A new makeup trend seems to pop up on Facebook every day urging you to try a new look. Makeup artists, models, and mavens have created an unknown amount of videos demonstrating how to create this look or get that effect. But do you really want to do what they are doing? Sometimes, the latest look may not work for you. Now what do you do?
Find the classic makeup look that you can wear without having it go out of style. No one will notice that you're not following trends and still putting your best face forward. Discover the ideas below that can help you find your own classic makeup look that stays timeless.

Rock the Smoky Eye Look

The smoky eye is something that comes in and out of style, but this eye makeup style dates back to the 1920s. Think of Theda Bara vamping across the stage in one of her silent movies.
What has changed over the decades is how makeup artists apply the smoky eye. Today, the eyeshadow gets stretched all the way to the underside of the eyebrow and shaded light to dark with less emphasis on the eyeliner. If you're not sure the smoky eye is for you, check out Amway's Facebook page for more eyeshadow styles to try.

Apply Minimal Makeup for Big Impact

 You don't always have to go all out with makeup and do a full face. Instead, pick which part of your face you want to emphasize. If you want to focus on your lips, use a slightly bolder than usual color. For your eyes, do what you like best, whether you prefer a smoky eye or earthy shades that complement your skin color.
Put makeup on one part of your face while leaving the rest bare or almost bare. People will notice that you're wearing makeup and get the illusion that your entire face has makeup on it. This technique is known as trompe l'oeil, or trick of the eye.

Try a Natural Look

The natural makeup look is nothing new; it's been around since the 1970s, inspired by the back-to-nature movement. But this timeless classic follows skin tone and uses earthy colors. You want to use makeup to match your skin color and use subtle tones to make other areas of your face pop without a lot of shading.
Start with a foundation that evens out your skin. Artistry offers foundations that can help you achieve an even surface and skin tone. Use a light powder on top and maybe a little blush to emphasize your cheekbones. Use browns, reds, and yellows on the eyelids in earth tones, brown mascara, and an eyeliner that's the same shade as the mascara.

Put on Some Eyelashes

The heavy eyelash look is easy to mess up, making you resemble Betty Boop instead of your desired effect. But if you got shorted in the eyelash department, or you're fair and your eyelashes aren't visible, you'll want to try the heavy lash look. Always keep in mind that you need to balance the rest of your makeup with the eyelashes to avoid a perpetually surprised look.
How you gain the look depends on how far you want to go. If you want to go as heavy as possible, combine false eyelashes with your natural ones. Make sure to use lashes that come in small clusters and set them slightly apart from one another. Blend them back in with a thick mascara. For a less heavy look, use a thick or plumping mascara with a lengthening effect. Use a natural makeup palette for the rest of the face to let the focus fall on your eyes.

These makeup ideas offer several ways that you can create a classic makeup look for yourself to match your personal style. By changing your approach to the way you apply your makeup every once in a while, you can gain an advantage and create your own look that you can wear for years to come. Are you ready to share your classic makeup look today?

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