Ever since yours truly aka ME turned into a makeup junkie, almost nine years ago, I have been an ardent user of #MacCosmetics. I love their range of products, their lipsticks being my all-time favorite. I love the unique shades, their vividness, easy application, long-lasting effect,  and above all: the price. A lipstick from +MAC Cosmetics  can cost anywhere between a $14 and $18 and that's why this girl has so many......

Today I am talking about the lipsticks from my +MAC Cosmetics curation. Keep reading......

Going clockwise: 

GIRL ABOUT TOWN - This shade in vibrant pink, has been my go-to color for that instant anytime pick-me-up. Wear it bare or slather some pink lip gloss over; taking your makeup from day to night would  never be this easy. 

MATTE DIVA A52- I bought this shade a couple years ago, when Bordeaux aka Burgundy was having it's moment of fame. It was a bolder hue indeed: bolder than what I am used too, but a girl sometimes ought to be daring with her makeup  ; ) . The shade is definitely a statement-maker, so keeping the rest of makeup application bare minimum is highly advised. 

MATTE RUBY WOO - Talk to me about this one. It's the love of my makeup life.....Not only me, but all the ladies in my family, are a die-hard fan of this matte red shade. I have worn it on numerous occasions ( day/night ) and in almost every second blog outfit. With an orange undertone, this shade is flattering on all skin. The matte finish makes it all the more desirable. 
Earlier this year I wrote an article on the Do's and Don'ts of wearing read lipsticks, you could read it here

MATTE LADY DANGER BB4 - My newest addition to the arsenal, this matte coral shade is the color for summer. I personally feel this one would compliment mostly olive or medium skin tones. The name says matte, but the finish is not as matte as I would like it to be. So I usually use the dab-and-apply technique to achieve the desired matte finish.  

MATTE SIN A44 -  This shade definitely lives up to it's name. It is the darkest of browns', almost black, reminiscent of the dark glamour of the Gothic look, kind of shade. It's certainly not mean't for the chicken-heart. Initially, I was a bit apprehensive, but gradually I have warmed up to this color. Coming fall, this shade will definitely be the talk of the town. 

CREMESHEEN CROSSWIRES A42- My first ever +MAC Cosmetics purchase was this glossy nude shade, which has been my soul-mate. Over the years I have become more emotional towards this color. When in doubt, I wear this lipstick and it livens up my face. Everyone needs the perfect nude shade in her arsenal, I found mine....what about you????

What are your favorite lipsticks and lipstick brands??? Feel free to share in the comment section below. 

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