As a fashion blogger, I strongly believe it is we, the bloggers who determine a trend's destiny. Our community bears the responsibility, for making or breaking a fashion trend. If a trend befits and appeals to us, it stays and we assure it the best welcome and care, and if it doesn't, it is bid farewell right away.  With all due respect to all parties that might be possibly involved, we are not rebels, just a bunch of fashion-enthusiasts, who like twisting things around their little fingers, to give things a personal character. Truthfully speaking,  not everyone is honed for doing that. It takes years of wit, competitive skills and excellent social media presence for being that trend conductor. There is a handful number of influential bloggers who have what it takes to be the lead ,to command the trend, and the rest............ just follow! 

Sometimes playing the Pied Piper game can be a pricey business. Your eyes see what the Pied Piper ( in this case the top blogger ) wants you to see. It's one of those hypnotic moments' where your mind looses all coherence, and you just follow to the tunes of the Pied Piper. For instance- you see something on your favorite blogger, you like the same, you get hit by those shopping urges, you browse through the product details the blogger provides, you hit 'place the order' button and without you even realizing, you have fallen under that shopping spell,  and the damage to your credit card is finalized.  Just like trends change everyday in the runway world, blogging world is no exclusion to this switching game, specially when talking about accessories. For instance this bucket bag and this Kendra Scott earring trend, became a rage in the blogging community, after being spotted on some stellar bloggers. 
As a part of their marketing strategies, some voguish brands use these persuasive bloggers as their bait to lure more followers and other bloggers towards their products and services. These companies are willing to travel that extra mile for using these blogger's services in exchange for their company's products and services. So these influential bloggers get their share of cake, for free from these companies, while the followers who fall into the covet trap, end up with hefty credit card bills. 

But I am glad that things are evolving. There are companies and services constantly striving to bring to your arsenal fairly priced, good quality and sometimes heavily discounted designer options for those expensive blogger freebie ones. WEST EGG happens to be one such members only shopping services' that allows you to shop for accessories priced at almost 80% off the retail value. Not only this, once you've received your order, you  #becomethemodel . 
Let me elaborate: step one- you shop for accessories and bags at West Egg ( use                                                                                  code 'wearwestegg' for an extra 10% off everything.) 
            step two- after you have received the product, you model it, you take pictures, you upload the same to Instagram, you tag West Egg and then......... you sit back and relax. making it to the best IG pictures on their website is easy, and if you make itWest egg will feature you on their website as one of their  best picture tab and voila, you are #instafamous

Okay, now let's change gears, and talk about ways you save cash:

These Kendra Scott earrings range from anywhere between $75-$90, for a pair, but at West Egg they are priced between $45 and $58. That's a  whooping $30 saving instantly. 

The bucket bag trend is currently having a major moment in the blogging community. Actually it was spotted on bloggers long before it was spotted on runway this year. If your hunt for similar bags has taken you no where, either for the bags not being of your liking or the price point being exorbitant, you've definitely hit a jackpot today. West egg has a similar bag/bags  for under $50. A win-win here as well!

Other things that caught my eye are:-

Sole society fringe bag
Gold bib necklace 
Textured scarf
Isabel Marant tassel earrings
Tassel bracelets 
Kate Spade watch 
West egg products

So what are we waiting for, let the shopping and modeling begin.......

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.
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Disclosure- This post was sponsored by West Egg, all ideas and opinion are my own. 

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