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A SECRET AFFAIR- a confession from me !!!

 I have been going back and forth deciding whether or not I should make this revelation ????  But it's time I make the confession. You guys visit my blog to get the daily dose of MYRIAD MUSINGS, you are like family now, so you deserve to know about my extra marital affair............
Yes, you hear it right- EXTRA MARITAL AFFAIR !!!! Gosh I don't know where to begin....promise you will not tell my hubby....
Well it all started 5 years back when I first ran into  XYZ at the mall. Like in any romantic movie, when the girl runs into her dream boy, there is sparks and fire within, I was feeling the same as I ran into XYZ.  My heart kept telling me, go approach XYZ, but my skepticism kept giving me cold shoulders. Thoughts about this being right or wrong kept racing my mind. Whilst my mind cold battled my heart, all I could hear in my ears was "I am waiting for you, I am all yours, come to me. "
SOOOOOOOOO, after 10 full mins of deliberation, I finally succumbed to this attraction- a fatal attraction indeed !
 I renounced all my inhibitions and stepped into the store. From that very day it has become mine. It......yes it !  I know all this while you guys were thinking there is some man involved. Morons ( don't take it otherwise ), I was talking about how I met and fell in love with the store FOREVER 21 . I GOT YA !!

Anyways, as now you all know the truth of my relationship with F21, I feel liberated and light-hearted. 

As a self-proclaimed F21 aficionado, I have no choice or control,  but to visit the store every 2 weeks to say the least. Talking about my recent trip to the store, I scouted out a basic crew neck sweater in yellow, that happened to have a price tag of $8.80. Something which was of a cashmere like quality and softness, and fitted true to size, how could it only cost $8.80 ????  Folks, welcome to F21- the world of unbelievable deals. 
It is mostly a win-lose situation, sometimes you might find something which looks unbelievably good for it's price, and sometimes somethings downright cheap for the cheap price tag on it. So far, I have never  walked out of the store empty-handed, the following pictures are the evidence of my brand-loyalty, though my husband hates them. He always has a frown  and gives me this bizarre look like how can you shop at F21, you are not 21 or younger ??? 
The truth is that you don't have to be 21 or younger to shop at this store. Shopping and fashion sees no size and age . Not that I am playing defence , but that's the way everyone looks at it. 
 There might be brands/people out there, who hate this store for making knock-offs of their brands, but who cares, when you can afford to wear and flaunt the on-trend items for a lot less. 
Do you care - atleast I don't ??? 

verdict passed- I LOVE F21 and my love for this store is eternal and beyond words. 

Evidence of my love 

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Hope you enjoyed reading about my budding love .

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