Thursday, November 26, 2015

FALL BEAUTY FAVES - brought to you by HASK OIL

Part of my job requires me to keep trying new products and as much as I love trying new stuff, I enjoy it more when my readers benefit from my shared reviews. Anyone ( at least I would ) would welcome honest dibs on something they've been wanting to try, but always got intimidated by something going wrong.
Anyways I have been enjoying a few beauty products this fall, and wanted to share my thoughts on them.

Some of the products including the Hask Oil Keratin Protein shampoo and conditioner reviewed below ware sent to me by the company and others are a part of my everyday beauty regimen.

With my recent dietary decision of going gluten-free: not only did my pantry situation change, but my beauty vanity witnessed a major haul as well. Newer products came into my life and older ones were bid goodbye. One new product befitting all my health requirements was this HASK OIL line of hair care. Not only are their products Gluten-free, but the Sulphate and Paraben free formula make it generally good for anyone who prefers organic over chemicals. I've tried their other product lines- not limiting to this one, and each one tried so far has exceeded all expectations- specially this Keratin Protein Smoothing line of hair care.  
 Infused with Hydrolyzes Keratin to reduce frizz and block humidity, this shampoo gently cleanses leaving even the most unruly hair soft and revitalized with incredible shine. Ideal for frizz, dry or color-treated hair, this shampoo's delicious scent is guaranteed to invigorate all your senses. I would totally recommend it to anyone who desires sleeker looking hair. In just a couple of uses I could tell of the way my hair was changing for good.  

 I am a sucker for a good fragrance and this one has surpassed all expectations. This one's my third and as you can tell from the current situation: this one might a need a replacement soon. I have tried so many fragrances but I find myself glued to this one. With it's floral-woody fragrance, this one's a charmer. It's simple but seductive at the same time. Daisy was launched in 2007, and has been a part of my life ever since then.

Talk to me about this one. With a unique gel-to-foam technology: a small amount of this gel when in contact with water transforms the gel into a rich, relaxing washing foam. It combines the fresh kick of Sweet Orange with the warming properties of Cedar. In an easy squirt formulation you are bound to fall in love this easy to use shower gel. 

Say hello to my BFF- Perricone MD face finishing moisturizer. I was introduced to this product by a Sephora associate and have been hooked onto it ever since. I always believed that expensive beauty products didn't always mean the best, but at a staggering price of $109 for a 4 fl.oz jar, this one is expensive but worth every penny. A luxurious, rose-scented facial moisturizer, suitable for all skin types, promises to restore hydration, radiance, and firmness to your skin. Infused with alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C ester, and DMAE, it helps give skin a bright, luminous finish as it deeply hydrates. Use it day and night to reap the goodness of this moisturizer

These are some of my fall beauty faves, do you have any ???

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015


" Dress up and look your best..... 
Roast Turkey and scrumptious pies, freshly brewed cider, vegetables and fruits galore and golden baked goodies align the table...  
as the toast to Thanksgiving is raised..let's take a moment to reflect and
be thankful to the Lord for blessing us with so much and for making us able. "

Wishing you and your family a Very Happy Thanksgiving.......

top- H&M ( love this one, a sale option )
skirt- c/o JOA voa Shopbop ( a great option in black )
sandals - Aldo Shoes ( another great red pair )
bag- Chanel 

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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Have been stalking something on then look no further is the time to get all you've been coveting. Find all the codes below. Shop more, save more on all major brands ( some exclusions apply ). So gather all your girlfriends, bring along family and let the merry making begin.......HAPPY SHOPPING !


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If you are one who gets bewildered by the mystery behind the art of layering necklaces, then look no further- continue reading as I unfold this mystery!!!

The safest approach girls adopt when layering pieces is to stack pieces in the same metal family. But if you ever feel a wee bit daring: try mixing metals. Mix gold with silver, silver with bronze, whatever looks eye pleasing- pair them together! It might take some playing around with your jewelry,  but once you get the hang of it, you will be amazed how well the metals couple. When pairing metals together, avoid the size clash- keep one piece in one metal as the focus and then work your way around this. 

It might be intimidating to some, but the rule of thumb here would be stick to either one or two at the max statement pieces and layering it in away so that the pieces rest right close and on top of each other. Choose one color necklaces or contrasting colors- this will only get better. If you look at my pic, I've used two unique pieces, each individually capable of creating a statement, but the juxtaposition and placement of the tough beige necklace against the dainty tassel works. 

This is by-far the easiest way to gain some familiarity with this necklace layering business. Layer pieces of different lengths, in metals of your choosing for that dramatic waterfall effect. Remember to choose one statement chunky piece, then add as many slimmer pieces. 

If you have any doubts, then go for simple chains layered together look. Not only will this scream trendy but also make it look as you put a lot of effort in creating a focus. Choose one or five chains- the choice is all yours..

When creating a focal point in your outfit; which in this case is your neck candy- adjust your hair and clothing accordingly. With my sleek hairdo, fuss-free and collarless clothing, I'm letting the necklaces steal the spotlight. Had my outfit been a little over-the-top, I would have worn a couple of chains, and called it a day !!!

So don't worry, have fun and create your own statement looks. 

dress- Old ( look-a-like )
vets- Forever 21 ( longer length option )
heels- Aldo Shoes ( loving this fringed option )
beige necklace- Aldo Shoes 
tassel necklace - from India 

Now it's your turn to show what you got :
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