Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Whenever we have the slightest bit of weather warm up , I get hopeful of spring arriving soon, sooner than forecasted. This winter has been distressing, both physically and sartorially, and I am really done with those mounds of black snow by the roads and those black thick winter layers by my closet. 

I am at least happy that the stores, both online and retail, have started to show signs of spring with their mood-changing and some skin-baring clothing line up. One such online store is and their recent spring addition has definitely gotten me in the mood for some early spring shopping. 

I have handpicked a few of my favorites from,  and the best part they ship internationally, so none of my interested readers will have to feel the dismay of not being able to enjoy my pics. 

Disclaimer-  This post was requested by and compensation in the form of clothing was provided thereby. 

Green bird print blouse
Pink flower studs
Multicolored rose print skirt

Hope you like my spring pics from .
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Tuesday, February 24, 2015


After an overwhelming response to my first full make up tutorial pictorial here, I have decided to introduce a new biweekly blog series of doing make up tutorials. It is fun and definitely a breather to be trying out something new. 
Disclaimer- I am not a make up pro, I enjoy doing makeup and enjoy it all the more when others benefit from it. 

Products in the order of application. 

1) prime your entire eyelids and the brow bone using this primer. 
2) use the third color top row from this palette, to highlight the brow bones. 
3) using a crease brush apply the second color top row ( the reddish brown shade )from this palette into the crease making a V shape at the corner of the eyes. Blend well with the highlighting shade. 
4) now using an eye shadow brush, pat good amount of second color bottom row ( dark brown )  of this palette on the entire lid and bottom lash line.  Blend well with the red shadow. 
5) use a thin shadow brush to apply this color ( black ) close to your lash line. Blend well with the brown. 
6) use this kohl eyeliner to make thin line close to the upper lash line and for the water line. 
7) finish off with a few coats of your favorite mascara.

Congratulations to Kristen of Where did you get it, she is the featured blogger of the week. Three cheers to her style and styling ideas. 

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Monday, February 23, 2015


Happy Monday Lovelies!
Last few weekends have not been delightful weather-wise. Either it has snowed or the monstrous wind gusts have taken over the weekend calmness.  The day I took these pics was no short of blustery winds and temperatures dipping into negative. Every time I think of this moment, my bone gets chilled to the core. It was a cold day indeed and in all winter glory, I deserve a pat on my back for braving this cold and despite all odds exhibiting poise in my pose. 
Unfortunately this pic happens to be the sole contender out of twelve others, for making to the public sharing list. Whilst in other pics, either my body looks wind-struck or my hair appears windblown, this was the only pic without the clenched teeth facial look. Now when I look at this pic, all I wish for is a time-machine, that could take me to this hour of photo shoot, granting me just enough time for putting on some socks and for throwing on a warmer coat, only for the sake of having more pics for sharing today...... !
jacket- Forever 21  ( similar
shirt-  Madewell ( similar
cords- Gap
booties- Calvin Klein  ( similar
clutch - Aldo ( similar

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