Now that I work ( twice a week ) in a more professional environment, I have to curate looks that are more office-appropriate. I don't really need to go on a shopping spree for office clothing, thanks to my closet that treasures ample pieces to work around with. A little creativity and ten minutes in the morning is all this girl needs to stay ahead in the office-chic game. 

Honestly, getting ready for office is no rocket science. When it comes to an office outfit, just a few staples and a handful of extras come in handy: 

coat- H&M ( loving this one )
denim trousers - Banana Republic ( shorter hem )
boots- Aldo Shoes ( in black )

  • A PAIR OF TROUSERS- the first item you need in your work wardrobe is a pair of good-fitting trousers, preferably black or brown. If your office has no strict dress-code, then a pair of denim/chambray trouser is a good bet. Not only does it give you that modern feel, but the fabric falls great too. When talking about the hem: always try your trouser with a pair of heels that you wear to work the most. The rule of thumb is that the trouser hem should hit right about the center of your heels- if it's too long then have it re-hemmed and if it's just short then wear them with flats. 
  • SILK BLOUSE- silk blouses are my weakness and I have one in every basic color. I believe every working woman should have a handful in her closet. Got hot-weather-woes?? not to worry: retailers now offer these in summer friendly fabrics. Layer them under your suit, blazer or wear as is, options are unlimited. So silk in summer is no more a sweaty-issue. But if you are still iffy about the practicality of one, go for the classic cotton button-downs. Want to add some interest to your look: try stripes,  checks or any other soft print. 
  • BLAZER/COAT- a coat that fits you flawlessly is highly recommended. A few styles and cuts in a multitude of neutrals, work-approved prints, and different hem lights are a must-have. A suit is a more versatile option as the two pieces can be worn together or as separates in different looks. As a self-proclaimed girl of prints, I would always prefer a bolder statement-making printed jacket as opposed to a solid one.
  • A PAIR OF CLOSED-POINTY-TOE SHOES- nothing speaks the language of office-chic than a comfortable pair of pointy-toes. Some offices adhere to a color-scheme for dressing up, whereby which you are required to wear either black or brown closed shoes to work. It totally makes sense to me, coz black and brown pair well with everything. Look for mid-heel options and dainty details like a bow would just be that icing on the cake. Go for a pointy toe as it is elongating and make you look and feel tall and empowered. 
  • A SATCHEL BAG- a bag large enough to hold all your tech tools, and which is stylish at the same time, is what puts the final touch to your outfit. Look for one that is classic, has a good construction and is free of any inappropriate details. Steer away from graphics, as they are distracting and look unprofessional. A colored bag is doable, but abstain from one that screams for too much attention. 

and now some EXTRAS: skinny belts, delicate necklaces, scarves, cardigans, pencil skirts, work wear dresses and flat shoes.

Have a great day loves...

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