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Disclosure: Thanks to the team at No7 for sending me their fall beauty box for review purposes only. All opinions are my own.

The entire line of No7 products can be bought at Ulta Beauty, Target and Walgreens.


Nothing beats the excitement of having your outfit custom-made and wearing it too !!!!

This entire outfit was made to order back home in India and delivered just in time for NYFW.  This fusion outfit has three different pieces: 
DHOTI ( the pants ) 
KURTI ( the tunic )
BANDI ( the vest ) 
I am totally in love with this piece and have plans to mix-match these with other pieces in my closet. 

In case you missed, my first look for Leanne Marshall presentation can be found HERE

While I was in NYC a couple weekends ago, I learnt some rules of this game called NYFW :
  • do your homework - there is a lot that goes on any given day, plan your itinerary ahead of time and feed your phone with all that data  
  • bring multiple phone power banks- with all that presentation coverage, snapchat, social media shares and insta-stories, you won't even realize how fast the battery would drain. I had three and they weren't enough for a day 
  • carry some snacks- going 8 hours straight without food does no good to anyone. While water is readily available around the venue, food can be bit of a challenge. There was a coffee shop inside Skylight Clarkson Sq, but when you have multiple shows, there is no time for a food break. So make sure, you have some nuts and power bars in your handbag. 
  • keep your high heels at home - believe it or not the wait-in-line time is much much longer than the actual show-time. The designer presentations usually last for ten minutes, but the waiting time outside the venue is an hour and sometimes even more.
  • have all the essentials handy- when I say essentials, I mean mint, gum, lip gloss, hair brush, oil absorbing wipes and fragrance testers for the convenience of it.  A quick run to the bathroom to freshen up would just keep you going. 

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Going to NYFW ( New York Fashion Week ) is every blogger/ fashionistas dream. If not the biggest, it is one of their bucket list. I had always dreamt of going to NYFW and this year was my lucky year. Thanks to my family and friends, with whose cooperation and guidance I was able to to make it to this blogger's paradise. 

I was invited to a couple of shows, Leanne Marshall being my first. I went to NY just for the show day, totally a wrong decision. I was so tired and exhausted by the end of the day, and my body ached for two days, and then a couple another days to recover from all the mayhem. I can't even imagine the severity of tiredness girls who attend all seven days of shows, experience. 

Despite the outfit photo-shoot, makeup and hair session, two different shows at two different venues and paying through my nose to the cab for getting me to the bus depot on time and all that I tried to accomplish in between, I would say I loved the experience. The streets just transform into runway, with real-life models walking down the real-way showcasing their sartorial innovativeness and talent. 


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I hear you all say " when was it out of fashion " when I tell you that " leopard print is huge this fall "!
I agree that leopard print has now become a basic, but imagine that print in colors like black, green , blue, gold, copper !!! This print is having a reincarnation in the most vivacious, bold colors, fabrics and silhouettes. For instance who would have thought of a pair of jacquard Navy animal print booties ???? Insane right ??? 

I like to take fashion risks, on my own terms, and this time it is leopard on leopard. Might be a bit bold for some but you totally can wear it and look classy. Keep reading for my tips on how to wear leopard on leopard without looking trashy. 

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