With a little extra time to spare, as I continue my tryst with piles of stuff, all longing to be placed neatly in my suitcases, I thought I'd do a quick post about my first BIRCHBOX arrival. Birchbox is a monthly subscription program, wherein you get to sample hand-picked beauty and lifestyle products, before you buy a full-size product. Not only this, you can also learn tips and tricks from experts and earn birchbox points for the full size purchases  you make. Every month they have new products for sampling, and the product revelation happens only after the package arrives at your door step. The great part is, with a minimal monthly charge of $10, you can test the samples, before you just go out and splurge on a full-size beauty product. 
My first monthly delivery arrived last week, and I was adamant at trying them for a week, before I reviewed them on the blog. 

Products going left to right are reviewed top to bottom. 

1) BEAUTY PROTECTOR, PROTECT AND DETANGLE LEAVE IN CONDITIONER - a dollop size  of this paraben and sulphate-free formula, was all I needed for my hair, it's length and thickness. I applied it on my damp hair and blow dried as usual, the results being spectacular. My hair felt soft and manageable and it lasted for good 3 days. It has a very fruity smell, which I am a big advocate of, as I like to keep my hair smelling nice all the time. 

verdict- thumbs up to this product, I will consider buying the full size !!!

2) COOLA FACE CLASSIC SUNSCREEN - as the name suggest, I tried this on my face. An easy application formula, seems to be uneasy on my sensitive skin. It did give me a little rash and irritability on my forehead. I am glad I tried it on my forehead first, and the result not at all desirable.

verdict- thumbs down from me, could work for others.

3) FOLLE DE JOIE EAU DE PARFUM - a  perfume with a woodsy floral smell and a touch of citrus, is the perfect formula to evoke all your senses. I fell for this the minute I sprayed on my wrist. It reminds me of the MOSCHINO GLAMOUR, which happens to be one of my faves. 

verdict - thumbs up to this, would certainly recommend it to anyone who likes citrus and floral based fragrances.

4) SUMITA BEAUTY EYELINER- the name reminds me of my first cousin whose name happens to be 'SUMITA'.   An easy glide on eye pencil/kohl/ kajal, proved to work wonders for an all day no smudge effect. It gave a very dramatic look without being any harsh. It did last all day, with just a couple of touches near my inner corners of the eye.

verdict- thumbs up to this too. At $11 for a full size liner, it will sure give a run for your money. 

PS-  all opinions are my own and no compensation was provided. 

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