With the festive season almost here, party invitations will soon start to roll in. This will sure give you all the adrenaline rush you need to survive the colder months. 
Anyhow, the excitement of going doesn't come alone, with it comes the overwhelming issue of what to wear. It gets your brain working frantically, if there is a dress code mentioned. At least to me it goes beyond my grasp. So I did a little research, and narrowed down to the top  6 dress codes that I will try and decode here today. So what are we waiting for ??? Stop racking your brains and follow these guidelines for an easy way out...

WHITE TIE -  This is the most formal type of event, and pertains only to events after six 'o' clock in the evening. They are mostly charity or society balls. 
This type of an event entails that men wear head-to-toe formal attire not limited to white tie, vest and shirt. 
Women are expected to wear long, floor length formal gowns ( sari in case of an Indian event ) and hair styled and worn up. Avoid prints and anything that may appear funky or fun. Choose fabrics like silk and satin. Be a minimalist when it comes to your jewelry. 

BLACK TIE- Second on the formal scale comes these kind of events. Man are expected to wear black or dark colored tuxedos, with long armed formal shirts and a tie or a bowtie.
Women prefer to wear long gowns, but wearing formal cocktail dresses in a classic silhouette is also acceptable. hair can be worn up or tied in a neat ponytail. Wear your best jewelry. 

SEMI FORMAL/ BUSINESS ATTIRE- This kind of an event is more formal than a casual event and less formal than a black tie.Men have the option of wearing suit, usually in a dark color. The suit can be worn with a long sleeve shirt and a tie, or a polo shirt with trousers. 
Women should strictly stick to wearing short/knee-length skirt or a formal trouser with a blouse and a matching jacket to take it up a notch. A delicate string of pearls is a safe choice. 

DRESSY/ SMART CASUAL - This is the most confusing of all the dress codes. Generally, safe attire for a smart casual is office attire with some added accessories to 'dress it up'. Men can wear  formal looking denim with a dressier shirt and a jacket for the oomph. Whereas women can wear skirts and short dresses, or denim with a blouse and a jacket. 

COCKTAIL - Here the dress code etiquette usually means, long trousers and a jacket with or without tie for men. For women, the dresses or trousers work, it's ok to go a bit funky with colors and prints. 

CASUAL-  This is the most laid back dress code to any other dress code. Bring on the jeans, or anything you're comfortable in. Wear a shirt, t-shirt, jacket, anything you like. But remember fit-flops, slippers, pj's, track pants, sweats and obtrusive message shirts are off-limits. 

So whenever you are in a state of fashion limbo, revisit this blog post and seek answers to your sartorial stress. Hope the above helps you decide your outfit for the next event/ party.  

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