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Instant Manicure- brought to you by IMPRESS MANICURE

As a beauty blogger it is a requisite on my part to keep, look and feel beautiful: both inside and out.  Talking about internal beauty, I could give this blog a whole new persona chit-chatting about feeling beautiful from inside with good food habits, healthy lifestyle, stress management, self-discipline and so on and so forth. But today let's just talk about physical beauty.
When it comes to external beauty, minimalism  is my motto. I try and avoid using makeup on a daily basis and as much as possible steer clear from experimenting too much with my beauty-regimen. I use at-home remedies for exfoliation but getting occasional face-polishing peels and microdermabrasions helps too.  When in shower I like to use oil-based body-scrubs- which happens to be the best full body exfoliation ever.  Talking about my nails, I've always enjoyed salon manis-pedis and acrylic nails have been my go-tos. The longest I have gone without seeing my real nails is one year: yes, you hear that right ....for one freakin full year I had acrylic nails and got gel fill-ins every twenty days. As much as I found this easy and time-saving, I was so heart-broken to see the condition of my nails when after a year I decided to take a break from the bi-weekly salon visits. My nails were damaged, stained and rough to touch. I was totally taken aback by this unpleasantness. Therefore I decided to say good bye to acrylic nails forever. Occasionally, I missed having well-kept, filed nails but once I found these, all my mani-woes disappeared.  

Impress nails- a peel and stick accent nail from ImPress manicure, is by-far the best accent nails I've ever tried.  The innovative PSA, (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive), eliminates key barriers such as nail damage, ease of application, and product reliability while UltraHold technology introduced a safe-on-nails adhesive, ending the need for glue and acetone-soak removal. ImPRESS manicure is perfect for women with busy schedules and younger women who can’t afford weekly salon visits.  

I was sent a set of two different shades- (1) Bells and Wishes (2) Call my agent for review purposes only. The kit came with :- 24 nails in 12 different sizes, prep pad and a mini file. 


- Simple peel back and press on appication
- No drying time and no mess
- Safe on natural nails
- Mega gel shine
- UltraHold Technology keeps nails on
- $7.99 at Walgreens


- Not long-lasting, mine came off in a couple of days

My personal favorite is the mint and the nail-art is just stunning. Which one do you like ????

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