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With springtime just around the bend, we will be bearing our heads, necks, and arms towards the sun’s loving embrace. And, of course, we must make sure they are properly embellished before we can proceed. When it comes to jewelry, the options are literally unlimited, which can make choosing the perfect piece a bit daunting. 
However, one place we can always turn to as a great source of inspiration are the runways. I’ve broken down some of the spring/summer 2016 shows just for you, guys, as far as jewelry is concerned. In this way, we can all know what to wear this spring. Here are 7 spring 2016 runway jewelry pieces to get inspired from.

#1. Pearls, pearls, pearls
The first piece of inspiration comes to us courtesy of the Malan Breton show for this spring, at the New York Fashion Week. One of the models donned this inspirational pair of earrings with a stunning combination of a powder almond pearl and a black one. The almond one is a perfect, traditional spherical shaped pearl, while the black is tear drop shaped. They are both wonderfully trapped in a vintage gold encasing.
If this is your favorite look, you can easily replicate it, mainly because pearls are so accessible. Go shopping and choose a fantastic pair of pearl earrings for yourself, because you know you deserve it!

#2. Beads in strands
The Nikki Lund Fashion Show brought us our next idea for spring 2016 jewelry. One of her models walked the runway in a gorgeous glittery copper jumpsuit. To complement it, the designer added two strands of beads, one black and one red. Needless to say, your eye goes straight to these pieces. Apart from that, they really make the copper in the jumpsuit shine. Proof what a single pop of color can do for your outfit.
Strands of beads just like this one are very easy to find. They are available everywhere and, best of all, they are very cheap. So, there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be in your jewelry box starting tomorrow.

#3. The statement necklace
Absolutely no warm season is complete without a statement necklace. It’s simply one of those pieces that will never go out of style. The beauty of the statement necklace is rooted in its evident versatility. From jeans to dresses, to wedding dresses even and shirts, a statement necklace is never out of place.
Here is Malan Breton’s idea again. It’s a very heavy, yet fresh piece. The equilibrium created between these two ideas seems stunning to me. It has big gems in a few basic colors, such as lighter and darker jades, honey, browns, and blacks. Everything is encased in lots and lots of silver. 

#4. Flower power baby
Here is the lovely and inspiring Anna Sui and her spring/summer 2016 collection, as shown during the New York Fashion Week. This one is for all you bohemian retro lovers out there. The necklace donning the big flower has one of the most beautiful color collages I have ever seen on a piece of jewelry. I especially like the bright lemony yellow that simply pops out of the picture and draws all the attention towards the face.
Another, smaller flower was placed on the lemon one, colored in a perfect dusty sky blue. On top of that, the fabulous designer that is Anna Sui has added a touch of deep orange and touch of green and a few inky and blotchy black spots. You know what the best thing about this gorgeous piece is? You can make it all by yourself at home. Let the crafting begin!

#5. In the sky with diamonds
Things just got real, so to say, ladies. Because we have come to the show presented by Marchesa. And we need to bow down in front of the stunning pieces she came forth with. Here is a model wearing a black dress, which is actually just layers upon layers of precious stones, innumerable pearls, and silver. 
The earrings are, of course, made to match. They actually mirror or continue, if you will, the intricate design this dress’ front has. Of course, should you wish to replicate this effect and buy a pair of earrings such as these ones, you should know they are meant to be worn on special occasions. Also, since they might be a bit on the pricy side, it won’t hurt to do some research and find some cheaper alternatives. For example, you can always replace the diamonds with Swarovski crystals. It will be our little secret!

#6. Going tribal
Another great idea as far as jewelry goes this spring is the tribal vibe. Here is a perfect example from the Tory Burch spring/summer 2016 collection, as seen at the New York Fashion Week. Apart from the stunning white and gold dress, the model is also wearing a brown necklace with ivory plates. 
You can also get your inspiration from this display, as tribal statement necklaces are easily available. The choker kind, as see on the runway, is always the best alternative when it comes to tribal. Medium or long necklaces are pretty too, but they are a bit more difficult to wear and style.

#7. Thinking outside the box
Last, but definitely not least, is an inspiration idea from the Malan Breton fashion show. Yes, it is the third, but only because their collection for spring 2016 is genuinely amazing. Also, the jewelry they used are very easy to replicate in real life, a criterion which makes them perfect for us.
But this one is a bit more special. The model is wearing a striking fuchsia satin gown with a triangular neckline. She’s also wearing a pair of fiery red long earrings that, of course, elongate her neck and emphasize her face’s beautiful features. 
However, that is not the idea I’m suggesting here. If you find it as interesting as I do, you can try the fake tattoo embellishment that she has on her chest. Needless to say, it’s not something to be worn every day or at the office, but for a party it definitely seems like something worth trying. 

Here are the 7 most amazing pieces of jewelry as seen on the runways for this season. Don’t be afraid to let your creativity step forward and take the reins. Remember that jewelry is all about having fun and feeling good!

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