Sulfate free shampoo

 Long, Thick Black  Hair....

Sounds familiar right ?????
Yes, coz we Indians are blessed with all of the above. But this comes with its own imperfections like frizz, dullness, split ends and the list  (for me) could go on and on and on....SIGH !
Recently , I was speaking to one of my Indian friends (not long back she had her hair chemically straightened )  and she mentioned using sulfate free shampoo and conditioner to control frizz and keep her hair looking sleek and straight.
Well ,as rightly said by THOMAS HOBBES " Curiosity is the lust of the mind "  I got lusty too (LOL) and sat down on my computer to Google for the benefits of  using sulfate free shampoo. I was so impressed and got  hopeful that now I try to stick to sulfate free products. A few everyday  brands that make sulfate free hair products are LOREAL, ORGANIX, AVEENO. Some high end brands do make these kind of hair products but make sure to always check the back label.
For further deets on this  I have some piece of writing following....
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Benefits of using sulfate free shampoo--

Reduces Irritation
Using a Shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfate can reduce the irritation that has been caused by previously used shampoos that did contain sodium lauryl sulfate. After the first one or two uses of a Shampoo containing no sulfate, skin and scalp irritations begin to noticeably disappear.
Moisturizes Scalp and Stops Dandruff
Dry scalp is one of the most common side effects of using sulfate based shampoos. Using an organic Shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfate will reduce the dry scalp almost as soon as it is used. Often dry scalp leads to other problems of the scalp such as: dandruff, itching, and it has even been linked to boils on the scalp of persons who use shampoo containing high amounts of sodium lauryl sulfate.
Prevents or Reduces Hair Loss
Hair loss prevention or reduction is possible in some cases when people switch from shampoo that contains sodium lauryl sulfate to shampoos that are natural and free of sulfate. Sulfates attack empty hair follicles and cause permanent and irreversible damage to the follicles
Slows Graying Hair
Slow down the gray, no one can stop time and the evidence of it but, by using a Shampoo containing no sulfate one can slow it down. Using natural ingredients slows occurrence of gray hair.
Stops the Frizzes
End dull lifeless hair and the frizzes by simply changing to a Shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfate. Sulfates are absorbed by hair which causes the hair to dry out and become brittle and easy to break.
Makes Hair Healthier and Stronger
Using a shampoo that don’t use sulfate as a lathering agent moisturize and strengthen hair leaving it healthier, stronger, and more manageable.
Stops Color Fading
Stop color fading of dyed hair by using an organic Shampoo containing no sulfate. Sulfate quickly fades hair color, using a Shampoo that doesn’t contain sulfate will increase the length of time between hair colorings.

PS- I am not a professional, its just that I found something interesting and helpful and sharing which, I thought would be helpful too.
Hope this helps.

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