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If you are regular reader of my blog, you should know by now how big a sucker I am for bright pouts specially if it is a rich burgundy/bordeaux one. I am a product loyalist in the make up department, I would rather wait on a product if it becomes unavailable than to try a substitute. Being blessed ( all pun intended) with an outrageously sensitive skin, I dread trying new make up products. Talking about brands, MAC cosmetics is one of my go-to brands for lipsticks, NARS and LOREAL being second to MAC. A fave of mine from the MAC lipsticks is this one that I am wearing today. It's the Matte DIVA 52. The one used today is my second replacement.....no kidding I heart it so so much.
As I was talking about my obsession for bright lips, I thought I would include a pictorial illustration, a step-by-step guide to achieving the perfect bright lips.

 The key to perfect pouts is unchapped lips. Prep your lips while in the shower.  Use a clean, soft wash cloth or a tooth brush to scrub away any lip flakes. Follow gentle circular motions to scrape off any dead skin. The result- soft plump lips. The following click was taken soon after a shower and make-up on.

Use a lip liner ( I used MAC mahogany lip liner ) that matches your lipstick. Start at the cupids arch and follow your natural line. Rim both the upper and the lower lips. 

One optional step that I like to follow is to fill in the lips with the lip liner. This gives some depth to the application later and also fills in the vertical lip lines, which BTW I have in abundance.

Thereafter I apply one coat of the lipstick. One fashion advice that my SA at MAC gave me was to use some pressure while applying lipstick. This helps in bringing out the true color.

This step is a must. Use a strip of tissue paper, line it between lips and dab gently. 

Reapply the lipstick.

Slather on some neutral lip gloss and voila! 

Luscious bright lips at your finger tips, done right !

Hope you like my pictorial tutorial. Feel free to drop me a line in the comment area below. 

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