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Thanks to Simple Skincare and Influenster for making this post possible. 

Raise your hand if you are a girl, who wears makeup and a deep skin clean is a must for you, before bedtime?? Good to know that you all realize how essential it is to cleanse your skin of all the dust and grime. Makeup tends to seep into your pores, which might lead to breakouts and blackheads, if not gotten rid of on a daily basis.

Everyone should have a nighttime skincare routine, I have mine which you could learn about here. I am always on the lookout for a good makeup remover that is effective, for sensitive skin and pocket-friendly too. Simple skincare was the answer to all these skin-cleansing woes.

SIMPLE CLEANSING WIPES- wipes come at-hand when traveling, time-crunched and/or a little lazy. After a long day of slogging at work, when you are tired and urge crashing into bed right after dinner, these wipes come in handy. Let these babies do the work in a fraction of time, it would usually take to clean off your makeup with a swab and cleansing lotion. 

 SIMPLE DUAL EFFECT EYE MAKEUP REMOVER- can you relate to that black raccoon like eyes, that are a result of your sooted mascara?? Well, I am guilty of that look. There are times when the kohl liner keeps reappearing even after days of cleaning it. Thanks to this Simple eye makeup remover- it cleans even the last speck of your liner's residue. Take my word !!!

Thanks for stopping by loves. 


It is really hard to express the joy you get when the clothing item you had been stalking for days, suddenly goes on 50% sale and your store credit card gets you an extra 10%.... marking down the same to almost 60% below its retail value. Honestly, it feels like a battle won ~ whomp whomp !!

I had my eyes on this seersucker ( mine is sold out but similar ) top for almost a month now. You might say it's like any other sleeveless top, but the front embellishment is what makes it unique. Imagine not having to brainstorm a complimenting necklace, your dress up time will surely  be cut by a few minutes. The rhinestone embellishment does all that work- "ain't that a bonus ??? " So when the top went on sale, I caved in after a month long wait, there was no way I was letting it go.

As fourth July is approaching, red, white and blue seems to be prevalent and I seem to be struck by this combo as well. There is today's look and a couple others coming up, that make my fondness  for this combo evident. 


I told you ladies that my obsession with maxi dresses is now official. Don't believe it??? - see this one and wait for another one coming next week. I bought this maxi dress last year from NYC and was waiting for the right chance and right bra-to-compliment to wear it. I confess- 'I am guilty of not being sartorially equipped for open and deep back dresses like this, partially because I was intimidated of not being able to find one for my body and totally because I was clumsy. But thanks to youtube: this tutorial and a few hours later, my closet is now a proud owner of a DIY backless bra. I was skeptical this hack would work: but not only did it surprise me with the ease of making it but also with it's comfort and no-slipping. 

What are your bra-hacks for wearing these summer dresses ???

I am thankful to Laura of Walking in Memphis in High Heels and Erin of The Fashion Canvas for giving me a chance to cohost their weekly linkup party. It was a seamless experience working with the duo. 


It's official that I have a thing for maxi dresses.....wait till you see tomorrow's post !!!

This summer, I have been enjoying maxi dresses to the max, coz :
  1. it is summery,  a no-brainer and gives that cool put-together-without-any-effort look. 
  2. it can be styled differently: wear as is or pair with a card or even denim jacket, options are endless ! In cooler temps throw over a leather jacket and voila !
  3. it is easy-breezy and body elongating: add a pair of heels and your legs look an extra mile longer......instantly !! 
  4. it hides body image issues: if not completely, it at least makes 'em less visible under all that fabric. 
  5. it is the instant sartorial solution on couldn't-shave-no-time days.