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THE IT BAG - on my b'day wishlist

Let me clear up before we get to the knitty-gritty of today's post- it's not my b'day today or tomorrow or day after or in the next few days but my b'day is exactly 4 months from today ( i.e mid july). I confess going through a pre-zealous phase of my birthday in preparing a wish list..And why not - when I won't be in US with husband to celebrate my birthday. ???????
    You hear it right, husband and I would be miles ( seven seas ) away on my birthday. It's time to break the suspense----" Ribhya and I are going to India end of May and will be gone for a good 2.5 months. " It's been 2 long years I've not been home. Since Ribhya starts preschool this fall, this trip couldn't have been planned at any better time. As I am thrilled about the trip, I am sad about not being with hubby on my special day. We have always been together on our birthdays, but this year would be an exclusion.
     Anyways, coming back to the wishlist agenda, I thought I'd prepare one and pass it on to the respective individuals ( an individual in my case). The concerned here can then make necessary arrangements to surprise me with the b'day  gift either before I leave for India ( which I would appreciate) or after I return from the trip. My wish this year is only about bags. When it comes to buying handbags, I am a bit meticulous about what I bring home with me. I stick to my self set rule of buying either one or two good bags in a year. I can't justify spending thousands on a big name brand, honestly because here in US I don't hang out in social groups that cares about brands or prices. So whats the point in buying and then hoarding them ???? 
    In the past few years - KATE SPADEMICHAEL KORS and  GUESS have been my preferred brands, but this year I am going BIG both in size and $$ value. My wishlist this year comprises of bags ranging between $300-$1000. Now it is up to my Mr. BIG to decide which one to buy coz I like em all...Will be happy with whichever he picks. Which one would you pick????????????

I have arranged the bags in an ascending order price wise. There are a few brands and items that top my list, so have even listed the colors that I like.

Dooney and Bourke Florentine Satchel

michael kors selma satchel

dvf bags

phillip lim pashli satchel

reed krakoff satchel

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  1. I like d michael kors n phillip lim.......wil send d same to my Mr. Big.