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Disclosure- Thanks to Zaful for making  this post possible. 

I have seen a lot of off-the-shoulder clothing, but one with floral lace detailing and a victorian flair: "not a whole lot!!!" 

This gray beauty caught my attention right away and I knew it was coming home to me, and I am glad- it did  This top is a chiffon blend and fits on the looser side. So if you decide to buy it, BTW Zaful ships worldwide, I would suggest sizing down. Today I paired this blouse with my favorite pair of skinny legs, but if you are looking for a more casual look, then a pair of distressed shorts and lace-up sandals would be a good pick.  


Disclosure: Thanks to CASOLARE DC for making this post possible.

Can't believe it's been a week since I turned 34..... It was exactly a week ago when this happened and when I was treated to a day full of surprises and goodies. I don't remember mentioning in my Birthday post that I am a complete foodie and food and fashion go hand in hand for me....at least the aesthetics side of it, if that makes more sense to you.  Just as fab fashion lures me,  good food is like a mousetrap----whomp whomp !!

After this birthday I have been feeling more zealous about blogging, which definitely meant a new something was coming.... for if you know me well!!  I had been contemplating this new series wherein I could review local eateries and restaurants. This would definitely mean more blogging-hours and traveling, but the idea of being able to share my F&F ( food and fashion ) passion with you all affirmed my decision and hence this exciting post.

Having said that I would like to introduce you to this Coastal Italian restaurant named CASOLARE, that opened literally two weeks ago. Located in the heart of Georgetown, this restaurant, a part of Hotel Glover Park, is sure to cheer all your taste buds. With it's extensive food and bar menu, and options like 'giant chicken parm', 'polpette ( meatless meatballs )' and 'slow cooked salmon', you are sure to get blown away with the medley of flavors.  

So without any further ado, let me take you around the restaurant and my yummy culinary experience  ....

Our tete-a-tete began with the mandatory his and hers cocktail : I ordered the The Big Night and Hubby got The Offer. The big night was a more fruit-blend cocktail, perfect for peeps looking for a mild-on-alcohol drink. Hubby's was a high-on-liquor bourbon blend.

Thereafter came the complimentary samplers: 

    ORECCHIETTE ( pasta with roasted cauliflower )- this lip-smacking pasta dish was creamy, crunchy ( thanks to the cauliflower ) and high on taste. I would have liked the paste more al-dente as opposed to being fully-cooked in this. Other than that, all was good.

    POLPETTE " A LA PUGLIESE "- the perfect meat free dish for vegetarians. This meatless meatballs, strong-on-mint,  preparation is sure to strike the right note with the taste buds that are vegetarian but don't want any compromise on taste. Definitely a must try for all those food-enthusiasts.

    The mesmerizing decor and the wine cellar. 

    As if the full-serving samplers weren't enough for us, we ordered the LAMB and GIANT CHICKEN PARM. For people with big appetite and small stomach, the entree portions were ginormous,  but we had to sample the main course.

    This lamb dish is by far the best I've had in so many years. I have never tasted lamb as tender, succulent and yummy as this one. Served on a bed of white beans and Caribbean chillies, this dish was a complete hit with the hubby. Cooked to perfection, we couldn't have asked for a more flavorful meat preparation.

    Not the most appetizing presentation, this GIANT CHICKEN PARM thoroughly lives up to it's name. Giant, both in appearance and flavor, every bite of this chicken dish unfolded the culinary expertism behind this dish. The gently sautéed broccolini served the right pairing with this otherwise robust dish.

    This quartet of sorbet, unfortunately wasn't ours. But it's presentation simplicity lured me to taking this shot.

    Now this dessert was mine. Another treat courtesy of the Manager, this ice-cream pastry served the sweetest end to my special day. Presented over a dollop of lemon butter, it was an ode to all the desserts. The tartness from the butter and the sweetness of the ice-cream was a like a match made in  heaven Chef Michaels Kitchen ....

    Can't wait for this patio to open for summer dining. You got to be there too...

    Last but not the least - my outfit....a simple LBD. 


    Have a great day loves......


    A romper is a one-piece wonder that except for it's bathroom woes, has the advantage of taking away all your sartorial brainstorming: you just throw it on and voila !!!

    I have been secretly caching denim rompers and jumpsuits left and right, as if the retailers were going out off business and there would be no denim romper left for me soon. I have a handful of denim rompers and jumpsuits in different styles and dyes and really can't wait to show you my favorite denim culotte jumpsuit.


    After living in the Unites States for a decade, figuring out UK clothing size feels like a riddle, but once cracked: the results are spectacular. This dress from Closet London, a London based retailer, came through all sizing expectations. 

     A little about the brand :

    Closet London is based in London and makes contemporary womenswear and each of their piece narrates a different story. From their famous go-to dress designs, to gorgeous separates, tailored jackets and seasonal outerwear; they are inspired by the confident and feminine style of their Closet Woman.  Busy lunch meetings, Thursday's date night, a close friend’s wedding; Closet London knows that a woman is always on the lookout for something which she can wear her way. Each of their collection tells a fresh and inspiring story, and CL offers a quirky and thoughtful experience that brings lots of personality to everything they do. Closet London is more than the dress we wear .