A recycled Halloween door vignette

Since the beginning of October, I had been on the constant  hunt for an easy, no fuss door decor for Halloween and my hunt finally ended with the one I have for you today. I got hooked on the design which looked the most uncomplicated . I really did not want to spend a whole lot on buying the art supplies for the design, coz each year you end up putting together a new decor. So I rummaged through the art supplies and other collectibles that I  already have at home. To my surprise I could gather together all that was needed for the design.
A rundown of how and what I used follows:-

The Witch Cap:-

the cone part- I had some zebra print drawer liner that came out really useful
the cap base - a circular  cut out from a black shoppers bag
black fringe on the top of the cap - the black shoppers bag handles

eye ball stickers - stole it from Daughter's sticker collection
buttons and purple strip - from my art supplies

The orange placard :-  used one from my cardstock collection

The witch's broomstick :-

broom shaft - taped together some unused grilling skewers, painted them black and jazzed up
                                 with some pink-black ribbon
broom bristles - used the black felt sheet that came as a protective cover with and for my IPAD.

Gathered everything, did a little snipping, splashing and sticking and VOILA, a small masterpiece of my own......LOL

So with a little brain storming and improvisation  I could create a small door vignette without having to spend any extra dime. (Complete bang for the buck...)

On a different note, state of emergency has been declared in DC, MD area in preparation of hurricane SANDY. We have stocked up on ice, water, non-perishable food items and cash off course. I know it wont be as big a deal  as it is being hyped but better safe than sorry. So keep praying for all who would be affected by SANDY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for you love

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