Thursday, August 27, 2015


Not only is my closet going through a massive fall color transition, but my makeup, especially my lipsticks are seeing a different color palette too. With every season change, I try updating my makeup including my lipsticks. With fall/Autumn, I lean more towards shade that have hint of browns and purples. For fall 2015, I have added two new lip shades, both from +MAC Cosmetics,  to my arsenal: one is HEROINE and the other is SIN

I was really keen at reviewing the two shades here for you all. Hope you like it !

The first one called  HEROINE is a vibrant shade of purple. It's  more lavender than purple. With a hint of pink, this shade is definitely a game-changer: it would just make your face lit up. I used the dab and apply technique to get the desired matte effect. It is a matte shade but I like my lips more mattified.  Make sure you buy the coordinating lip liner which is also called heroine. As you can tell from my picture that the lip liner is more pink than purple. There is a stark difference between the lip color and the lip liner's color.  With this color dilemma, I had to take it back to the store, just to find out that this was the lip liner the company matched with this lip color. There was no other option they had, that would match as close as this heroine lip liner. I guess I will grab one that is more purple. from my local pharmacy. Anyways, I would highly recommend this to anyone who is looking to have some fun with their makeup. 

This second shade is called SIN, and it totally lives up to it's name: It is dark, Gothic and definitely not for the chickenhearted. Some of you might remember seeing a similar shade on the blog before, but that one was MATTE DIVA and it had a burgundy undertone. Unlike that one, SIN has a brown undertone, which gives it that blacker look. Had I applied one more layer, this SIN shade would have sinned me. I didn't really need to buy a coordinating lip liner, as the one that was a match to matte Diva worked great here. This shade would give your skin a dusky glow. This shade would not be a good choice for the extremely fair ladies, it would rather look harsh against their fair skin, but otherwise it would be a magnificent shade for anyone who's darker and is daring. What say ???? 

Which new makeup shades are you enjoying???? Would love to hear about them. 

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Contradictory to my last post here, where I was talking about fall shopping: I now have to admit that when the temps outside are soaring in the upper freaking eighty degrees, how can one channel them self to shop around for warmer clothing.?????  But what is a girl supposed to do when stores are beaming with autumn-hued clothing??????? It does become a challenge to resist all temptation for buying something, at least one thing  that screams fall. 

So on one of my latest shopping trips to H&M, my eyes met this rusty red skirt: a skirt that is cute, flared and fall-perfect. I had seen a similar style skirt at Express, but owing to missing sizes, I couldn't bring home none. But when I saw this skirt, my love for this skirt-style resurfaced and rest is history...

I wore this outfit on the first day of my NYC trip. As much as I love this look, taking pictures of this look was no love. With the non-stop pedestrian and traffic movement, it was rather impossible than difficult to get any pics.( hence the lack of enough outfit pics) . But thanks to my friend Tanima  who gave her best to get these  pics. 

Off-late, I have been embracing a lot of colors and this outfit is no short of colors. Since the skirt was a neutral, I was feeling a bright top like this one. To satiate my color-crush further, the bag and shoes really came in handy. Overall a NYC-worthy look . 

What do you think of this look ???

skirt- H&M buy same ( exact same by Express ) 
shoes- Shoedazzle ( similar in black  )

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Fall shopping is officially upon us, and there couldn't have been a better time to deliver to your feed: an easy-peasy way to get the most of your summer wardrobe in fall. 

As fashion bloggers we are expected to be sartorially adept at pursuing the latest trends with the ever changing fashion scene. Our readers rely upon us for outfits that are more in-sync with current fashion trends: which at our end implies buying new clothes all the time. But buying new clothes is not always feasible: both for our closet and our credit cards too. In extreme, AKA under peer pressure, cases do we I buy new clothing with the changing trends, but otherwise transitioning clothes from one season to another has sort of become a major expertise with bloggers. I personally enjoy recreating seasonal looks with the same old pieces. 

For instance while buying this Loft jumpsuit, which is more of a fall hue, I knew I was going to wear it now and well into fall too. For a more summery look : I paired the jumpsuit, which has been a hot summer trend, with a bright bag and sassy open toe heels. A cute pair of flats would look good too, but if you know me well, you would know by now: that this girl love her heels......! 
Anyways, a fall look would call for a warm layering element, and this jacket is just the piece: it is warm, fun and printed too. In conjunction with those hot pink bag, the print on the jacket adds the wow factor to an otherwise plain Jane jumpsuit. The necklace and the hat pull the overall look together. 

See I told ya: getting a run for your money is really that easy- a stylish jacket, a killer pair of shooties and some uber cool accessories is all you need ......and as far as I know you might already have all of the above in your closet.......! So don't wait, just get your creative juices flowing........

Congratulations to Michelle of Kentucky Thrifter, she is the featured blogger of the week.

Now back to all you beautiful ladies ......
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