Presuming  you would say yes or have a big yes nod when I ask you for permission for talking about my everyday life...... I wish to go ahead anyways and talk about the highlights of my day esp. yesterday....

 WEDNESDAY ------------

You are fasting ( no food, only fruits and dairy products)

Your daughter demands for chole ( chick peas curry ) and pulav ( veggie fried rice ) for school lunch. Wake up at 6:30 a.m  and have everything ready before 8.

We all just need to RELAX

 chole- check    
 pulav- check
 fruits- check 
All check but the aroma of all this cooking is giving me hunger pangs.....:( 
still keeping my calm

Husband stays home- fabulous, but using your laptop 
for work- not so fabulous....The I Pad has to become your BFF for the day.

internet crash

Mid-day your internet stops working- not happening at all !
Life seems to have come to an end....

After all failed efforts to fix the Internet problem, husband decides to work from his remote office, takes the laptop with him. So you are now left with no laptop, no internet, no husband and above all no food. 

No memory card? No shooting!

You decide to put your time away from technology to good use. You pull out the DSLR to take shots of the clothing to be soon listed for sale  on EBAY,  your camera smiles back at you flashing------------------------------->

Buoy, oh buoy, you left it in the laptop...!

You pull your hair, knock your head against the wall (all pun intended ), then revive your senses and get your smartphone to take the pics. Guess what ??????? Battery almost dead.
You plug-in the charger, no beep, no improved signal....You flip you flop and then a light bulb lights-'s your hubby's phone charger, he took yours.....bam !!!! suddenly the smartphone appears not so smart and obsolete.

Thanks Imagimeri for all these great images !!

Whatsoever, you run to check and make sure the home phone is working, which now would be the only communication source and guess get the shock of your phone coz it's an internet internet=no phone. .

No food, no internet, no laptop, no DSLR, no smart phone, no home phone---you still keep your calm and choose to make peace with the TV- well, with the KARDASHIANS .

Framed Mid-Century Fire Alarm Sign

Daughter wakes up after a brief nap, requests for some TV time. She wants Caillou on the Netflix, but no internet means no Netflix. She has a melodramatic meltdown after all my failed efforts at explaining to her. Suddenly the building fire alarm goes on----what the f*** ????? you certainly don't need thiiiissssss after all the day's drama....
1min, 2mins, 3mins.....exactly 6 mins. later the alarm goes off..FALSE ALARM ......yeah TRING  ????

After another attempt  at distracting daughter, we agree to head out to pick up a package from an online order... you think this will be the star of the day but all in open the package just to realize that a part of the order is missing......BAM !! Suddenly this becomes the villain in  your life. You call the customer service immediately using the last saved up cell reply no reply answered- maa'm you will get the rest of your order by this you feel like you don't need it anymore..just kidding !

Since 1978, the opening features the Aristo (Heuer) stopwatch... . 60 Minutes is an American television news program that was created in 1968. Don Hewitt created the program and set it apart by using a unique style of reporter-centered investigation. In 2002, 60 Minutes was ranked No. 6 on TV Guide's 50 Greatest TV Shows of All Time.

You look at the time - 5:50 p.m,  60 minutes to dinner take a peek into the fridge, greens- check, egg for scrambling- check =, frozen roti- check...daughter's dinner ready as husband is eating out. Smooth execution.... you feel happy YAY !

You hear a knock at the door, a neighbor friend has stopped by to say hello...she turns out to be my God send . Takes daughter away to her house, you get an hour's time off. ALL HAPPY !!
You sit back to ponder the day and realize/conclude that ..............

A Day Without Internet

Technology has crippled you to the core that a day without it is unimaginable

What do you say ????

Thanks for stopping by

technologically yours

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