Happy Monday lovelies !
In my nine years of my life in the States, this year witnessed the maximum number of snow days. The first few years of my winter life here, I enjoyed the whole winter-white-feather-like snow experience, but after having a kid, snow days no longer fall in with our wavelength. Not because we get stranded indoors with limited activities at our disposal, but it's the unwanted episode of illness that comes with it, is what we dread. 
My daughter and I don't fare well during the colder months and this winter has been exceptionally distressing. On some days getting out of bed felt excruciating to the point where I would just give up and let hubby carry the baton. On days my body felt less stressed, my mind muttered that I was still sick to be doing fun things. I had just given way to this illness, both physically and psychologically.
Last Thursday was one such day.  We woke up to 4-5 inches of snow which resulted in my daughter's school getting called off. It was the ideal day for getting some rest. My body felt a whole lot better but the illness bug in mind refrained further  normality. After half a day of moaning and groaning, I decided to take matter in my own hands. I knew I needed to get rid of this bug that I had in my mind,  and the best possible way of doing so was by distracting my whole self. On a snowy day like this one, doing what I do best seemed the easiest way out. And so.......I dressed up, stepped out in my snow covered patio and kicked up my heels. It was such a breather to be out there. The feel of the cold breeze against my face was another pick-me-up. 
I then realized how important it is to occasionally shake things up. Sometimes following your heart and persuing your passion can just turn around things for good.  All this while I was in mental pain and had made  peace with these mental roadblocks but when I decided to face them, I was set free and ready for anything. 
"So BRING IT ON........! "

trench- H&M ( similar )
printed blue coat- Indian streets ( similar
orange tank- via Marshalls ( similar )
jeans- Loft ( similar )
boots- via Macy's 
scarf- Esprit ( printed

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