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Spring might be far from coming but we've had a few warm spring-like days in the past week and I couldn't help go a little adventurous in the leg-revealing department. I decided to wear my satin skirt that I paired with a fur cuff top and threw in a fierce print in the mix. Along came those rockstud Valentino pumps to add that extra element of luxe in the fierce wintry mix going on.

This is just a way I would wear my skirts in winter, how do you like to wear your skirts in winter?

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ASOS faux fur coat (same ) // J.CREW skirt ( same ) // ZARA fur cuff blouse ( similar ) // VALENTINO ROCKSTUD pumps ( same ) 


LOVE is a four letter word that comes in all shape and sizes an in every sphere of life. It does not need a special day of celebration but sometimes it is worth celebrating the day dedicated to love and we call it Valentine's day. 

This Valentine's day we are keeping it low key coz one it is a weekday and two it is a weekday..... hence we are pushing our celebration to the weekend, so stay tuned for something fun coming to the blog soon. But for now I have these photos from an impromptu photoshoot I did with my friend last week. White signifying peace and love, fur for that glam  factor, sequin for that edginess and loads of balloons for Valentine's day - have a wonderful and happy Valentine's day. 

happy valentins day, Anthropologie knit midi dress, sequin boot, sparkly boots, style, fashion, stret style, dc blogger, myriad musings, vaelntines photoshoot, ballooon photoshoot. saumya Shiohare



“Eat like you love yourself. Move like you love yourself. Speak like you love yourself. Act like you love yourself and dress like you love yourself.

In no way am I trying to advocate selfism but self-love is very important. The way you love yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. The more loved, cared-for and secure you'll feel, the more love, care and security you'll be able to give and there is no better time to start some self-love than this month of LOVE.  I am setting the tone right one step at a time. 

Self-love has no boundaries, it is a very personal thing. Little things like a hot oil-message, ten pages of uninterrupted reading, or ordering a Chinese take-out on a weekday night, anything that makes you feel rested is self-love. To me self-love is smelling pretty flowers, donning a bright lip, twirling carefree in a girly-girl dress and being my own Valentine. So, cheers to another day of self-love and everything pretty little thing that follows. 

What is self-love to you, what makes you feel rested? 

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LOVERS + FRIENDS dress ( same ) // VALENTINO ROCK STUD pumps ( same ) // c/o PANDORA jewelry 

valentines day, lover and friends pick ruffle dress, pandora jewelry, fashion, tysons ciorner mall, dc blogger, saumya shiohare, myriad musings

valentines day, lover and friends pick ruffle dress, pandora jewelry, fashion, tysons ciorner mall, dc blogger, saumya shiohare, myriad musings

valentines day, lover and friends pick ruffle dress, pandora jewelry, fashion, tysons ciorner mall, dc blogger, saumya shiohare, myriad musings

valentines day, lover and friends pick ruffle dress, pandora jewelry, fashion, tysons ciorner mall, dc blogger, saumya shiohare, myriad musings

valentines day, lover and friends pick ruffle dress, pandora jewelry, fashion, tysons ciorner mall, dc blogger, saumya shiohare, myriad musings

valentines day, lover and friends pick ruffle dress, pandora jewelry, fashion, tysons ciorner mall, dc blogger, saumya shiohare, myriad musings

Now it is your turn to share outfits that you love. 


"A daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend."

Well, whoever said that was surely an experienced mom. I always wondered how this could be possible when there was such a vast age and generation gap between mommies and their daughters?? Even when my mom said we three sisters were her best friend, I used to murmur to myself ' come on mom, that ain't true- you don't allow us to use your makeup, you don't share your high heels with us and those diamond studs that I have been wanting to try....friendship is about sharing and you don't share, so how can we be friends?' 

Now eighteen years later, I understand why you never let us wear makeup or strut around in your high heels. You never shared makeup with us yesterday, coz you wanted our skin to be beautiful today, you never allowed us high heels yesterday, coz you wanted us to have a good posture today. Little did I understand that the real joy of friendship was in doing everyday things together. Visiting the local markets to buy fresh vegetables, standing along the roadside sipping some fresh coconut water, or just lending a helping hand in the kitchen made us friends and not the materialistic things. 

I feel blessed that I have a daughter,  not that having a son would have changed anything, who is eight and is now becoming my best friend. There might be an age gap, twenty nine years to be precise, but this girl is ahead of a her age. She is smart, she is bright, she is charming and definitely her mommy's shadow when it comes to being a controller. 

GALENTines forever, my little girl, mommy daughter photoshoot, dcblogger, fashion, style, myriad musings

ON RIRI: H&M dress ( same ) // HANNA ANDERSON bow (same ) // ZARA shoes 
ON MOMMY: ASOS skirt // BANANA REPUBLIC sweater // VINCE CAMUTO heels // c/o PANDORA bracelet 


We all are no strangers to the sartorial woes that winter brings with it, and if the winter is brutal, then jeans and layering in thick clunky coats and boots becomes your everyday uniform....BORING !! But, if you are a fashion maven, then you would have definitely figured out a way by now to dress up in extreme weather, without any compromise on STYLE ! Well, I am no exclusion to this and today I will be sharing some ways you can break the winter jeans rut by shaking things up a bit. 

THINK PRINTS: well-well, talk to me about prints and I could write my own book on it, but for now: let's just keep it to the outfit. Prints are a great way to jazz things up a bit. Think printed sweaters, printed blouses, printed shoes, printed knit scarves or even a printed jumpsuit like this one, which is relatively thick, one-piece-owner, warm and stylish. 

free people jumpsuit, fashion, street style, jumpsuit style, tibi boots, beret style, c/meo collective colorblock coat, myriad musings, saumya shiohare

FREE PEOPLE jumpsuit ( on sale ) // C/MEO COLLECTIVE coat // TIBI boots // FENDI bag 


" You don't always need a plan.
Sometimes you just need to breathe, TRUST, let go and see what happens"- Mandy Hale

Well, I took a deep breath and let go and the results are in front of you. A photoshoot that I planned, put together a fab outfit, which initially comprised of a shoulder black blazer, a box clutch and a beret to pull together the look, but ended up in this simple look sans the blazer, the bag and the beret. Blame it entirely on the strong winds- I tried so hard to keep the blazer on my shoulder and beret on my head, but after a good ten minutes of struggle and zero success at getting any single good shot, I gave up. I let the wind take charge and just went with the flow. I did take a few pictures with the clutch, but without the black blazer the clutch felt odd. Hence this look.

But I am glad I let it go cuz one I love how the pictures came- natural and wind-blown and two I still got to showcase my print mix-match outfit.

burberry pink shirt, whbm floral skirt, tibi boots, print on print, street style, bethesda row, fashion, style, saumya shiohare, myriad musings

BURBERRY shirt ( buy same ) // WHBM skirt ( buy same )  // TIBI boots ( buy same ) // GUCCI 


I love strawberry cheesecake but not the calories....

I have always propagated healthy cooking and ever since I gave up gluten, my aim is to cook meals that are filling and wholesome, including desserts. As it is we eat really less sweets, and whatever little we ate, I thought why not prepare those scrumptious desserts from my neighboring french bakery for the same taste but half the calories. Well, at least my first attempt at whipping up this world-famous strawberry cheesecake was successful. The original recipe called for cream cheese, but I halved the amount and substituted the other half with non-fat greek yogurt, thereby slashing the calorie count to half. It tastes equally good and has become my low-cal guilty pleasure.

Keep reading for the ingredients and baking instructions. 

strawberry cheesecake bars, dessert, saumya shiohare, myriad musings .jpg


One of the many perks of being a blogger is to have access to and get invited to try out and review local restaurants. As much as I love eating, food photography has been fascinating me lately. There is something, I would call it an adrenaline rush, about food photography,  that when 'Cuba Libre DC ' invited me to try out their restaurant week menu, I had to leap at this chance of showcasing my photography skills....ahem ahem!  Not that I am trying to blow my own trumpet, but who doesn't like fancy food pictures??

Anyways, DC Winter Restaurant Week kicked off past Monday and continues through Sunday Jan 20th. The idea behind restaurant week is to bring more business and exposure to the restaurants. A bunch of local restaurants in partnership with Zagat, come together for a pre-determined week to offer a 3 course, pre-fixe lunch and dinner menu to their guests. The price is usually the same across all participating restaurants-cool right!!!  Consider this as your golden chance to try out the restaurant/s you had been hearing about from everyone at work or from a friend. I am personally a huge fan of restaurant week and have had a chance to sample some amazing restaurants for a lot less than what I would otherwise pay for a three-course meal.

Some of the participating restaurants this year are Ambar DC, Ambar Clarendon, Bibiana, Bindaas, Buena Vida, Cuba Libre, Dyllan's raw bar grill, Rasika, Sababa, The Bombay club and The oval room. We chose to try out Cuba Libre.

Dc winter restaurant week, cuba libre dc, food blogger DC, fashion, style, food photograophy, saumya shiohare, myriad musings