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BRA BUYING GUIDE- 5 bras every woman should own

Studies prove that 60 percent woman around the globe are wearing the wrong bra. There is nothing  more sartorially heinous than bulging/saggy boobs or muffin backs. Trust me guys, I have been guilty and I ain't going to deny that. Given the myriad of options out there, buying a bra can be intimidating. Pinch me if I am wrong- you walk into a lingerie store or even your departmental store, browse around, feel confused, you either walk out empty-handed or walk out with a bra, size that you have been wearing all your life. 

Well, you all are forgetting that every single lingerie or even your departmental stores for that matter offer complimentary bra-fitting services and at any given point there will be an associate to assist you in your pursuit to finding the right bra size. So next time you are in the market for a new bra, remember the key points below. 

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I am a person who mostly wears her hair open, reason- it is easy, fast, effortless, plus with a little product help I can get away without spending too much time styling it.  I usually don't blow-dry or straighten my hair. Instead, I prefer to use styling/taming products that work well with my natural waves.

Since I wear my hair like this often, lately I have been trying to upgrade my hair-styling game with accessories and minor tweaks here and there. Honestly, I am loving the quintessential Lele Sadoughi headband for that matter. It is one of my best hair accessory investment. It goes with every outfit, the neutral color makes it so wearable and the high knot gives my hair the natural lift without any brutal backcombing.

Today I have styled my hair three different ways using the same headband. These looks can be achieved in seconds and really don't need much skills- anyone can do them. 

An instant upgrade to your everyday beachy waves. Just curl your hair as usual and wear the headband leaving some face-framing curls loose in the front. Tease your curls a bit for that easy tousled look. 

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What is a summertime cocktail without some mango in it?????

Coming from a country where mango is considered the 'king of all fruits', there was no was I was going to miss an opportunity of incorporating it into my cocktail. We don't get as many varieties here in US as in India, but the ones that are readily available work pretty well in cocktails. I came up with a super easy, 5 ingredient, ready-in-under-five-minutes cocktail that I like to call " Mango Moodka". A blend of mango pulp and vodka, this drink is refreshing, delish and addictive and good news- you'd probably have all the ingredients sitting in your refrigerator like right now, no shopping needed.... 

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Every season brings with it a set of trends and clothing styles and this summer- it's all about the ' Wide Leg Pants ' trend. This style was seen all over the runway and now everyone's, including mine, style inspiration board is buzzing with this trend and all those awesome outfits spotted on the streets. This is by far the most flattering bottom style that works on every body type. Pick out a wide leg cropped style aka a culotte or a regular hem style like mine, there are myriad of options to choose from. 

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BLOUSE via RENT THE RUNWAY // ZARA pants  ( buy same ) // VALENTINO pumps ( buy same )  // SALAR BAG via RENT THE RUNWAY 


Whether you like it or not, your overall look and appearance play a pivotal role in your success in the modern day workplace. The way you dress up, the way you carry yourself and the way you present yourself to a great extent determines your overall image and success at the workplace.

The whole "office style" was not of too much interest to me, until I started a 9-5 desk job a couple years ago. Initially, I was clueless about what to wear and how to dress appropriately for work, but sooner I was able to curate my own style for work, that of course, conferred with the workplace sartorial ethics. Not only was I able to decode the entire 'work appropriate look', but also come with my own ways to step up my office-look game, without breaking any preset rules.

So without any further ado, let's get to the few ways you can up your office style, and still stay within the set sartorial bounds.....

1) COLORS - colors are a great way to add pizzazz to any look. When I say pizzazz in no way do I mean obnoxiously over the top neons. I mean softer but brighter colors like red, blue, pinks and greens. Unlike me, if wearing a bright top and a bright bottom makes you a bit uncomfortable, how about going monochromatic?A single color outfit, may be a sheath dress or an A-line dress would be forgiving.  If that's still too bright for you, how about adding a pop of color by pairing your basic neutral bottom with a brighter blouse or blazer? 

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ZARA blazer // ZARA trousers // J CREW t shirt // DANSE LENTE bag // CALVIN KLEIN kim sandals 


As a beauty blogger I have the privilege of trying out a lot of beauty products firsthand. Some of them work and some of them fail miserably, not that the product is to be blamed, it's just my skin's sensitivity and it's incompatibility with some of the product ingredients.  I have seen good skin days and bad skin days too and when I say bad- I mean rashes and even hives. 

Over these past few years I have tried so many makeup and skincare products that at this point I've lost count. Well, that is not what we are discussing today, we are talking about all the products that have worked for me and have eventually made it to my nightstand, where I can not do without them. I have rounded up my favorites that are a part of my bedtime routine now. 


Blue flower is a local Virginia based, woman-owned aroma oils company that I got to try a few months ago at an event. I wasn't a big advocate of essential oils mainly for their staining my bed and pillow covers concerns, but ever since Blue Flower came into my life- I care less about the stains and more about always having them by my bedside. I stack a myriad of blended oils and a few single oils- belly bliss and dream being my favorite. If you are someone who suffers from digestive issues, then you got to try the belly bliss. It helps alleviate your digestive issues and can be used topically or 1-2 drops in a glass of water. I like mine topical and apply a few drops to my belly area right before sleeping. It has been a game changer but remember consistency is the key. You won't see a difference overnight but regular application will surely help in the long run. Another one that happens to be everyone's favorite in my family is ' Dream.' It is a eucalyptus blend oil that calms your senses for a good night sleep. I use the Dream dropper, Riri uses the spray and hubs uses the roller. 

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SUMMERTIME DRESSES- what I am buying this summer and STYLE SWAP TUESDAYS

Summer is approximately ten days away, which means it is time we line up our warm weather clothes. This summer I'm looking forward to wearing more easy-breezy dresses, please don't ask me why ;)? There is nothing more comfortable and no-brainer like a flowy, airy summer dress. Honestly, for me one that is boxy but still flattering, that has a fun print and the length just about mid-thigh is the winner. For that matter I am loving this dress- it meets all my criteria for length, print and fit. Bummed, it is sold out online but I found other cute dresses that I linked below for your consideration. 

I wanted to keep my dress the focus, but couldn't resist wearing my new cone-shaped heel sandals by Paloma Barcelo. One advantage of following other bloggers and influencers is that you learn about brands and designers you never would've known before. I spotted another fabulous pair from the same designer on one of my favorite US bloggers and rest is history. I googled Paloma Barcelo and the first pair to pop were thesearen't these dramatic! Good news- it comes in a black option too! 

summer floral dress, cone heel sandals, neutral in summer, mini dress with heels, wedding outfit, lele sadoughi headband, pink purse, fashion, style, myriad musings, saumya shiohare

H&M dress // PALOMA BARCELO sandals // SALAR bag, borrowed from Rent the Runway // LELE SADOUGHI headband 

how to have a perfect summertime picnic

Summer is finally here and there is nothing like having an impromptu picnic in your backyard or in your neighborhood park. I chose this big hydrangea bush in my front yard as my picnic spot- not only did they make a pretty backdrop but also served as my sunbrella.  Anyways, I love a good summertime picnic and when there is all my favorite food, in short all sorts of carbs- I'm on cloud nine carb.

I usually don't eat pastas and sandwiches much, but when it comes to picnic food, nothing is more satisfying than a sandwich, pasta salad and a glass of my favorite chilled beverage. Talking about which the only sugary drink that I bring inside my house is this mango juice from Costco. I am a mango-lover and when there is mango season in India, it is mango juice season in my household, cuz this one tastes as good as a fresh mango straight off the streets of India.

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ANTHROPOLOGIE romper ( buy same ) // PICNIC BASKET ( buy same