I am guilty of buying a money-saver pack of ten MAC brushes, but honestly speaking, out of the ten, barely six have been on rotation. Combined with a couple other brand brushes, only five is what I need on any given day. For me those five brushes are my makeup staple, but based on the level of makeup detailing, I might need a few others to supplement.  But if you have these five in your vanity, you are well-equipped to tackle any makeup-do.

Going bottom-up 

Foundation brush- there are several kinds of foundation brushes: stipple brush, beauty blenders, flat brush to name a few, but this flat soft-bristle is my favorite. It sweeps the foundation easily on the pores ( which BTW are my skin's BFF )  without leaving any streaks. The stipple brush is more popular, but I personally had a hard time working with it. I thought it made my pores prominent. So you simply load the flat brush with foundation and blend it in a downward motion. To make the application smoother, I like to finish by dabbing a wet tissue: this helps remove any extra foundation.
Fan brush- a must-have for all that contouring, this magical brush takes your makeup from drab to fab. Beauticians like to use the angled contouring brush, which is good for liquid contouring, but if you like a lighter-bronzed finish, this brush goes well with any bronze powder. Just fan it along the hollow of your cheek bones and on the sides of your temple, getting the sun-kissed glow is as easy as 1-2-3. 
Eye shadow brush-  I have these in a few different sizes but this one's my all-time favorite. I've use this on the eyelids as well as on the lower lash line to apply shadow. It's medium sized tip lets you get to the corner of eyes.  Being able to use this as a brow bone highlighter, makes it all the more desirablev in my vanity. 

Eye shadow blending brush-  this one was my first brush from elf ( ) and I have been hooked onto it since then. Use it on the crease or for loading shadow on the outer corners of the eye, this brush lives up to it's versatility. With the soft bristles, blending the shadow will never get any smoother. 

Blush brush-  the last  one from my arsenal of favorites, happens to be my go-to one. Not only do I use it for blush application, I also like to use it for applying translucent powder, specially to my t-zone that tends to get oily fast. I first load the brush with the desired blush, I then dab it against a piece of tissue to dust off any extra blush, now with an upward motion I transfer the blush to the apple of my cheeks. I use the same technique for the finishing powder. Isn't that easy and amazing !! 

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These are my favorite brushes, what are yours  ???

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