to anyone, but unless you have millions of dollars for breast implants, some have to make peace with failure.
We, as in the larger-chested lovelies, might be at an advantage here, but being bestowed has it's own pros and cons. Talk to us about the shirt-gaping and the size-discrepancy and the trends-dilemma. As much as we all would like to embrace trends, we have to be extra cautious about certain trends. Having said that one such fall trend that we the larger-busted ladies have to be careful about is RUFFLES....

Ruffle was huge in summer, remember those cute ruffle cold-shoulder tops, and it continues to be the talk-of-the-F-town this fall. Again, as much as we would like to wear the ruffle trend, if not done cautiously, we could end up looking larger than actuality. But thanks to whoever understood our dilemma and created patterns and pieces that have strategic construction to suit all body types. Also in conjunction to this, my know-how rules will act as a guide in taking down this tricky trend.

1) DELICATE RUFFLES- if you want to do ruffles, then delicate ruffles is the way to go. Look for pieces that have delicate slim ruffles, preferably around a V-neck. A v-neck will accentuate and shift focus from the ruffles. Keep all those multi-layered ruffled blouses at bay.

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Propelled by a desire to offer women a guide to navigating the beauty, fashion and magazine worlds, Emilia began to write her first book: Mag World. Her collection of non-fiction essays offer reflection and counsel on how these three industries could be healthier...especially as an influence on young girls. Her collection of non-fiction essays offer reflection and counsel on how these three industries could be healthier...especially as an influence on young girls.

I recently was invited to meet and interview Emilia Ferrara at the "MAG WORLD" book launch and signing. There were signature cocktails, canap├ęs, a photo booth and Emilia's vivaciousness, that entirely filled the room with so much energy.  She is humble and sweet and definitely a charmer.