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Looking at the first wind-blown pic, I wished there was a real anchor around that could hook my skirt to something and not let it sink in the monstrous wind waves. Inadvertently the gusty wind did some good in giving more movement to my circle skirt which couldn't have been possible otherwise.....I am loving it ! 

Mmmmmm the circle skirt.............a long pause ! 
This skirt has a story that sure needs to be put forward in the interest of all the parties involved. During my last blogger's brunch a couple weekends back, the skirt that my fabulous friend TRISHA wore got my mind and soul anchored. I knew I had to find something similar with a relative yardage and length. Since her skirt is from H&M, my first lookout option was H&M. My hunt began online closer to midnight , and this powder pink skirt sprung up at the first hit for midi skirts. Instantly my impatient eyes sparkled with joy but these sparks turned teary the next minute I found out that my size 6, infact all the smaller sizes were sold out....yes sort-of-kind-tears, I was that desperate to get this skirt.....#bloggerbehavior . Hoping the next size up would fit me, I added the black ( my second choice) in both 6 and 8 to my shopping cart. Just as I was about to make the final payment the website crashed on me. Really..... ?????  
The on-my-face message  'site under maintenance' pierced my heart each time I thought of the skirt and how not it was becoming my closet member...trust me I was that furious. I somehow managed to gather my wit and decided to give this another try the next morning. 
Well as the saying goes ' sweet are the fruits of adversity ', I am glad the site crashed. The next morning before even stepping out of bed I checked the website that was then up and running. Guess what........  ??? Yes you guessed it right ..the powder pink was now available in a size 4 and 6. Without any ado I added the size 6 to a new shopping cart, entered a promo code for 20%, made the last payment and hit place the order and the final order is right here today on this blog.. So after 6-7 hours of ordering delays and 4 days of transit, I became the fashionable owner of this fabulous skirt and my blogger friend TRISHA is to be blamed for this.....LOL !


anchor print blouse- Old Navy.... $18 ( buy here, similar here )
skirt- H&M....$48, my color sold out but in black  ( similar here, here and here )
sequin fur collar cardigan- JNY.....$22 ( similar here and here )
necklace - India ( similar here and here
pumps- Zara India ( similar here, here and here


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