July 24, 2014


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When the voguish side of my brain ceases function and decides to go dormant for a short while ( hence lack of #ootd posts), the creative side of it takes over and comes to the forefront........after all a periodical break to the most used part is essential in balancing the equilibrium , am I right ?
When this switch happens, I get crafty and can spend hours browsing through pinterest for DIY inspirations. So when I stumbled upon this, I leaped into action right away and rest is history. The sweet part - "I had all the tools at home, so there was $0 spent making this....literally !" I ended up making 2 hair bow clips and later realized that these could be used as gift wrap toppers and other decorative purposes as well.

P.S- thanks to my three year old for modelling these. Was bit of a challenge to keep her still but we managed....so a big shout out to my lil model !!!

You'll need:-

Tulle rolls - I had this eggplant color handy, so I used these. 
pair of scissors
assortment of clips, booby pins and ornate buttons and embellishments. 

1) Cut a foot long strip of the tulle,  that will be used later as the tie. 
2) Start rolling the tulle around your fingers. I rolled around 20 times for the fuller bow. For a smaller bow keep the fingers close together and a little looser for a bigger bow.
3) Now carefully slide out the roll, lay it on the foot long strip ( from step 1) and tie a knot.
4) Grab the clip/headband  you wish to use, slide the strip through the clip, crisscrossing the two ends of the strip. This will help in keeping the clip/ pin together. Now make the final knot and cut the extra  strip. 
5) Glue the button/ embellishment and voila !

Hope you enjoyed this easy 5 minute DIY !

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.
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July 23, 2014


This might not sound new to a few, especially to my Indian readers, but I still would like to share this recipe for the sake of those who have never tried this easiest, most delicious, ready-in-no-time Indian delicacy. The recipe that I used today uses tomato paste and chaat masala in addition to the everyday spices.. The mix of the two ( chaat masala and tomato paste)  with the potatoes bring out the best of the otherwise not-so-pleasant tasting peppers. You have the option of either oven baking these or shallow pan roasting, which I did. Since I like mine extra brown and crispy on the top, pardon the burn't look. 

So let's get cooking......
For 2 servings you need:- 

BASE - 2 bell peppers ( preferably big )- deseeded and cut into half along the horizontal center .
 (you could use any color peppers. )
boiled and well mashed potatoes- 3-4 medium ( feel free to use minced meat, cottage cheese, other veggies, refried beans as other fillings ) 
chopped onions- 1/2 a cup
ginger-garlic paste- 1 tbsp
tomato paste- 1 to 1.5 tbsp
cumin power- 2 tbsp
red chilli powder- 1 tsp
chaat masala- 1 tbsp, or more for a tangier taste
a handful of chopped cilantro
salt and pepper to taste
oil for sauteing the stuffing and little more for shallow frying the stuffed peppers. 
Start with heating some oil in a pan. Saute the onions and ginger-garlic paste. Then add the potatoes, spices, tomato paste, salt and pepper. Finish with cilantro. 
Using a spoon, stuff this into the cut peppers. I like to press down and stuff as much as the pepper can hold without spilling. Now heat the remaining oil in a deep pan, arrange the peppers,  cut side up. Bring down the heat to medium, put a lid and let them roast for 6-7 mins. Then flip the peppers, now open side down. Continue to roast covered for another 5-7 mins or a couple minutes extra if you like it crispier. 
Serve it hot with anything and everything. 
Now savor it.........sure you will like it !
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July 22, 2014


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I was on the fence about these spotted pants, when I first spotted  them at Zara, say about  a month ago. Baffled by all the emerging questions ( back then ) like - is there room for one more printed trouser in my closet,  how will it look on me, will the fabric stand the test of time, would  it be worth paying full price... etc ...etc, I walked out the store empty-handed ??????  Honestly, I went wild pondering this prospective purchase. I even stalked these online, hoping for something like a price drop, or a flashing sell-out-risk  message or something that would strongly validate this purchase......but all in vain. I had given up on these, until last week, when for no reason Ribhya and I headed to the mall. As a self-practiced mall ritual, I had to stop by Zara and guess what ????? I spotted these ( last piece in the store ) again, but this time on the sale rack. It was a signal from the Style-Gods themselves.......I headed straight to the fitting room and what happened thereafter, today's post says it all......


leopard print trousers- Zara ( buy on sale  ) , similarlook-a-like from Mango.com

Congratulations to Bogi, she is the featured blogger of the week. 

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