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Heard of the style commandment BBS aka beg, borrow or steal before ???: If yes, then it's time you apply it in real life.

As a blogger, getting shopping tendencies is but natural. It might appear  easier to just go out and shop for what other bloggers are wearing, but in actuality it ain't practical- both financially and spatially. Also if you've ever been on a shopping-fast, you might have also experienced the shopping-withdrawl symptoms that comes uninvited with such a ban. If not intervened, these symptoms can come through repulsively. So what do you do under the aforementioned circumstances- well, you BBS ( beg, borrow or steal).
You reach out to your friends and relatives- raid their closet and scout out for pieces. If they don't agree to let you those chosen pieces- you first BEG, if they are not willing to part with it- then you BORROW, and if you are not willing to part with that piece- then you STEAL.!!! Isn't that easy...??? Not only does this stretch your closet but also refreshes your closet without spending a dime. A win-win !!

In my case the blouse and the skirt are mine, but I STOLE the jacket from my sister's closet and the scarf was BORROWED from my mom- which would go back to her when I visit her next.

jacket- from India ( option perfect for spring )
blouse - Gap ( similar )
heels- Nine West ( under $100 option )
scarf- from India ( similar )

So the final rundown of my look:

red jacket- free                          -----––-----        $00 ( stolen from my sister's closet )
black blouse- Gap ( 50% promotion )------        $25
skirt- Forever 21 ( full price ) ---------------        $35
scarf - borrowed from my mom -------------       $00
heels- Nine West ( end of season clearance ) ---$30
                                             GRAND TOTAL   $90     

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