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BRA BUYING GUIDE- 5 bras every woman should own

Studies prove that 60 percent woman around the globe are wearing the wrong bra. There is nothing  more sartorially heinous than bulging/saggy boobs or muffin backs. Trust me guys, I have been guilty and I ain't going to deny that. Given the myriad of options out there, buying a bra can be intimidating. Pinch me if I am wrong- you walk into a lingerie store or even your departmental store, browse around, feel confused, you either walk out empty-handed or walk out with a bra, size that you have been wearing all your life. 

Well, you all are forgetting that every single lingerie or even your departmental stores for that matter offer complimentary bra-fitting services and at any given point there will be an associate to assist you in your pursuit to finding the right bra size. So next time you are in the market for a new bra, remember the key points below. 

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  • you should get yourself fitted every six months. 
  • you should get yourself fitted more often if you are a new mom or are pregnant. 
  • remember that not every body is the same, so don't panic if your boobs have a size variance. It is normal. 
  • don't shy from taking a professional's help. Once you know your right size and have bought the right bra, your closet is going to thank you. Everything will look good on your body and your girls will be hoisted high and happy. 


1) The Classic Nudeevery woman should own a couple of nude bras for all those white blouses and lighter colored, slightly see-through clothing. Try finding one that is closer to your skin tone. I would recommend buying one that is slightly padded and has underwire. The underwire lifts and padding gives shape. 

2) The strapless- talk to me about a strapless bra troubles and I can go on and on. I am sure each one of you can relate to the tugging and pinching and is guilty of fiddling with the slipping strapless bras in public. Well folks, your search for the perfect strapless bra is about to end with this bra. This strapless bra is the holy grail of strapless bras. It has wide sides and band for support and the stay-put technology holds your bra where you want it. I used to dread wearing strapless dresses and blouses solely for the reason 'I hadn't had luck finding the right strapless bra', but not any more- with the new stay-put technology, this bra has become my best buddy.

3) The convertible- call it a multi-way or convertible, this bra gives you several different options to wear one single bra. Wear it racerback, or low back, low front or just one shoulder, these would be perfect for all those low necklines and deeper back summer dresses and blouses.  

4) The lace- every woman should atleast a couple of lacy bras. Be it a lace bralette or a lace everyday bra, you definitely need one in which you feel good, you feel sexy and you feel feminine. The right fitting bra in the right color and lacy fabric will get you through all your blah days. 

5) The sports bra- an athlete or a non-athlete, every woman should own a sports bra. Sports bras usually have thicker straps and side bands for full support and are made of a breathable fabric. They are meant to be used at the gym or when indulging in any outdoorsy activity the involves some rigorous body movements. However I am a total utilitarian and I like to wear my sports bra like this

Do you own all of the above mentioned bras? If not then which ones are missing? 


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