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As a beauty blogger I have the privilege of trying out a lot of beauty products firsthand. Some of them work and some of them fail miserably, not that the product is to be blamed, it's just my skin's sensitivity and it's incompatibility with some of the product ingredients.  I have seen good skin days and bad skin days too and when I say bad- I mean rashes and even hives. 

Over these past few years I have tried so many makeup and skincare products that at this point I've lost count. Well, that is not what we are discussing today, we are talking about all the products that have worked for me and have eventually made it to my nightstand, where I can not do without them. I have rounded up my favorites that are a part of my bedtime routine now. 


Blue flower is a local Virginia based, woman-owned aroma oils company that I got to try a few months ago at an event. I wasn't a big advocate of essential oils mainly for their staining my bed and pillow covers concerns, but ever since Blue Flower came into my life- I care less about the stains and more about always having them by my bedside. I stack a myriad of blended oils and a few single oils- belly bliss and dream being my favorite. If you are someone who suffers from digestive issues, then you got to try the belly bliss. It helps alleviate your digestive issues and can be used topically or 1-2 drops in a glass of water. I like mine topical and apply a few drops to my belly area right before sleeping. It has been a game changer but remember consistency is the key. You won't see a difference overnight but regular application will surely help in the long run. Another one that happens to be everyone's favorite in my family is ' Dream.' It is a eucalyptus blend oil that calms your senses for a good night sleep. I use the Dream dropper, Riri uses the spray and hubs uses the roller. 

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SUMMERTIME DRESSES- what I am buying this summer and STYLE SWAP TUESDAYS

Summer is approximately ten days away, which means it is time we line up our warm weather clothes. This summer I'm looking forward to wearing more easy-breezy dresses, please don't ask me why ;)? There is nothing more comfortable and no-brainer like a flowy, airy summer dress. Honestly, for me one that is boxy but still flattering, that has a fun print and the length just about mid-thigh is the winner. For that matter I am loving this dress- it meets all my criteria for length, print and fit. Bummed, it is sold out online but I found other cute dresses that I linked below for your consideration. 

I wanted to keep my dress the focus, but couldn't resist wearing my new cone-shaped heel sandals by Paloma Barcelo. One advantage of following other bloggers and influencers is that you learn about brands and designers you never would've known before. I spotted another fabulous pair from the same designer on one of my favorite US bloggers and rest is history. I googled Paloma Barcelo and the first pair to pop were thesearen't these dramatic! Good news- it comes in a black option too! 

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H&M dress // PALOMA BARCELO sandals // SALAR bag, borrowed from Rent the Runway // LELE SADOUGHI headband 

how to have a perfect summertime picnic

Summer is finally here and there is nothing like having an impromptu picnic in your backyard or in your neighborhood park. I chose this big hydrangea bush in my front yard as my picnic spot- not only did they make a pretty backdrop but also served as my sunbrella.  Anyways, I love a good summertime picnic and when there is all my favorite food, in short all sorts of carbs- I'm on cloud nine carb.

I usually don't eat pastas and sandwiches much, but when it comes to picnic food, nothing is more satisfying than a sandwich, pasta salad and a glass of my favorite chilled beverage. Talking about which the only sugary drink that I bring inside my house is this mango juice from Costco. I am a mango-lover and when there is mango season in India, it is mango juice season in my household, cuz this one tastes as good as a fresh mango straight off the streets of India.

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ANTHROPOLOGIE romper ( buy same ) // PICNIC BASKET ( buy same


If there was one clothing item that I could fill up my closet with, would have to be a coordinate set ( basically a matching top and bottom separates). I was always skeptical about buying matching separates, cuz I thought of them as childlike and costumey, but thanks to one of my reader's request for styling separates. If it wasn't for this request I would have never tried on a coordinating set. 

But, sometimes your readers know best and listening to them pays off. I am officially a coordinate-o-holic, oh BTW I coined this word for myself and it has already been added to my social media dictionary. I now own a few matchy-matchy sets in all sorts of styles and bottoms- skirts, midi skirts, pants, shorts and what not. I love them for their ease of styling. It is like a one piece wonder that can be split into two distinct clothing items and your wardrobe can be maximized. 

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NY&Co. blouse ( same ) // NY&Co. skirt ( same ) // I LOVE JEWELRY bag ( personalize here  ) // SOPHIA WEBSTER heels ( same

My 3 essentials for styling white dresses this summer

I have been embracing summery, just-throw-on-and-go dresses and white is one color that has made it's way to my closet in abundance this spring. Be it a blouse, a mini dress or even this lace number on me today, white seems to have taken my closet by storm. I have no grievance against myself for transforming one section of my closet into this white colorless zone, but trust me- there is nothing more comfortable and soul-satisfying than a pretty white dress. It is a sight to sore eyes.

Think of a white dress like a plain canvas- fill it with colors, patterns, textures and create your own masterpiece. My masterpiece is uber feminine and effortless and edgy and I needed just a few essentials to make this look standout. 

Your sole are a reflection of your soul...... trust me- your shoes speak a lot about your personality. Just by shoe-gazing or taking a look at someone's shoes you can get all the cues about their mood and personality. Clearly, I was feeling a bit dressy that day and yeah I am the girl who loves everything  feminine and classy with a bit of an edge. Irrespective, the studded heels add that pizzaz to my dress. I could have worn something bright, but I wanted to add color with yet another accessory that is next on my essentials list. 

RENT THE RUNWAY dress, use code ' SSHIOH50 ' for a 50% discount of your first month rental // RENT THE RUNWAY  SALAR bag // SUGARFIX earrings c/o Bauble bar // VALENTINO rockstud heels 

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Summer is all about bright, cheery colors and when it comes to anything hot pink- my heart just melts. There ain't a pink item of clothing that I don't like, but when I saw this pink skirt, I was hooked and was determined to bring it home. It is pretty, it is pink, it has pockets, it has side slits- what else could one ask for in a skirt like this. 

So the story goes like this- " I spotted this pink wrap skirt on one of the very few Indian bloggers that I follow and on occasions look up to for sartorial inspiration. The skirt looked pretty and I vaguely remembered seeing it on the retailers website. But when I looked up online again, the skirt was sold out in all sizes. I tried a few local stores to check if they had any left, but no luck. I was so madly in love with this skirt, that I wasn't giving up the hunt so easily. I called my sister in India and asked her to check online- but all in vain...............

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H&M skirt ( similar ) // ZARA bodysuit ( similar ) // ZARA shiny blazer ( buy same ) // STEVE MADDEN heels 


Memorial day is almost upon us, which means it's time to dig out your all your white pants and white summer dresses of the deeper side of your closet. Personally, I don't approve the ' no white labor day' rule, cuz one- nothing is prettier than winter white and two- white is my favorite colorless color and  there is something about this time of the year that the mind unintentionally craves white clothing. 

While I wanted to pair my Rent the Runway metallic blouse with something white, I couldn't really find many options in my closet. The only option I could find were these white trousers that I've had for a good three years and which got me thinking - if these were the same trousers I owned? The appearance and fit of the trousers was different, the length was shorter, the fabric felt thinner than usual and the color- it looked whiter than what it originally was ( my first outfit in these pants ). For a minute I thought the pants got swapped out with someone else's at the dry cleaners, but when I looked at the label- it was the same ole Banana Republic, size 4. I wanted to slip out of them right away but there was no choice than to keep them on, thanks to my closet that lacks white  pants. I  am not sure of I'd be wearing those white pants, but the hunt for a good-quality white pants is definitely on the cards. 

So while I try to solve the mystery of these white pants gone wrong you enjoy my metallic blouson top, which you could rent HERE for 50% off with code SSHIOH50

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I love me a dress that is versatile, fits well and transitions easily from day to night- and this dress is all that I need. This dress is the perfect summer dress that can go from daytime edgy to nighttime chic in no time.

Last week I styled this dress in a more dressier look ( original post HERE ), but today it is casual with a spin. I would have never thought of pairing sneakers with a maxi dress, but trust me trying things out of your comfort zone, sometimes brings a good change of pace. I have been really experimental these days and have been enjoying trying out newer trends, fresher silhouettes and bolder colors- both for my makeup and clothing. 

Which look is your favorite- the dressier ( HERE ) or the casual ( TODAY ) ? 

rent the runway maxi dress, denim jacket, sneakers with dress, ootd, street style, fashion, style, myriad musings, saumya shiohare .

RENT THE RUNWAY dress ( use code SSHIOH50 for 50% off your first month rental // EVOLVE sneakers c/o ZAPPOS // BLOOMINGDALES bag