Dear Santa,

We don't really celebrate Christmas with the same spirit as Americans and the rest of the world, we don't even have a Christmas tree for you to leave gifts under, but yet I felt obligated to write a letter to you, in case that raised by odds of making it to your NICE list. I promise I'll keep it short and extra sweet- cuz someone will have to eat my share of candy cane and Christmas cookies that I can't eat owing to my low-sugar diet.  Why waste all those yummy cookies....?

Well, talking about being NICE, I didn't know the judging parameters, apparently cuz I never received the "how to make it to Santa's NICE list" memo. I am sure it must have gotten lost in transit- my USPS lady loves her phone more than our mails. She is always on the phone when delivering mails. Had I received the memo on time I would surely have made it to the NICE list. But, now that things are a bit ambiguous, I thought I'll present my own plea and let you decide if I was Naughty or Nice.
  1. I started a new full time job in January, but quit six months later. Reason- my boss wasn't paying me the agreed upon salary. I tried but all my efforts went in vain. I could have used that money to shop a little more. Now I have a little less clothes, shoes and that DIOR bag- ahhhhh is still a dream. 
  2. I traveled to India this past summer.  I partied just a little every other day, ate out just about everyday and shopped like everywhere. I had all the good intentions of boosting Indian economy with my husband's hard-earned money. I was just doing my wifely duties of taking utmost care of my husband's everything, finances included. 
  3. I cleaned my house regularly, I even unpacked the boxes from three years of our move to this house. Just three years of clumsiness and I finally unpacked everything and organized it in the basement storage too. Three is a small number to even count... right. 
  4. Last year I would do laundry every fifteen days and fold clothes once a month. This year I did laundry every week and folded them once every two weeks. Wasn't that a progress? My guest bedroom would just have to see my laundry for fifteen days at a stretch. 
  5. I was pretty good with cooking too. Burnt the toast and spilled tea a few times...... every week. Other than that only a few other minor kitchen mishaps and a couple of fire alarms and that is it. 
  6. My daughter always complained that I never read, so I even took up reading this year... Instagram and Facebook caption reading is sure a task....huh!
Well, I am sure you might have made your decision by now, Santa. Whatever you decide for me I'll be happy and whatever you bring- I'll gladly accept it. Helping elderly with their heavy bags is sure a NICE thing to do after all!



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