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Now that, your makeup and beauty needs a seasonal transition, is no longer a myth, I thought I'd share my summer beauty favorites. I am very brand-loyal when it comes to ' what goes on my skin' : so I would use the same brand all year round, just tweak it up or down to make it more weather-wearable. 


Bath and Body Works Cherry Blossom Body Mist - I've been a Bath and Body Works aficionado, from the day I was introduced to this line. I stalk their sales and whenever one happens, I like to stock up on my faves. Summer is all about feeling and smelling fresh, and this cherry blossom one is definitely the winner. I have always loved a sweet floral mist against my skin and this one has my vote. 

Serge Normant Dry Conditioner - I am a girl, who for all feel-fresh reasons, preferred washing her hair every other day, but after my recent sinusitis,  I had to limit shampooing to twice a week. So what would a girl with oily, limp hair do, when washing the hair is not an option???? Well, she would make friends with a dry shampoo. I can swear by this miracle powder shampoo, specially this one from Serge Normant, which not only reduces the greasiness but also makes the hair soft with it's conditioning Argan oil component. Just part along your scalp and holding the bottle a few inches from the scalp spray along for that freshly-shampooed feel. Run your fingers through to remove any excess powder, and you are good to go.

SmashBox Camera Ready BB Cream  - This foundation/cream has surpassed all my expectations of a BB cream. It is moisturizing, has a tint of foundation, is camera-ready and is enriched with SPF 35. What more could a girl ask for in her daily cream!! This can be applied directly to the skin, but I like to layer it over a mattifying primer for that over-the-top finish in the hotter months. From what I can recollect this comes in three shades and my shade is the light/medium. 

Bath and Body Works Butterfly Flowers Body Cream - Adding another one from Bath and Body Works to my arsenal, is a light-weight 24 hour moisturizing cream with top notes of tangerine, and banana leaf and dry notes of coconut milk and musk. I like how this lotion has an overpowering citrus smell, but not as strong to make you dizzy.

Olay Regenerist micro-sculpting eye cream and lash serum - This duo has become my summertime favorite. With it's lightweight formulation, the eye cream gets absorbed easily without getting streaky. With my ring finger I apply it all around the eyes,  twice a day, before my morning and night moisturizing routine. The lash serum that came as a part of this pack, when applied before mascara, gives the illusion of heavy lashes. Not only does it elongate the look of your lashes, but facilitates a non-clumpy mascara application. I am totally digging the lash serum. 

Chambor Mono Blush Candy Rose Blush - I picked out this one during my last trip to India. I am a sucker for peachy-cheeks in summer, and this shade is just the right shade of peachy-pink. In a powder formula, ideal for humid weather, this blush is all I need on a hot-hot day. On a no-makeup day, this blush does the needful in brightening my face. 

Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream Moisturizer -  I had only heard people talk about how your skin changed after thirty, but felt that blow in my face only after I turned thirty myself.  My skin that once used to be oily, overnight became dry. It's texture changed and I started seeing signs of discoloration. I was stressed about this change and had a hard-time finding the right formula for my aging-skin, until my beautician ( from India)  introduced me to Olay's Regenerist line of moisturizers. After the first few uses, I noticed the difference it brought to my skin. The discoloration diminished and my skin looked smoother. The glow on my skin, partially due to the moisturizer, and partially due to the newly acquired eating-right mantra, became more visible. I am in love with this line of Olay and would continue using it, until my skin decides to turn traitor to it. 

These are for my #summerfaves,  which beauty products would you swear by this summer ???
Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.
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