Talking about my current obsession/s, I confess of  completely immersing in them today, but tomorrow it/they will be history, for sure !. I will be bored and set on a hunt for some new ones. When I say this, I know most of you can relate to this  temporary attention deficit disorder.....WINK WINK !!! So before these current obsessions of mine, become a ho-hum, I would like to share some with you. 
So, lately I have been obsessed with :-

  •  my DSLR - One could find me glued to my DSLR, either taking pictures or exploring more of its features. I am in love with this newly acquired toy, that has been effectively creating beautiful memories today, to be cherished tomorrow. 

Following are some best snapshots from this week .

  • COLORFUL JEWELRY- I have been wanting to add more colorful/affordable statement pieces to my accessories collection, for a while now. I have had luck finding some. So ladies, here I present to you my new jewelry beauties....drum-roll !!!

  1. Ann Taylor chain link bracelet ( on sale for $19.99 + 30% off = $ 13.99 )
  2. Bauble Bar bangle ( flat $10 )
  3. ASOS drop earrings ( $14 + 10% off = $12 )
  4. J crew neon fringed necklace ( $ 49.99 + 30% off = $ 35 )

  •  PINTEREST - I have been  pinning, round the clock everything that I consider a potential contender to my Spring daisies theme decoration, for a get together I am hosting next month.  I am a happy pinner , indeed !!  For the entire idea board click here .

Some of my faves from the board are :-

straw flowers 

Handmade daisies hanging decorations

heart shaped cut outs, half folded into flowers

a dessert bar display 

Hope you enjoyed reading today's post !!!
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