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If you are a fashion/style blogger- you are bound to be stereotyped for a shopping addict. People will look upon you as a prodigal who has zero or little control over her spending habits. I will not deny that blogging  gives you shopping tendencies and despite a closet full of stuff you do fall victim to the I-have-nothing-to-wear syndrome, but trust me ladies- we do have our limitations and we are very much aware of the self-pride one gets in saving big bucks.

Honestly, I have never approved of shopping-bans as a way of saving money-- coz  (a) the shopping withdrawal symptom is worse than the addiction itself and (b) once the ban lifts, you are sartorially-compelled to spending more than what you saved in the no-shopping period.

There are other ways of shopping and saving at the same time: raiding a friend's closet, borrowing, cloth-swapping and reworking one own's closet to name a few- the last one being my favorite. In the past I have had situations where I would stand in front of my closet, gazing and clueless about what to wear, eventually resulting in me buying more under this nothing-to-wear impression. This was just making things complicated and putting me in a no-closet-space situation. But now I am gradually learning to embrace what is already there.

Reworking your closet might sound a bit boring: no one wants to wear the same things over, but trust me - once you get the hang of it you'll get addicted. For instance I bought this dress knowing that I would wear it several different ways. Last week I wore it with a pair of tights and OTK high boots ( post HERE ), and today it doubled up as a top-isn't that cool??? Of course I had to wear my loose-fitting skirt to be able to tuck in that dress, but it worked out pretty well. I am planning on wearing the dress soon with a pair of leather skinny pants and sassy booties. But that wont' be it, I will be brainstorming more ways to wearing this dress- but in the interim if you have any suggestions, feel free to communicate !!!

dress worn as top- c/o Raga via Shopbop ( more fringed options ) ---> worn here last time. 
skirt- J.O.A ( more printed skirt options )
coatigan- c/o ( similar, love this one too  )
booties- via Kohls ( loving this one )

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.
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