Thursday, March 26, 2015


I hadn't been able to get three outfit posts in a row, in a week, in a very long time. But thanks to the longer spring and balmy days, this week was sartorially rewarding. The look in the center is my favorite, well all three are nice (wink wink ), but which one's your fave? 

Every season is associated with special wearable fabrics that are specific to that season's temps. For instance suede and warm knits are winter-preferred fabrics whereas cotton and more breathable fabrics come in trend in summers. This summer eyelet is having a major comeback. Well, not a comeback practically speaking, it is kind of popular every summer but this year it's all about the amplification.  Treated eyelet, eyelet in vibrant colors, eyelet in feminine silhouettes,  boy, I am so looking forward to some warmer temps to try this trend. I have done my part by buying this, what about you? 

Spring seems to be far from coming, but the thought of warmer-temps-will-be-here-soon has got me dreaming of summer coolers......and how visually refreshing is the picture above. I found the recipe to this alcoholic drink here and the best it takes only five minutes to make it. 

DC Cheery Blossom Festival is officially here and that has gotten me in a mood for some nail art like above. Isn't this fun!!! Find the step by step tutorial here

Last but not least, I was recently invited to try a three month complimentary jewelry rental service at  @Rocksbox. I have been having a blast trying on some exquisite jewelry ( detailed post coming soon). Meanwhile Rocksbox has offered a month of free service to my readers as well, all you have to do is visit Rocksbox, make your bauble selection and enter code "MYRIADMUSINGSXOXO" at checkout and that's it. 

What are your weekly random things that you have been enjoying???

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015


It might be safe to say that spring is here for all other purposes, but sartorially we are still feeling the winter pressure. Mother nature seems to have missed reading the memo, and some places are still witnessing occasional snow.  Despite all these weather woes, I am making the most of the longer spring days, by getting more tasks accomplished, outfit shoots included. 
I wore this outfit past weekend for Ribhya's  friend's birthday. Boy, this girl has a more active social calendar than us! Anyways I wanted to keep my outfit comfy, stylish and far from being boring,  something that said-" I am a busy mom, but a stylishly busy one".  Honestly, this look barely took five minutes of my busy time. Come on it's no rocket science,  a comfy pair of jeans, a silk blouse, a leather jacket, a pair of sexy pumps, a fun spring bag...... five things and five minutes...... we all can do that..,.right ???

jacket- NY&Co ( similar
black shirt- Zara ( similar )
denim- Gap ( similar )

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Today's post happens to be like paying-tribute-kind of a post. Tribute to whom????  Well to my favorite store Forever 21. The entire outfit today except for the bag and the pumps, happens to be from Forever 21. 
All these years I had been shopping at this retail chain, lauding about everything I bought. Little did I think before making any purchase at this store full of temptations, until last year, I realized how irrational I was getting with my shopping. To me paying less for something always weighted more than the quality I was getting for that value. My monthly sartorial goal was to get the latest trends for less, for which I was even ready to scour through aisles of clothes at Forever 21 and other similar stores. Result, a section of my closet with clothes either age inappropriate or awful-looking from washing. It's an all different story that Forever 21 does offer trend for less, and if you are lucky you would definitely find treasure, pieces similar to what I am wearing today. But what's the point in buying something and not being able to wear it repeatedly, simply coz they failed to live up to your standards after a wear and a wash! 

I wouldn't have realized how much Forever 21 clothing I had, had I not decided for a major winter closet purge. I donated a bag full of F21 clothing at goodwill, gave a few to my younger cousins and whatever few I decided to hold onto including this jumpsuit, blazer and few others, will soon be listed for sale on my Poshmark account. 
So farewell F21- " I am no more 21 and hence shouldn't be shopping at one of your stores ". From this day forth ''quality over quantity '' is my new shopping mantra. I am willing to let go off all cheap-shopping temptations............ may the God's of wisdom be with me ! 

jumpsuit- Forever 21 ( plain )
blazer- Forever 21 ( similar )
necklace- Forever 21 ( similar

Congratulations to Sandy of Sandyalamode, she is the featured blogger of the week. 
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