Leading a life of a fashion blogger can be an expensive ordeal. Invariably, there is temptation everywhere:  navigating through the store fronts and other fashion blogger's website, getting shopping tendencies is but natural. But I've realized that dressing on a budget isn't that big of an ordeal. Over these past year I have developed a shopping strategy for myself, that not only keeps my shopping budget within check, but also keeps my closet clutter-free, coz I now buy only what I need.

Having said that; I focus on buying pieces that are classic and multi-functional as well.  For instance I recently bought this Victorian style dress, knowing that I will wear this dress a lot- both as a dress and as a top too. And while shooting this look, it came to my realization that my entire outfit for today ( excluding the bag ) totaled up at under $100. You would now ask me how I did that ??- Well, with some shopping hacks, I was able to get most of the pieces in this look for a score.

Okay, now let me share my money saving hacks for this look:

1) the $20 dress is from H&M-  H&M is a great store for all the fashion needs at an affordable price. Need something fashionable but not willing to pay crazy prices: this is your store??? They update their inventory every other week and you are sure to find something. If you are a new email subscriber, you get a 20% off one item coupon, just for signing up.  I used one such promotion for buying this, ringing the price at $15.

2) the $40 fur hem vest was from Piperlime - this store was my favorite for designer pieces at sweet prices. Since Piperlime was a part of the Gap Inc., I was able to use my rewards and Gap credit card benefits at this store. I've shopped a lot here and now that it's gone- I miss it! It is always a good idea to open a credit card with a retailer that has sister companies: not only do you get members only discounts but the accumulated rewards can be redeemed across all the sister stores. I don't really remember the exact price paid for this vest, coz it's old, but I checked back my invoices and I paid around $40 for it.

3) the $32 fringed heels are from Kohl's -  In my opinion Kohl's is the most underrated chain store. No one talks of it, but I appreciate how this stores bring together celebrity designers like Jennifer Lopez, Lauren Conrad to a name few, together and the collections just surpasses all expectations. Occasionally they collaborate with high end designers for a limited edition collection, all priced for instant sell out. One good thing about this store is the year round, ongoing %off sales. These shoes were originally $75, now marked down to $36.99, with the 30% discount coupon that  I was able to use, my final price was $22....wasn't that a deal not to pass.!!!

So with a little knowledge and eagerness for saving some bucks, anything is possible. That's how I do it, how would you do it!!!

dress- H&M ( similar )
fur hem vest-  Piperlime ( similar )
fringe heels - Jennifer Lopez ( another great pair for under $60 )
bag- Kate Spade ( splurge  )

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.
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