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Welcome Spring! I had been waiting for you forever .....
While it is the first day of spring, DC is forecasted to get some snow and sleet and here in India- the temps are soaring in the upper 100' hear it right. It is sweltering hot here in India. I might be loving it, but still looking forward to being back home in DC, all bundled up in my springy jackets. 

So while I enjoy this super warm weather, you enjoy this look, my first day of spring look with just the right amount of skin-baring and loads of springy-vibes. 

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Easter is two weeks away and if you are entertaining friends and family, this Easter, then I have the perfect tablescape for your get together. It is whimsical, festive and you could totally mix and match your dinnerware and other props. 

I wanted something fun, that was occasion-apt and incorporated pieces that I had readily available around the house. Honestly speaking, you don't need a lot to put together a tablescape, just a few basic rules and a handful of Easter props and your tablescape would be ready for entertaining in no time. 

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I have to be honest, I was a little nervous about this plaid and stripe dress combo mainly for its flamboyance and wrapped style. I've had a love-hate relationship with wrap style dresses and tops and bummed that it's mostly been a miss for me all these years. But this time I loved this wrap dress so much, that I had to take the fashion risk and I have to admit that I am obsessed with it. A week I bought it and I've already worn it twice and would be repeating it on Easter day. 

What I like most about this dress is the fun print-mixing, balloon sleeves and the hint of sexy via the front slit. A dress that is this pretty, has the print-mixing done right and that complements your rosegold hair definitely deserves the limelight on sunny spring Easter morning. 

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St. Patricks day is just around the corner, precisely 5 days away, and I was craving preparing something green in the kitchen. My first food for thought was matcha cupcakes, but I didn't have matcha on hand so that one was ruled out. Next on the contenders' list was a green colored St. Patrick's cocktail, but then I wasn't feeling sugar and calories. So last option was to whip up something from ingredients I already had in the pantry/refrigerator. Hence this 'SHRIMP PESTO SPAGHETTI'- a recipe that needed just a handful of ingredients, zero effort, and less than twenty minutes to make. 

I love Italian food, but ever since I went Gluten-Free two years ago, I cut back on eating pizza and pasta, not coz of lack of GF pasta, but coz of the texture of the GF pasta options available out there. Don't mean to gross you out, but it did feel like eating goop. The pasta would shred easily while boiling and end up in a big lumpy goop each time. But I'm glad the GF spaghetti is far from becoming goopy, it comes out just as regular spaghetti and the taste is relatively close to regular pasta. 

What makes this dish all the more devouring is the impromptu spice rub mix I made. A blend of smoked paprika ( kashmiri deggi mirch ), coriander powder, salt and lemon juice, the spice rub rendered the shrimp full of flavors. I used the store-bought Pesto sauce, but if you are feeling a bit more adventurous you could try this recipe for homemade pesto. 

Ready in just about 20 minutes and one that guarantees loads of compliments and hand-kisses, this dish will surely be your lucky clover- HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY !!

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