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As much as we all love holidays, it is undeniable that it is also a stressful time of the year. With all the shopping, organizing, partying, eating and indulging: any normal person can get worked up. I am no pro at street management but a few simple tips and you can at least dodge a chick of it.  

Always plan ahead- Planning is the key to a successful execution. Be a little proactive, take some time and jot down all that needs to be done. Allocate your list on a daily basis and make sure to cross out all that is done. Not only will this practice make you feel good about yourself, but staying on a plan will become your lifestyle. For me the best time to do this is at night, after my daughter is in bed. Find your best time, and get things rolling. 

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Listen to your body - Your body always gives you cues about your state of being: don't ignore, listen to em. Put yourself top on the priority list, don't overwork your mind and body. When it says stop: STOP. Pause and then reset. Nobody likes a tired agitated person. Read a good book, walk outside, soak in an epsom salt water tub, do some stretches, get some fresh air or even call it a spa day. This will allow you some downtime before you hit the storm.

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Enjoy little things - At your funeral nobody will acknowledge that you carried a designer bag or you rolled in the most expensive cars. So stop lusting and start living. If things are destined to happen, it will happen. Live within your means and gift within your means too. Don't bust your budget coz you got to please someone. Bring some change and embrace the change.
You don't have to follow customs and family traditions. Abandoning a few and picking up new, calling in help or a buddy, might just help you ease into the holiday festivities. So don't feel guilty, just enjoy what is there.

Eat right- An empty stomach is not a good a political advisor, so don't skip your meals. Eat on time, be proactive and plan your meals and party dinner menu and sort. If eating every meal is not on the cards then bring a snack or two in your bag, just in case you are hit by a hunger pang while shopping, or at the mall. Oranges and lightly sweetened popcorn are a great sweet and tart snack to bring along. On days when you feel guilty about over-stuffing your tummy with all those yummy cookies and holiday meals: FAST, go on an easy low-carb, fibre-rich diet. This will allow for your stomach to rest.

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These are my tips for busting that holiday stress, what are yours???

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