After all the holiday spending, it is time to stash some of your valuable cash, coz prizes of some of your favorite things are expected to skyrocket this year. CBS news channel has come out with a list of 10 everyday things that are going to witness  an upsurge in their dollar value this year, but after vetting this info with more online resources, I have short listed the previously extensive one, and come up with my own common fives. 
So the five things that will cost you more in 2015 are - bourbon whisky, coffee, healthcare, airfare and food items like avocados and eggs. Don't get startled if your monthly budget gets busted, just blame it on the price rise of these commodities. Continue reading after the picture jump to see more of the price-hike-contributing circumstances. 

BOURBON - This one's odd, coz there doesn't appear to be an actual shortage of bourbon. As a proactive action pertaining to some social hoax, the bourbon lovers are rushing to stock up, just in case a future shortage happens. It is this higher demand, that will lead to higher prices of bourbon this year. 

COFFEE - The coffee prices were expected to drop last year, but the drought situations in Brazil, the largest coffee-producer in the whole world, accounted for a price hike among brands like Dunkin Donuts, Folgers and Maxwell House, to name a few. Pertaining to this nature's wrath, the coffee-producers have not been able to keep pace with the increasing demand in coffee, hence the coffee prices have continued and will continue to rise this year as well. 

HEALTHCARE - A debatable one indeed. Despite Obamacare and multiple new affordable plans,  the health insurance premiums have gone up and will see the same trend this year as well. Though the average increase will be fairly minimal, the overall result would be an increase in your premium. 

AIRFARE- this one is kind of controversial. With the airline industry enjoying an all-time rock-bottom fuel prices, the airfares were anticipated to go down. But on the contrary, this trend wasn't witnessed. Investigating committees have been established at the Governmental levels and soon we should have an answer to this issue. Whatsoever, the Airline stock prices have soared up in the recent months and the investors are benefiting from this price surge. So don't travel, just buy airline stocks, watch the stock prices go up and when you've made enough, go travel. 

FOOD ITEMS LIKE EGGS AND AVOCADOS- A new law taking effect in California next month, requires the henhouses to make more room for their birds. According to this law, the birds must be able to stand up,extend  their wings and move around freely within their cages, aka be free-range. The farmers are now upgrading their facilities, and whatever costs is incurred in doing so, the consumers will suffer the wrath of it, by paying more for the eggs. Talking of avocados, that has recently become a food staple, will cost you more in the coming months. The increasing demand, and insufficient supply will be the sole cause of the cost hike. So next time you order a side of guacamole with your burrito, be prepared to pay slightly more than what you paid last year for the same combination. 

From the commodities listed above the price surge of food, airfare and healthcare is concerning to me and my family, rest we don't care for. 

Which one or one's are a concern for you? 

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