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Welcome to the MOM's league ladies: whether you are a new mom or a second timer or even more, you all are welcome. First of all,  let me congratulate you all on the incredible work you are doing as a MOM. Not only are you doing an awesome job as a mom, you are playing the cook, cleaner, driver, nurse, teacher's role to perfection as well. Doing all this ain't easy and you gotta give it to yourself for standing up to the everyday challenges of motherhood. 

While being a mom is the most hardest, it is undeniably the most beautiful feeling of life. It is actually a privilege that you've been granted and hence should enjoy every minute of it. There are ups and downs and in the rarest of occasion is it perfect. Well, I like mine imperfect coz with imperfection comes learning. Everyday poses a set of new challenges, new situations and learning moments. This may be my pep talk to self, but there are times when I look at the celeb moms and go like " what the hell do they do to be able to manage all of that and still look sane "?? I understand that they have their own entourage for everything but a mom is a mom and no one can fill in for that. What they have is a system and discipline: a system that makes them that kick-ass mom and I am sharing my hacks, my system that I have developed over time. 

1) Know that you can do it : when you can deliver a baby, you can do any damn thing. There might be times when your children test your limits, and you might be tempted to holler at them, but tell me would yelling help?? Children are like wet cement, whatever falls on them leaves an impression. So why not give them all the good vibes. They learn from what they see around them, so why not empower them with your best. If you ever have that "I am done" feeling, just walk away, take a minute or two to gain composure. Self-empwering through a quick pep talk with self also helps. Just stand in front of the mirror, take a deep breath and repeat to self  "I CAN DO IT "!

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GAP utility jacket // TARGET organza blouse // GAP jeans // SAM EDELMAN addison heels // VALENTINO bag 


Call it a Fanny Pack or the waist bag, this trend has become a rage. This pouch on a belt accessory has become a must have amongst the fashionistas. And why not it is convenient and keeps you hands-free. While the world might have gone haywire with this trend, I am not yet ready to jump on the fanny-pack bandwagon. I still prefer my side slings over these waist pouches. 

I agree that these fanny-packs are convenient, but for a girl who likes to carry the whole house in her bag, this trend ain't gonna work. Picking out what to bring in that tiny bag would sure be harder than actually warming up to the trend. Well, I might not be a fanny-pack person but I'm not anti it. So, today just for the sake of trying it out, I wrapped my regular bag with a buckle strap around my waist and made my own version of a fanny-pack and I have to confess that " I am loving it " !!! 

I enjoyed walking around hands-free and I could totally get used to the ease of the trend. But still at the back of my mind I was regretting not having my hair brush on me.  So now the big question is "to fanny pack" or "to-not-fanny pack"........?? In my case I'll go with the latter....what about you?? 

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GAP blouse // GAP pants // ZARA blazer // KATE SPADE bag // ADIDAS sneakers c/o Trunk Club 


Spring is the perfect time to dig out all your denims: the girlfriends, the boyfriends, the bleached, the ripped, the frayed, the jacket, the shirt- it is time they see some sunlight. This is your only chance at wearing them before summer rolls in and it gets too hot to even touch them.

This spring in particular, I'm seeing several newer ways designers are using denim. Their creativity is taking the denim trend places. We are no longer betrothed to skinny or the bootcut- it is all about variety this spring and if you are a denim connoisseur, then you would definitely be interested in giving the following denim trends a spin.

The skinny girlfriend jean : a fitted version of your boyfriend jean, the girlfriend jean has gotten a facelift this spring. It is a little more fitted, but relaxed enough to give that cool-girl-vibe. Embellishments, embroidery and even appliqu├ęs are becoming a major denim-sensation. All these details make your GF jeans everything but boring.

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H&M denim jacket // GAP jeans // TALBOTS bow sweater // TALBOTS bee flats // GUCCI bag


"April showers bring May flowers", but if you are in a rush to bust out your new floral jumpsuit, then "April showers bring April flowers....."

This jumpsuit is definitely out of my comfort zone, but it is so pretty that I was willing to take the fashion risk and I have to admit that " I am loving it!" The wide flared legs, the floral print, the fit, the flirtiness: what's not to like about this jumpsuit!! What say ??? 

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FOREVER 21 jumpsuit ( buy at another store ) // ZARA heels  //  GUCCI marmont bag  //