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I am a sucker for matching separates, they just simplify dressing up so much. If given a choice I would just live in coordinating separates and be one happy chica. I was on the fence about this polka dot one, but I'm glad I caved in. This is just amazing and below I'm sharing five reasons why you need this set in your closet this very moment. 

It has bold polka dots 
You know how much this girl loves mixing prints. Not exactly mixing prints here, but the dots on dots just make me happy. Bonus- polka dots never go out of style. 

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WHO WHAT WEAR top // WHO WHAT WEAR skirt // J CREW pumps // FENDI bag 


Mondays are days I am always high on coffee ( thanks to the Monday blues which today feels real ), and when I am high I talk about my favorite things- and today it is all about SHOES. 

I own a million pairs in my dream closet ( all pun intended ), and what worries me more is not the number of pairs I own, but " how do I take care of my priced procession for it to last as long as I live?" Well, a few months ago I was at an event where the professionals spoke all about clothing and shoe-care and I was thrilled to learn that shoe-care was easier than I had thought- I was just procrastinating about nothing all this while. 
  • The number one rule towards efficient shoe-care is buying the right shoe size- when the shoe fits right, wear and tear will be less and the shoes will keep it's shape.  

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Welcome to The Melrose- a boutique hotel in Georgetown and the perfect escape from the hustle-bustle of everyday city life. From the outside this would appear like any other ordinary hotel structure, but the second you step in- you’ll be transported to a world of your own. A world that appears loud and busy outside, but calm and whimsical inside.

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H&M STUDIO pantsuit // ZARA pumps // HANNA ANDERSON pjs 


If you've ever been to DC, you might have heard of the DC Cherry Blossom festival. This fortnight-long festival begins end of March every year and concludes around the 10th of April. With pink blossoms primarily around the tidal basin and across the city, this festival surely leaves visitors mesmerized. Gifted to US by the Japanese, thousands of these cherry blossom trees circle the tidal basin making it the most coveted tourist destination in April. 

You might think that these are just flowers and 'what's the big deal in it???' But the reasons stated below will definitely affirm my stance on visiting this festival.....

It marks the arrival of spring
These flowers that bloom just once a year, are at the disposal of Mother Nature when it comes to their bloom. Early spring when the morning frost is low and the sun starts getting stronger, the buds appear. As the sun continues to get brighter and the weather warmer, over the course of a few days the buds open up allowing the pink flowers to surface. So, the flowers are at their peak bloom just when it starts to actually feel like spring.

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J. CREW jumpsuit (  buy same ) // ZARA pumps ( similar ) // WHBM denim gilet ( similar


It is quite apparent that buying and shopping are a blogger's favorite activity. It is pretty easy to hit the 'place your order' button or simply head out to a store and shop. Admittedly, I have been there  where I would just go out and buy stuff right before my biweekly photoshoots or for every event I was attending. That sure gave me pleasure upfront but post-event I was stuck with clothing that either I did not know how to wear again or there was simply no room for that in my overflowing closet. That became stressful over time. It was then that I decided 'I would refrain the temptation of buying and put my sartorial skills to test.' Result this outfit- the jacket is good eight years old, the skirt was bought last September and has been worn a few times, my favorite one being this, and the bodysuit was a gift. 

Honestly, I did enjoy the brainstorming and the rummaging through bins and shelves. There were pieces that still had tags attached, or had been sitting in the bin labeled 'mend me' for God knows how long. I was reunited with so many amazing pieces that I had forgotten about. This self-imposed wardrobe-repurpose challenge surely made me realize how much potential my existing closet had. I've decided to take some time off to mend all those loose buttons and rehem all those frayed hems. I would try and spare some time over the weekend to plan my outfit for the entire following week. It will be a long road, I know I can do it and if I succeed- I will give myself a shoutout right here. 

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MONSE denim skirt ( similar ) // c/o JOANIE clothing bodysuit // ZARA blazer, old ( similar in red  ) // SCHUTZ pumps ( same


'How do I do it all?', 'How long have you been blogging?', 'How do you monetize?', 'Do you do this full time?' - I've heard these so many times that now I know the slew and the order of questions I'll be bombarded when ever I'd mention to someone that 'I am a blogger.'

I am sure you would have similar and a few more questions in conjunction to the above that you would like me to answer. So, let's make this Monday a Q&A day and make everyone happy.

Q: How long have you been blogging?
A: I have been blogging for a little over five years, but in terms of real blogging and monetization 'I would say 3 years.'

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ZARA dress ( similar ) // BANANA REPUBLIC jacket // TORY BURCH mules 


Now that it has started to warm up weather-wise, it is safe to say that "spring has finally sprung." While you can go easy on the chunky layering, it is still a little cold to go bare legs, specially in the evenings when the temperatures drop drastically. Like the other day it was warm and sunny during the day and suddenly it went down into upper 20's and the winds picked up as the night drew on. It was pleasant while the sun was out but later my legs craved for some warmth. So how do you dress up for when the weather man says spring, but the temperatures say almost-spring.

Wear your spring dress with jeans/pants 
One of my favorite ways to wear dresses in spring is to wear them over pants/jeans. It's time you ditched your knit tights and made peace with your pants and jeans. This way you get to wear your new spring dress and still stay warm without being sweaty. 

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TARGET dress ( buy same ) // ZARA pants ( similar ) // ALDO SHOES booties // c/o TAUDREY earrings and rings 


The weekend flew by in a whiz and as usual my to-do list remains pending. I got to call my insurance co. for some mix up they did with Riri's medical insurance, I have to set up an appointment with my closet designer, my nails need to be filled-in, my hair needs a trimming and the list goes on. I am sure I am not the only one who makes a list and then makes another list with the previous to-do list on the top followed with the newest set of to-dos. 

Anyways, one thing that I was able to accomplish was going to the temple. We had been meaning to go to the temple for a very long time, the last time I was there was on New Years day,  but somehow it wasn't falling in line with our schedule. While at the temple the management was handing out flyers for the temple's 35th year celebration. One of the guys came to us and said they were organizing a few special ceremonies and everybody was invited. The purpose of doing this was to inculcate a sense of religion in our future generation. Well, that got me thinking if Kapil and I were being a responsible parent and doing our best to pass on our heritage and culture to Riri. We celebrate all major festivals, we pray and say our mantras every morning and at night, we take our daughter to India very often so that she is aware of  her maternal and paternal history, we speak to her in hindi which she is fluent with and all that we can to keep the sense of religion and culture ignited in her. If any of the above counts towards us being responsible Indian parents, then do Kapil and I get any brownie points???

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ZARA skirt ( buy same ) // BANANA REPUBLIC sweater ( buy same ) // SCHUTZ Candi pumps ( buy same ) // GUCCI bag ( similar