Since the day I've become a fashion  blogger, make-up has become an essential part of my lifestyle. Had it not been for blogging, my cosmetics would have been gathering dust in my dresser.  It's not that I went bare without any make-up before I started blogging, my sole aim back then was to look presentable with minimal effort and  brainstorming. 
Now that I use make up a lot, I buy 3-4 make up products on an average, every month. As everything has it's pros and cons, buying more make up comes with its own liabilities. I now have to clean and sanitize my make up and brushes every week. Not only this - I also have to keep a tab of the expiration of all the cosmetic products. To update my current stock I have to continue getting rid of those that pass their freshness period. My heart breaks each time I have to toss one of these beauties. But to keep any skin infection at bay, it is essential that I keep my make up updated. 
I have a make up expiration-date cheat sheet that helps me keep track of the product longevity. I thought I should share it with you here today, so that you could get make up smart too.

LIP COLOR- Toss it after 2 years

Most lipsticks and glosses will start looking and feeling cakey in a couple of years. They would even start smelling funny when opened. 

MASCARA- Toss it after 3 months

The mascara will get dry and clumpy in about 3 months. It is the wand that is susceptible to contracting bacteria so to keep it fresh as long as possible, always pull the wand in a single motion. Pumping it back and forth can trap air and bacteria. Another option is to dip your mascara wand in makeup remover fir a few minutes to loosen product buildup every other week. Then rinse and dry. 

FOUNDATION- Toss it after 1 to 2 years

In about a years time, the foundation won't give you the desired coverage. Powder has a lifespan of 2 years, but liquid and cream formulations will last up to 12 months after you first open them. 

BLUSH/SHADOW - Toss it after 1 to 2 years

The blush will harden and not deposit color well. The cream blushes can be used for a year whereas the powder for 2 years.

NAIL POLISH - Toss it after 1 year

The polish will start to dry out and become thick and gooey.

EYELINER- Toss it after 3 months to 3 years

Liquid liner is more susceptible to microbial growth, so it should be replaced every 3 months. Pencils last longer, but they will eventually become stiff and crumbly. Sharpening the pencils before every use can help get rid of any bacterial growth.

Is still in doubt, trash a product immediately if :- 1) it smells funny
                                                                         2) it's changed color
                                                                         3) it's consistency is off

Hope you found this piece of information useful.
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