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Whenever I chance upon moms diligently involved in their kids lives to extents where zero-effort-frumpy dressing defines their personal style, I get all jittery and feel this strong urge to ask all the moms out there -" does motherhood comes with this dress code ? ". No offense to anyone but invariably this gets me thinking-  " am I over dressed for that code, does looking put together make me any less of those soccer-mom-types, do I really need to adhere to this dress code to feel at par  with those moms ???" . 
For instance the other day Ribhya and I were attending her friend's birthday party, it was an early afternoon stop-by and I wore this pink top, designer denim (#momentsofchic) combo sans necklace, trench, and heels. My hair was pulled back and a dash of pink lips finished my look and just an FYI- under these shades is no eye makeup. To me this look was demure yet cheerful and occasion-appropriate. After all it was a kids birthday and all kid's are attracted to bright colors and beautiful looking people.....even psychologists agree.....#beingdefensive !
It's not that anyone said anything about to me regarding my outfit but after looking at a couple moms all I had in my head were thoughts of looking over-dressed. I felt a few gazes that made me want to run back home ( not that I could )  and change into my cotton shorts, faded tee and worn-out sneakers. But then I gathered my wits and thought -  Honestly, this outfit barely took me 5 mins ( from start to finish, from dressing to hair ) and I am sure those moms must have put the same 5 mins in dressing up the way they are dressed. So why be a style-wreck when all it takes is 5 mins to throw on something more dapper. Nobody is asking or expects you to be like those real housewives with full-on make up, blow-dried hair and no-crease clothes, but at least a cute something would be deserving. I am equally busy juggling life with a preschooler, household work, outdoor errands and a blog and might even fall short of time occasionally, but I'd rather look presentable or not go at all. If not for yourself, do it for your kids. It makes them happy and proud....trust me !
So stop demeaning yourself, step up and take charge. When you can run the household single-handedly, you can master any skill.....even dapper-ism ....it ain't no rocket science after all ! 

On a different note, if you remember this birthday wishlist, Mr. K ( hubby ) surprised me with the trench I had on my mind. Not the same but this one in a leopard print is chic and dapper too. Thanks Mr. K for spoiling me. 


top- Zara ( recent sale buy for $9 ), a longer sleeve optiona lace front option
necklace- Anthropologie

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